Wizard 333

Chapter 333 Full-grown Freri・Before

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 When Shinji returns to the Wolf mansion, he leaves Renka and enters his room. As he enters his room, a magic circle, a sign of teleport magic, unfolds on the floor in front of him. With a glance at the magic circle, Shinji knew who would appear, and without hesitation, he went to the center of the magic circle.

 It was Freri who appeared, just as he had thought. Her cheeks flushed, she walked up to Shinji, crouched down, and without saying a word, started to take off his pants. TinyTL

 ”Well, it’s bound to be happened”

 [How could it not?]

 Because Shinji was with his special girl, Renka, Freri restrained herself. And as if to make up for her patience, she pulled down Shinji’s pants and underwear, exposing his cock.

 ”But you’ve grown up. You’re just as big as aunt”

 [Hmm… But, you’re happy, right? I’ve got those big breasts that Shinji likes]

 With that said, Freri’s saliva-filled tongue licked around his erect cock, covering it in saliva. She doesn’t mind Shinji’s carelessly stretched out hands squeezing her breasts, and continues her tongue foreplay until his cock is sticky.

 ”Of course I’m happy”

 […♡ Then you can cum on my breast as much as you want…♡]

 She smiles lewdly at Shinji, who admits his s*xuality without any reason to hide it from Freri, and unfastens the shoulder straps of her dress to reveal her large breasts.

 The tips of her pale green skinned breasts and even her pink nipples are not hidden, and Shinji squeezes her breasts together with both hands to create a deep cleavage and holds them out in front of his saliva covered glans.

 Shinji decides to take her up on her offer of a paizuri, placing his hands on Freri’s slender shoulders and thrusting his hips forward.



 The glans touched her soft, plump breasts, and the pressure from both sides made the glans move forward between her breasts, which were moderately tight. Freri’s breasts, with their perfect balance of firmness and softness, are magical breasts that attract men and give them such intense pleasure that even Shinji, who is accustomed to groping, can’t help but moan.

 Shinji’s hips and Freri’s breasts meet, and when Shinji’s cock is inserted to the deepest point, he stops and breathes out a breath of air that seems to feel really good. As if to provoke Shinji, Freri sent out a thought.

 [Shinji, hurry up and pound me ♡]

 Freri’s hand moved up and down as if to urge him on, and her breast rubbed against his cock. Shinji did not give in to the pleasure that would have made any normal man cum immediately. But before he knew it, his hips were moving of their own accord.

 (It would be bad if I let her get carried away, but… this, I can’t stop my hips…)

 Even if he pulled his hips back, the flesh of her breasts surrounding his cock would not let go, and he was always surrounded by a soft feeling. On the other hand, if he moves his hips forward, he’ll be tortured by the milk pressure, which is just barely tight enough for the slimy glans to penetrate.

 When his hips collide with the warm yet soft flesh of her breasts, the glans peeks out from between her cleavage, and the tongue from Freri’s mouth replenishes the saliva while sending sweet stimulation to the tip.

 Shinji felt as if he was being serviced, despite the fact that he was supposed to be using his partner’s breast for his own pleasure, to satisfy his desire for conquest.

* * *

 [Even though my breasts are this big, I can’t wrap it up. That’s what I call a well-trained cock…♡]

 Freri was also getting excited, and her sweet scent was getting stronger. If Shinji really wanted to fight back against Freri who kept giving him hot eyes, he should have stopped the paizuri right away, but he couldn’t help but want to ejaculate and ruin his growing breasts.

 Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡

 He grabbed Freri’s shoulders tightly in preparation for his ejaculation. The sound of flesh colliding with flesh accelerated, and Shinji bent forward and looked up at Freri, whose eyes were moist with lust as she stared at Shinji.

 [Cum a lot on my breasts ♡]


 The smile on her face was so captivating that it broke Shinji’s barrier. Then Shinji thrusts his cock deepest and shoots his semen all over her cleavage.

 [Ah…♡ There’s so much…♡]

 Freri rubbed her breast lovingly as the cock shuddered between her breasts, spraying semen all over. The shaking of the cock between her cleavage, which is now slick with semen, makes the sensitive cock after ejaculation feel mercilessly tortured and squeezed so that no semen remains in the testicles.

 ”Oh, kuh… it’s too much… oh…”

 Shinji’s hips were shaking as he ejaculated long and hard, just as Freri wanted him to. The large amount of semen that was released contained a lot of Shinji’s magical power, and she drained it from him.

 The pleasure of having his magic drained from him, which he had only experienced when having s*x with a succubus, was now even more intense as Freri grew older, and Shinji understood this.

 [What a waste…♡ Hamu ♡ Slurp…♡ Nnn… Shinji’s semen is really delicious…♡ I’m addicted to it ♡]

 The thick semen was trailing down her cleavage, and Freri scooped it up with her fingers and took it into her mouth.

 The sight of this lascivious scene was more than enough to make Shinji’s cock hard again, and at the same time, Shinji’s rebellious spirit was stimulated by her relaxed attitude. He couldn’t just let himself be beaten like this.

 ”Freri, it’s my turn now. Let’s continue in bed”

 [Nnn… No… ♡]

 But Freri’s reply was different from what Shinji had expected. The pre-grown Freri would have nodded. But the grown-up Freri put her own needs first, instead of conforming to Shinji’s.

 Her tail tangles around Shinji’s legs and pulls him down to the floor. Shinji, who had just ejaculated and was still weak, was easily rolled onto his back and she took the top position.

 ”Hey, Freri…!”

 [Don’t worry ♡ I’ll make you feel good until you’re satisfied ♡]

 Freri’s naked body is beautiful and bewitching as she takes off the one-piece dress that was halfway covering her body. Rather than being a spirit of flowers that she showed in the flower garden, the way she is straddling a man now is what she claims is her true form.

 The pink glow of her lewd crests showed that she was in full heat, and that Freri was ready to squeeze him and had no intention of letting him go.

 [Shinji ♡ Enjoy yourself…♡]

 Freri, who has been fully awakened as a succubus, attacks Shinji with her instincts.

 With grown-up Freri

 Now that she’s grown up, she has to be used.

 To be continued next time.

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