Wizard 335

Chapter 335 The Changing Wolf Family・Before

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 Shinji has been beaten to a pulp by Freri, and though he vows to get revenge, he can’t think of a clear way to do it.

 The Wolf family has also begun to change little by little.

 The first change occurred the day after Alvin and Milis went to consult with the Beltz family. The son of the man who was in charge of the kitchen of the Beltz family’s house showed up with a letter of recommendation from Christina.

 His name was Uthman, a man in his thirties. He was an ordinary looking man with dark hair and eyes, and seemed to have a friendly atmosphere. He has been working under his father in the Beltz family for a long time, but he is full of motivation because this is a recommendation for him to become independent.

 The fact that he is married and has children is a big plus.

 ”It’s delicious again today!”

 ”Thank you for your concern”

 Uthman bows his head reverently to Alvin’s satisfied words. Uthman’s culinary skills were first-rate enough to earn him a recommendation. Since he has been in charge of the kitchen, Alvin and the others have been able to eat elaborate dishes that they have never eaten before, which has greatly improved their eating habits and made them more like a noble family.

 ”I have to be careful not to eat too much…”

 ”You’ll be fine as long as you keep moving”

 ”Yes, yes! I’ll have another bowl!”

 ”Be careful, Emily…”

 Milis is very worried about gaining weight because she has several parties to attend, but Renka and Emily don’t care. Since Uthman’s arrival, Akane’s role has become more of a waiter, and she no longer has the opportunity to cook for the Wolf family.

 Akane is a little disappointed, but she knows that her job is to take care of the Wolf family, and she has decided that cooking is a job for a cook.

 The next change was the hiring of a full-time gardener as a servant.

 Alvin asked the guild that manages the property if they could introduce him to the gardener who had been tending to the property since it was vacant, so as not to spoil the scenery, and received a positive response.

 The gardener’s family consists of Flick, his wife Claf, and their daughter Lindsay, all of whom are employed as gardeners. Flick and Claf, who are in their thirties, are experienced gardeners and teach their daughter Lindsay, who is a novice gardener, how to become one, and Lindsay also works hard to live up to her parents’ expectations.

 They are a very serious family, and Lindsay has become good friends with Milis thanks to their close age relationship.

 ”Lindsay, let’s plant these flower seeds!”

 ”Yes, I understand. When they bloom, let’s plant them where Madam can see them from her room”

 Milis has been out in the garden a lot since Lindsay started working. Although she is now a member of the noble family, Milis’s sensibility is still close to that of a commoner, and sometimes they play with the soil together.

 Lindsay wears navy blue overalls, a straw hat, and army gloves, with a towel around her neck. Her parents’ red hair was braided into pigtails at the back of her head, she was tall for a woman, yet slender, and her healthy, tanned skin looked great with her bright smile.

 ”Dad, Mom, I’m going to the back with Madam”


 ”Be careful”

 ”Yeah. Let’s go, Madam”

 After calling out to her parents, Lindsay and Milis start walking towards the back of the mansion. The residence of the Wolf mansion is large, and even the back of the house is more than enough space. Milis’ room on the second floor of the mansion had a good view of the back of the house.

* * *

 ”Mil-chan, where should we plant?”

 ”By the hedge, I guess. The outer perimeter is too bare…. Where do you think is best, Lind-chan?”

 When they were alone, away from their parents, Lindsay’s tone dropped. Likewise, Milis reverts to talking like a girl her age, not as the wife of the Wolfs.

 When she was renting a party house, she didn’t feel like gardening because it was a house she would eventually return, but now she gardens as a hobby and a job. Before she became an adventurer, she had also grown flowers, and since her family was a farmer, she was used to tinkering with the soil, so Milis and Lindsay were on the same wavelength.

 ”I think you’re right, Mil-chan. The back of the house isn’t due for maintenance yet, so let’s turn the area by the hedge into a flower bed while we’re at it”

 ”Good. Then let’s plant it right away”

 ”Yes, okay”

 Since it’s not common to show the back of the house to people from other houses, there’s no need to be particular about the style. Therefore, Lindsay decided to put Milis’ opinion first. Of course, she got her parents’ permission.

 Lindsay respected her parents very much and wanted to become a gardener like them in the future.

 As they talk, they walk around the back of the house. Milis chose to take the long way around, away from the house. Lindsay follows quietly behind her because she knows the purpose of the detour Milis is taking.

 She chose the horse stable as the destination of her detour. If asked why, it is because Alvin has been frequenting the stables since he bought the horse. As they approach the stables, they hear the voices of Alvin and two other men.

 When Milis and Lindsay reach the stables, they find Alvin riding outside. Homac, a hired stable worker, spots Milis and the others first and bows.

 Like Lindsay, he is also a commoner, a single man in his twenties. He is a little chubby, but he is the son of the rancher who owns the ranch where they bought the horses, which suggests a blood connection.

 ”Thank you for your hard work.”

 ”Oh, no, no, it’s no problem, Madam”

 Homac blushed at Milis’ smile. For a man who has no immunity to women, he seems to be overwhelmed by the beautiful smile of Milis, and he has been like this since the first time he met her.

 Milis shouted loudly at Alvin as he started to ride the horse.

 ”Al-kun! You’re riding again!”

 ”Oh, yeah! Riding is so much fun!”

 Riding is one of the most favorite things Alvin has learned as a noble. Adventuring was done on foot or in a carriage, and there were few opportunities to ride. Nowadays, Alvin enjoys riding horses.

 ”Hey, be careful not to get hurt, okay?”

 ”I know! Talk to you later! Ha!”

 Alvin pulls on the reins and the horse starts to run. The sight of Alvin running his horse in the exercise yard attached to the stable made Milis gaze at him with fascination.

 More and more servants are added to the Wolf family.

 It seems that the house is becoming a noble house.

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