Wizard 338

Chapter 338 Running Wolves Resumes Their Activities as Adventurers

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 After two months of preparation to become honorary knights, the <Running Wolves> set out to conquer the upper-lower ranking dungeons in order to regain the instincts that had dulled during the time they had been out of action due to the establishment of Wolf Family.

 However, Alvin and the others had been training on their own, so their bodies were not slowed down. They chose the <Garden of Demons>, which they had already conquered once, and since they were facing monsters with whom they had fought before, they were able to proceed without any problems.

 ”Okay, let’s take a break”

 Alvin called out to Shinji and the others as he put away the blue edged great sword he had forged in Smith’s workshop. His new weapon showed off its sharpness even against the monsters, slicing through their tough muscle armour like butter.


 Renka replied, holding a new bow that was also more powerful than before, and could easily shoot through the monster’s head. Realizing the obvious improvement in his destruction power, Alvin sends his heartfelt thanks to his best friend (Smith).

 Moreover, Alvin and Renka aren’t the only ones who have powered up.

 ”Freri, you’re doing great…”


 ”Freri, you’re amazing…”

 Freri, who had grown into a high-ranking spirit, was showing off her power to Alvin and the others.

 Shinji tries to restrain Freri from being too belligerent but she still does it. Now, while nodding to their words, Freri looks around her with caution and protects Milis, while Alvin and Renka approach her.

 ”It’s pretty great that Freri is now actively participating in the attack! Well, we still need to practice our coordination…”

 Freri, who had wrapped her tail around her body to hide it in the presence of Alvin and Milis, nodded slightly as she met Alvin’s gaze.

 In Freri’s right hand, she holds a whip made of twisted plant ivy, and instead of using magic to support the party, she is using the whip to physically attack the monster. The whip, which is flexible and has many different tips, has been strengthened by her abundant magical power to produce tremendous striking power, and is able to smash the bones of thick and hard monsters with a single swing multiple times.

 Alvin felt that the wide range of the attack might lead to entrapment, and while it would be fine if each of them attacked a distant enemy separately, they should be careful when concentrating their attacks on a single monster.

 ”It’s more balanced. Thanks to Freri’s increased magic power, it’s easier for me to use magic that consumes a lot of energy”

 ”Freri-chan is protecting me, so it’s easier for me to cover everyone!”

 For Shinji, who was able to share his magic with Freri, the contracted spirit, the fact that her magic power had increased greatly due to her growth was very gratifying. Now that Freri was standing in front of Shinji and Milis, blocking the enemy, they could concentrate on their magical support. The party’s fighting ability has been greatly improved.

 [Shinji! Invite me too~noja! We should plan a formation that includes me~noja!]

 [It’s too overpowered. We don’t need you now]

 [Don’t be a prude Freri…]

 It’s been a long time since Flair has fought in a battle and she wants to join in, but Freri refuses. However, Shinji agreed with Freri, saying that it would not be good for their training if they let Flair enter the battle, as Freri was now working hard to fight the enemy.

* * *

 [See you next time, Flair]

 [Gunununu… even Shinji…! Next time, call me, not Freri~noja! You have my word!]

 Flair, who had been made to understand that Shinji had no intention of summoning her, reluctantly withdrew. Renka pokes Shinji in the side with a wry smile as she remembers the look of unfaithfulness on his face.

 ”Oh! W-what is it?”

 ”Why did you suddenly quiet down and laugh? I was wondering what you and Freri were talking about”

 Shinji, who had been unexpectedly poked in the side, shuddered and looked at Renka as if in panic. From Shinji’s point of view, Renka’s expression was somewhat disgruntled.

 Not only Renka, but also Alvin and Milis knew that when Shinji suddenly became silent, it was because he was concentrating on his thoughts or exchanging thoughts with the spirits. Normally, all of them would leave Shinji alone and not disturb him, but Renka’s hand involuntarily moved.

 Renka is aware that she has become stronger with her new bow, but Freri, who has grown into a high-ranking spirit, is even stronger. She knows that spirits are superior to humans in terms of race, but Renka, who is very conscious of being Shinji’s number one, can’t help but feel a sense of rivalry with Freri, who has become stronger and more beautiful than her.

 Renka’s cheeks flushed as she averted her gaze to cover up her embarrassment.

 ”Oh, no, no, no. Flair wanted to fight, and when I told her no, she sulked. It wouldn’t be much of a training exercise if we included her, would it?”

 ”Oh, really…? I’m sorry I misunderstood, Shinji…”

 [Renka is jealous, Shinji, she loves you]

 She looked so cute, and Shinji wanted to love her as soon as they were not inside the dungeon.

 Pretending that he hadn’t heard Freri’s teasing thoughts, he lightly touched Renka’s head.

 ”I’m sorry for quieting down so suddenly, I’m sorry. I will be relying on your arm, Renka, even after the break”

 ”…! Ehh, I will”

 Surprised by the words that seemed to have seen through her mind, she didn’t feel bad if she was told he would rely on her.

 ”Okay! Let’s get going”

 ”Yeah, let’s go, Al-kun!”

 ”Yeah, okay. Renka, Freri, let’s go”

 As if timing was perfect, Alvin suggested ending the break, and Milis and Shinji agreed. Renka and Freri follow Shinji and start walking.

 Thus, the <Running Wolves> successfully conquer the upper-lower ranking dungeon, the <Garden of Demon>, without any problems. Having felt a solid response, they begin preparations for the higher-ranking dungeon, where there is even stronger monster.

 The Daily chapter.

 The adventuring has finally resumed. Freri makes her debut as a high-ranking spirit. Now that she has physical attacks, she seems to be more and more useful.

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