Wizard 334

Chapter 334 Full-grown Freri・After

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 Freri succeeded in restraining Shinji by locking his hands with her own and intertwining her fingers with his, as well as one of his legs with her tail.

 She was in heat, her cunt glistening pink and dripping with love juice, making an unpleasant, sticky sound as she pushed her cunt against Shinji’s p*nis and swayed her hips back and forth.

 The pleasure of the Sumata (Intercrural Sex) on the back of Shinji’s p*nis and the swaying of her breast caused Shinji’s eyes to glaze over and he began to lose his ability to resist both physically and mentally.

 ”Release your hands from me if you want me to enjoy this…”

 All Shinji could do was to resist with his mouth, but his words were weak and he found himself charmed by the erotic dance of Freri’s hips in front of him.

 [No ♡ Then, let’s eat!]

 ”<Function granting magic>… Ah!”

 Freri doesn’t listen to Shinji at all, but raises her hips and let go of the part of her body that she’s been pressing against, and skillfully places the glans at the entrance to her vagina. If he really wanted to force Freri to do his bidding, he should have used a succubus spell, but Shinji thought it would be too pathetic to use it now, so he cast a <function granting spell> on his p*nis instead.

 He added the function of <Giving pleasure to women> that had made the previous Freri moaned, and prepared himself perfectly. Shinji thought so, but ….

 When he saw Freri’s vagina swallowing his erected cock. At the moment the glans was inserted into her vagina, which was filled with thick love juice, Shinji’s mouth began to rumble with unthinkable pleasure.

 (This is not good…!)

 Shinji reflexively gripped Freri’s hand tightly and clenched his teeth. As he had predicted, Freri’s vagina was a bewitching vagina.

 The lotion-like love juices of Freri’s vagina entwine with his p*nis, and the pleasure of the slippery glans scraping through countless vaginal folds hits Shinji. As soon as the p*nis scrapes through, the vaginal walls tighten, and the vaginal folds tighten around the meat stick, wriggling incessantly to give him pleasure.

 To top it all off, the uterus had descended to the innermost part of the vagina as if it was waiting for Shinji’s p*nis. Not only did the mouth of the uterus suck on the glans, but the tip of the glans was sucked into the mouth of the uterus, chuckling and sucking on it.

 The intense pleasure of the uterus sucking on the glans, which could never be experienced by anyone other than a succubus, took Shinji’s thoughts away in an instant.

 (Oh…this is just like the first time I did it with Freri…)

 Suddenly, the thought of Shinji’s first time with Freri came to mind.

 Unlike now, when Shinji is on top and Freri is on the bottom, Shinji ejaculates as soon as he penetrates Freri. It is a bitter memory that it ended in a disastrous defeat, because Freri, who was very excited by the first experience of ejaculation and the discovery of their excellent compatibility, squeezed him until he could not move in the missionary position.

 If it’s the same as that time, it means…

 Tremble♡ Spurt♡ Spurttttttt ♡♡♡

 A huge amount of semen poured directly from Shinji’s p*nis into Freri’s womb.

 ”Kuh…! Ah…! …!!”

 [Aha…♡ Please ejaculate a lot…♡]

 Shinji shakes his hips and clenches his teeth as he screams inaudibly. He clutched Freri’s hand, whose fingers were intertwined with her, and continued to release a thick stream of semen that was hard to believe was his second ejaculation.

* * *

 Freri watches Shinji writhing in agony as she receives her semen, and with a lascivious smile on her face, she wriggles her womb. The pumping vagina fills the depths of her womb with semen, spilling it out of her womb.

 During the ejaculation, the two people were silent. There was no need to say who was in control. Shinji breathes hard, unable to speak, and Freri’s thoughts reach him.

 [It was like the first time we had s*x ♡]

 ”…I thought of that too… Hah~…”

 Shinji can’t help but sigh in shame at Freri’s teasing thoughts. The man who claimed to be the son of a succubus felt so pathetic. But Freri didn’t feel that way.

 [But not like before. Shinji’s cock feels so good ♡ I feel good too ♡]

 From Freri’s point of view, the first time she had experienced it, it had been a one-sided squeezing and not a pleasant experience.

 However, this time, although the result was the same, Freri was able to experience pleasure both during penetration and ejaculation thanks to the function-granting magic and the big cock she had developed.

 Now that Freri is a high-ranking spirit and a succubus, she can enjoy Shinji not as a meal but as a s*x partner.

 [Shinji, poke me too…♡ Let’s continue…♡]

 Shinji had no option to refuse Freri’s invitation.


 Shinji’s p*nis, which had been exhausted by the two massive ejaculations, regained its hardness. Freri lifts her hips, and Shinji thrusts his hips up at the same time as she lowers her hips again.

 ”Hmmm ♡”

 As Freri closes her eyes, her mouth twisting in ecstasy, her thoughts are interrupted and her voice reaches Shinji’s ears.

 The inside of her vagina was covered in wriggling vaginal folds and her p*nis was sucking on them to the point of incomprehensibility, and all Shinji could tell was that it felt insanely good.

 ”Shinji ♡ Shinji’s cock ♡ is good ♡ I like ♡ it ♡ I really like it ♡”

 The excited Freri arched her upper body, and her breast, which had been swaying wildly with every movement now crushed against Shinji’s chest. Then, as her feverish face came close to Shinji’s, their lips met.

* * *

 ”Nmu ♡ Slurp ♡ Chu ♡ Slurpp ♡ Lick Lick ♡ Puha ♡ I want your tongue ♡ Nmu ♡ Chu ♡ Chuu ♡”

 Freri aggressively kisses Shinji deeply with her long tongue moving around in his mouth. She licks his teeth and gums, intertwining his tongues and mixing their saliva together.

 During this time, her hips did not stop, and she continued to make nasty sounds.

 (I can’t stop my ejaculation…)

 Shinji ejaculated inside her vagina every few times he thrust his hips. The p*nis was almost unendurable, but fortunately Freri was not sucking any magic or life force from it and was just enjoying s*x, so he was able to manage. Her vagina was already full, and the area underneath their joint was a wretched mess of overflowing love juice and semen.

 Before he knew it, his untied hand was grabbing Freri’s ass, and Shinji had abandoned his thoughts and could only offer his semen.

 ”Ah…♡ I’m cumming…♡ Shinji ♡ I’m cumming…♡ Faaaaaahhh ♡♡♡”

 Freri finally climaxed as Shinji pounded into her semen-filled womb. She clung to Shinji’s body, holding on as tightly as she could, with her eyes closed as she climaxed, her face ecstatic and feeling the greatest happiness.

 (Shinji’s cock is so good… ♡)

 Freri’s heart is very full as she receives Shinji’s ejaculation and kisses him deeply, enjoying the aftermath of her climax. Freri continues to kiss Shinji with a lot of affection and gratitude… but finally, she notices that Shinji doesn’t react.


 Freri stopped kissing him and withdrew her face until she could see Shinji’s whole face, and she knew that he was in a daze.

 ”…You’re… squeezing… too much…”

 *Collapse*. Shinji’s head drooped helplessly.

 […I’m sorry ♡]

 Freri looked like she’d messed up. But Shinji doesn’t see her face, and he falls asleep, exhausted.

 Shinji is getting squeezed hard.

 Well, yeah. I guess that’s what men want….

 We’ll start the story again next time.

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