Wizard 336

Chapter 336 The Changing Wolf Family・After

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 After the cook, the gardener, and the groom, four maids were hired by the Wolf Family.

 Two of them are the daughters of nobles, whom Alvin had asked Christina to introduce to him, and the other two are apprentice maids whom Akane had hired.

 Nobles have the custom of attending an educational institution called a school, where their daughters of nobles learn various things. Some daughters choose to be maids in order to make a living, because only the eldest child can inherit the family. In particular, the daughters of lower-ranking families are more likely to become maids.

 Enrica Dionisi.

 She is the daughter of Baron Dionisi, a member of the Beltz family faction, and has received a thorough education as a maid.

 She has light gray hair that extends to her back, and she has a mature atmosphere. Her figure is slender but well-balanced, and she is a beautiful woman who looks very beautiful standing up.

 Terentia Ralof.

 She is also the daughter of Baron Ralof, a member of the Beltz family faction, and has received a good education as a maid.

 She has pale purple hair that extends to her back like Enrica’s, and the way they stand side by side gives a sense of unity that is very picturesque. Her breasts are quite large and prominent, and her strong-willed eyes give her a cool impression rather than a quiet one.

 They are already full-fledged maids, and have been instructed by Akane to take care of Alvin and Milis on the second floor of the Wolf house.

 On this day, Alvin and Milis had to attend a party they were invited to and were preparing for it. And Milis was being dressed by Enrica and Terentia in her room.

 ”Madam, you look very beautiful”

 ”T-thank you…”

 Milis is still not used to the feeling of having someone else take care of her, and she is embarrassed by Enrica’s praise.

 Since the arrival of the two maids at the mansion, Milis has been polished by them to become more beautiful. From their point of view, Milis was a gem worth polishing.

 ”Do you like it? I believe your hair has become prettier, but I also tried to match your hair accessory with the dress”

 ”Whaaa…! It’s lovely…”

 When Terentia showed Milis the mirror in front of her, Milis’s long blonde hair waved gently, and the silver hair ornament seemed to balance out the whole look.

 ”And now, Madam, shall we go? Sir is waiting for you”


 Led by Enrica and Terentia, Milis left her room and walked down the stairs to the first floor hall. There, the tuxedo-clad Alvin was already waiting for her, but she couldn’t help but admire the sight of Milis as she was brought in by the maids.

 ”…You look beautiful, Mil”

 ”Thank you, Al-kun…♡”

 ””Have a good day””

 The two maids who escorted Milis off to Alvin. To them, Alvin is a master to be served, and they do not see him as an object of favor. They know that Christina is in love with Alvin.

 Therefore, they work sincerely for Wolf family. They know that it is for the good of the house and for their own good.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 On the other hand, the two apprentice maids are amateurs who have never worked as maids before.

 Akane, who never leaves the <Medio> city, has more contact with the townspeople than Alvin and the others who go on adventures.

 Shuro is a girl who lives in the orphanage that Akane visits from time to time, and she needs to leave the orphanage because she will soon come of age. However, due to her extreme shyness, she is unable to work with other people, and Akane approached her when she was looking for a job as a domestic worker.

* * *

 (I-I have to do my best…do my best, do my best!)

 With determination in her blue eyes behind her long brown bangs that cover her eyes, Alvin decides to hire her because she works hard despite her small size. She is able to do all the housework, so it is very funny to see her learning the etiquette of being a maid while working mainly on the first floor.

 As an aside, Emily is very happy.

 Neru is a 20-year-old woman, a little older than Alvin and the others. She was widowed at a young age when her husband died in an accident just six months after they got married.

 Fortunately, she has some savings, but she can’t continue to live with no income, so she was looking for a job when she was approached by Akane, who was looking for a maid.

 (I was so lucky. Most men will back off if I tell them I’m a maid from the Wolf family… and the people who live here are all good people)

 Neru puts her hand on the hair accessory that holds her black hair back. The headdress, a gift from her late husband, is her emotional support.

 The slightly shadowy expression on her face gives her a fragile impression, and her good looks make her strangely attractive to men. Although it is painful to see her, she tries to repay him with her work, and her diligent attitude was the decisive factor in her employment.

 Like Shuro, she is in charge of the first floor while learning the etiquette of a maid.

 Akane’s decision to assign the noble maids to work for Alvin and the Wolf family, and the apprentice maids to work for the commoners, the servants and Shinji, was a safe one.

 Enrica and Terentia are not dissatisfied with Akane’s leadership, and after seeing how well she educates Shuro and Neru, they recognize her as a head maid.

 Shuro and Neru are grateful and trust Akane, who does not demand more than her ability and educates them properly.

 Thus, the foundation for the servants of the Wolf family, with Akane at the top, was set in place. It should be noted that the gatekeepers were requested to patrol the gates by the guards of <Medio>, and the direct hiring of private soldiers was stopped.

 The reason for this is that there was a rush of men who wanted to train with the winner of the fighting tournament (Alvin). No wonder Alvin couldn’t help but chuckle at the problem of too much name recognition.

 Although there were some problems, the Wolf family was now in order.

 Alvin and the others decided to resume their adventuring activities in order to climb Hateyama.

 A story about servants, maids!

 Four maids will be working for the Wolf family.

 There are two young ladies from noble families, a former orphan, a widow, and many more!

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