Wizard 337

Chapter 337 Renewing Akane’s Contract

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 The Wolf family has started to gather their servants. The role of the servants is to support the activities of the <Running Wolves> led by Alvin.

 With the help of Utman’s cooking and the maids’ personal care, Alvin and the others are able to concentrate on their adventuring activities.

 And thanks to Akane’s responsibility for the upkeep of the mansion during his absence, Alvin has little to do as a noble, except to check for letters and other communications from other nobles every night. After all, he doesn’t own a territory.

 Alvin and the others are absent during the day when they work as <Running Wolves>, so the servants are not so busy. And after each of them finishes their assigned tasks, the rest of the time is free.

 Some do embroidery as a hobby, others read books, and so on, and the working environment is quite good.

 [So, there are no complaints from the servants]

 When everyone had gone to bed, Shinji came to Akane’s room and sat on her brand-new bed, and Akane crouched at his feet, licking his p*nis carefully and exchanging thoughts.

 ”If so, it doesn’t look like anyone’s coming in or out…”

 ”Slurp ♡ Nmu ♡ Lick ♡ Chu… Nmu ♡ Sizzle sizzle ♡ Chu, chu, chuu… ♡”

 Before long, she had her mouth full of Shinji’s p*nis and was moving her head back and forth while supporting the base of the rod with her fingers. Shinji’s face relaxed as he enjoyed the pleasure of deep throating, which was something he was accustomed to the service.

 ”I’ll let you know when I find a certain pattern of behavior, Master… ♡”

 ”Thank you, that’s very helpful”

 Hearing the words of thanks and stroking her hair made Akane happy. So far, she has been in charge of the party house, cleaning up the traces of Shinji’s s*x and helping him to prevent any interruptions during the act. The fact that Alvin didn’t notice Shinji’s lewd acts in the party house is due in large part to Akane’s help.

 Because of this, Shinji shares the pleasure with the girl who does so much for him.

 For example, in the kitchen where Akane is the only one, in the bathroom while it is being cleaned, or even in her bedroom.

 ”But with so many people, I can’t do it everywhere in the house like before…”

 Shinji’s words conveyed a sense of regret that he had been inspired by the situation of attacking a maid at work. Akane, who has been corrupted both physically and mentally by her master (Shinji), is not dismayed by his perverted words and actions, and they exchange thoughts as she continues to deep throat him.

 [Isn’t it okay for Master to be seen?]

 ”Nbu ♡ Nmu ♡ Slurp ♡ Sizzle sizzle ♡ Nnn…, puha… ♡ Haa~… ♡ Chu ♡ Chu, chu… Lick, lick lick ♡”

 Knowing Shinji’s history of corrupting many women, Akane thinks there are many ways to stop the servants from talking. Akane’s jaw gets tired of sucking Shinji’s overly big p*nis, and she switches to sucking and caressing the glans.

 ”I don’t have a problem with it, but Neru has a different taste. With Akane here, there’s no reason to bother with a new maid”

 Although the idea of giving Neru’s body a taste of the new man, who has given his heart to her late husband, is an evil thought, Shinji restrains himself from doing so because she has just started working at the mansion and is still very busy.

 Enrica and Terentia, the daughters of nobles, would only attract trouble, and if it was Shuro or Lindsay, he couldn’t feel the spice of cuckolding because they didn’t have lovers.

 The current Shinji was only going to maintain the status quo.

* * *

 [Okay…♡ As you wish master…♡ Please let me know if there is anything you need in the mansion…♡]

 At the moment of ejaculation, Akane’s tongue crawls around the entrance of the urethra of his sensitive p*nis, which is trembling and trembling, to stimulate ejaculation. However, Shinji pulls his hips just before ejaculation, and when he pulls his p*nis out of Akane’s mouth, he aims it at her face.

 ”I’m cumming…!”

 Tremble, spurttttt ♡ Spurt ♡ Spurt

 He sprayed a large amount of semen onto Akane’s face.

 ”Nnh…♡ Master, you’ve got plenty today too, don’t you?

 Akane was very excited by the strong male scent from the thick semen that splashed not only on her face, but also on her hair and the bosom of her maid uniform. The past of being humiliated by the monster had been completely rewritten by Shinji, and Akane now felt the pleasure of being marked as belonging to a stronger male master (Shinji).

 Shinji also likes the act of facial ejaculation, as it allows him to satisfy his desire for conquest by staining the maid with his own white muck.

 When the ejaculation stopped, Akane climbed into bed without saying a word or exchanging a thought. And there is no need to say anything to a woman who is perfectly formed and desires to be conquered.

 As she crawls on all fours on the bed, Shinji takes his place behind the maid, who bows her head as if begging for mercy. Her long skirt has been lifted up, exposing her socks, garter belt, and beige pants in turn.

 Nupuun ♡

 ”Aah…♡ Master…♡”

 Akane’s screams of delight were met with a firm grip on her hips, and Shinji’s hips slammed down hard. Shinji’s p*nis was so thick that it rubbed up and down in all the places that felt good to her. Akane, who is at the mercy of the pleasure, continues to squirm and cry.

 ”Akane, you’re my maid from now on, okay?”

 ”Yes…♡ Yes…♡ I’m your maid…♡”

 The words that should never have come out of Akane’s mouth, the core of the Wolf family, came out. She’s the head maid who is responsible for overseeing the Wolf family’s finances and should be loyal to her master (Alvin), but what she has in mind is Shinji.

 ”As the head maid of the Wolf family, you’re going to work hard and not cheat. All I want is for you to clean up after me like you always have”

 ”Yes… ♡ Master’s wishes ♡ is accepted ♡ Ah ♡ It so deep… ♡ Hnn ♡”

 Shinji would never try to steal money from the Wolf family. Rather, he’s going to use it as an eye to keep an eye on Akane.

 (Well, it seems that there are no servants who would do anything bad…)

 He thinks of the faces of the servants Alvin has hired. Shinji felt that the selection was so good that it made him wonder if people of good character gather around people of good character, as he changed his grip from Akane’s waist to her arms and wrists.

 He pulled her hands back, and Akane squealed in delight at the last spurt of Shinji’s slightly rough hips.

 ”Hii ♡ Ah ah ah ♡ Master~ ♡ You’re so intense… ♡ It’s so intense~ ♡ Nnn ♡ Haa~ ♡ Master ♡ I’m going to cum ♡ I’m going to cum ♡ Please forgive me already ♡ Ahii ♡ I can’t stand it ♡ Cummmmmming ♡♡♡”

 Tremble ♡ Spurt ♡ Spurtttt… ♡ Spurttt… ♡

 Shinji’s semen poured into her vagina and womb as she apologized for climaxing first. The sight of the maid’s head hanging down, and her hips pressed against the floor like she was trying to say, “I’ve been conquered by you ♡” while she was cumming and wriggling inside her vagina. it really satisfied Shinji’s two tastes, the desire for conquest and the love of maids.

 ”Haa~… Haa~… Haa~…”

 The same is true for Akane, whose ragged breathing echoes in the room as she tries to regulate her breathing.

 And so, following the party house of the <Running Wolves>, Shinji’s contract with Akane was renewed so that he could have women in the Wolf mansion as well, continuing the foundation of his underhanded activities.

 It’s been a while with Akane.

 She’s the one who organizes the servants, yes.

 After the party house, she will also be working as a collaborator for Shinji in the Wolf residence.

 Let’s get on with the story!

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