Wizard 339

Chapter 339 Shinji Teaches Renka Again that She is the Best, Before

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 Alvin and the others had returned from the Garden of Demons (Oni no En), an upper-lower ranking dungeon, and after exchanging the magic stones they had collected at the Adventurer’s Guild for cash, they returned to Wolf’s residence. Although Alvin was now a noble, he ate meals with Shinji and the others, and enjoyed the food prepared by Uthman.

 ”My taste is definitely becoming more picky…. I’ve realized once again how tasteless the preserved food I used to eat in the dungeon”

 ”That’s true. It’s a mistake to compare it to something that’s just for quick sustenance”

 After the meal, Shinji visited Renka in her room.

 They sat side-by-side in chairs, with a bottle of wine Shinji had brought in and some of the evening snacks Utman had made for them on the table in front of them. The two of them continued their conversation as they slowly sipped their drinks.

 ”I understand, but I still feel that way… that’s why I say I have a picky taste”

 Shinji sipped his wine as he looked sideways at Renka, who looked a little flustered from the alcohol. As the two of them enjoyed a peaceful lover’s moment of sharing sweet, quality’s sake and tasty snacks, Renka’s head touched Shinji’s shoulder.

 ”It’s a sign that you’ve learned to enjoy good food. It’s the result of all the hard work you’ve put in. It’s not like you don’t want to eat! Right?”

 ”I’m not that selfish! Geez”

 Shinji chuckles and touches Renka’s head, caressing her red hair gently. Along with Milis, Renka had bought a hair cleanser (shampoo) for the nobles, which made her hair shinier and more comfortable to touch than before. Her head was rubbing against Shinji’s shoulder in a gesture of pampering, just like a cat.

 It was probably because she was cuddling with him like that. The wine splashed from the wine glass that Renka was holding in her hand, soaking Renka’s clothes.

 ”Renka, it’s all over, it’s all over”

 ”Oh, really…. I’m soaked”

 It’s not expensive, because it’s a loungewear that she brought from the party house, but it’s one of her favorite clothes. When Renka saw the red wine stain on her chest, she put the glass of wine in her hand on the table, but Shinji stopped her.

 ”I can remove the stain, can you take it off?”

 ”Hmm…please, Shinji.”

 Following Shinji’s words, Renka took off her top. As she handed the top to Shinji, revealing her shapely breasts and cleavage, and the red bra that covered them, Shinji quickly cast a magic.

 ”<Purification> Well, I guess this should do it”

 The stain removal magic easily removes the wine stain. Then, without returning her clothes, Shinji moves it aside and hugs Renka’s shoulder. There was no need to take off her clothes if he was just going to cast a magic.

 ”N~~~… Chu♡”

 As soon as she was asked to take off her clothes, Renka knew that Shinji wanted to have s*x with her, and instead of answering in the affirmative, she took off her clothes. It was no wonder that when he held her by the shoulders, she closed her eyes, turned her face to Shinji, and pouted her lips as if begging for a kiss.

 Their lips met, and the sound of kissing echoed through the room.

 ”Chu… chu, nn ♡ Ahn ♡ Nnn, nn~… ♡

 As if covering her, Shinji’s hands touch her breasts as he rains kisses on Renka’s lips from above. Repeatedly kissing and squeezing gently over her underwear, Renka’s hand rests on Shinji’s chest and she gropes for his clothes to take them off.

* * *

 ”Nnn… ♡ Freri’s breast… ♡ They’ve gotten a lot bigger… ♡”

 ”I’m with Renka now, though…”

 While Shinji is enjoying the softness of her breasts, Renka suddenly starts talking about Freri. It reminded him of Freri’s presence during the day, when she had been bouncing and swaying on top of him. Shinji, who hadn’t expected Renka to talk about other women during the act, couldn’t help but half-listen.

 ”After all…♡ Shinji likes big things, right? ♡ So, ♡ I’ll have to do my best to make you believe that Renka is the best” Shinji, wait for me ♡ Aah ♡”

 Shinji, who wanted to concentrate on making love to Renka for now, kissed her mouth when she tried to continue speaking. Not only that, he quickly removed her underwear to reveal her breasts and grabbed them with both hands.

 He carefully caresses Renka’s soft, yet firm breasts and extends his tongue, twirling it to keep it in place. Surprised by his sudden attack, the chair in which Renka was sitting shook. But there was no way she could feel wronged by the passionate demand of the man she loved.

 ”Lick lick ♡ Lick lick ♡ Chu… Chu~ ♡ Nchu ♡ Pchu ♡ Nku ♡ Ah, haa~ ♡ I get it ♡ I get it ♡ I’m sorry, Shinji ♡”

 Not satisfied with just tasting each other’s tongue, they lick each other’s tongue with the tip of their tongues, exchanging saliva and affection. Renka’s breasts looked entranced, with their tips puffed out, and when he pinched her hard sensitive spot with his fingers, she had no choice but to give in.

 It was all she could do.

 ”Haa~… no, not yet…”

 But Shinji wasn’t finished yet. After exchanging saliva while staring at each other at close range, he opened Renka’s legs on the chair.

 The shorts and underwear that were supposed to protect her lower body were removed in an instant and fell to the side of the chair.

 ”Ehh?! W-wait ♡ Shinji ♡ Ah ♡ Suddenly licking it ♡ Nnn, nnn… ♡”

 Shinji buries his face in Renka’s crotch and sucks on her pussy. There was no way his tongue was just tracing her vagina, so he inserted it through the entrance. The movement of his tongue in shallow places, his fingers occasionally touching her clitoris, and the pleasure of being loved in such a moist and precious place made Renka arch her back.

 ”Oh…♡ Ah…♡ Shinji…♡ Cumming…♡ I’m cumming…♡ I’m cumming by my beloved Shinji… ♡ Ah ♡ Ah… ♡ It’s coming ♡ Ah ♡ Cumming ♡ Ah, anh, ah ♡ Ah ♡”

 Her climax is approaching and the chair is shaking more and more. Renka tried to hold back, but under Shinji’s skillful caresses, her voice gradually rose and her feet began to lift. To prevent Renka from falling over, Shinji held her firmly in the chair and sucked her clitoris hard.

 ”Ah…♡ 〜〜〜〜〜♡♡♡♡”

 That’s when Renka climaxes. She couldn’t stop herself from cumming at the service of the man she loved, and Shinji stopped her while she lifted her hips, kicking the ground with her toes.

 ”Do you get it now?”

 ”Yes, I get it… ♡”

 When Renka finally calmed down, Shinji looked up and peeked into her face. His eyes met with Renka’s red expression, a mixture of shame and happiness….


 Instead of saying “I’m sorry I’m jealous”, Renka just kisses Shinji’s lips lightly.

 Renka-chan times, foreplay.

 To be continued next time.

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