Wizard 340

Chapter 340 Shinji Teaches Renka Again that She is the Best, After

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 As Shinji and Renka are fully formed lovers, no words are needed. He lifts her up and lowers her onto her bed, while Renka just stares at him with moist eyes.

 Under Shinji’s glistening gaze, it’s no wonder that her vagina, which has been made to cum by cunnilingus, reacts with anticipation. Through her past experiences, Renka’s body has learned that Shinji is the man who can give her the best pleasure.

 ”I’ll insert it”

 ”Nnn…♡ Ah… Nnn…♡”

 Shinji covered her in the missionary position, and when Shinji looked at her, Renka nodded with an embarrassed expression as she averted her gaze. The sight of her shy lover opening her legs to welcome her loved one was more than enough to arouse Shinji.

 And with the tip of his p*nis, which had been debauched by the caress of her tongue, he thrust it into her vagina and slowly made his way inside. Renka gasped at the sensation, and Shinji connected his hand with hers so that their fingers intertwined.

 (It’s going in deep… ♡)

 As she squeezes his hand back, Renka feels a presence filling her vagina. The vagina, which had learned Shinji’s shape and had become familiar with him, wrapped around his p*nis like a snuggle, and the pleasure of its gentle tightness gave Shinji the greatest sense of comfort.

 ”It feels good…. Does Renka feel good too…?”

 ”Nnn… It feels goood…♡ Nnn… Nnnn, Nnh ♡”

 Renka answered Shinji’s question as he used his hips more gently than usual. With very careful, small movements, Shinji thrusts deep inside her vagina, stimulating her cervix with his glans over and over again. Renka’s well-developed vagina was not in pain, and although she almost moaned with each thrust, she managed to keep her voice down thanks to the slow pistoning motion.

 Every time he poked her, her breasts swayed, her breath was hot, and her sweat was sweet, all of which fascinated Shinji.

 ”Nnh…♡ What’s wrong… with you today? Nnn.. You’re taking it slow…♡ Ah… Haa~…♡ Nnn…♡”

 Shinji kisses Renka’s lips as she asks him, squinting in pleasure. He wanted to avoid hard s*x, partly because Freri had squeezed him so hard, but he didn’t want to use that as an excuse.

 ”Would you prefer it to be intense?”

 Sex that seeks only pleasure, s*x that subdues the other with pleasure. He could do that with the women whom he corrupted into his s*x friends. But with the woman he loved (Renka), Shinji wanted to have relaxed s*x that improved each other.

 Shinji says to himself that this is a big change from the days when he was only excited by the act of cuckolding.

 ”…♡ I like hardcore s*x too…♡ but I also like slow s*x…♡ Haa~… ♡ Shinji’s cock… is shivering… and I can tell you’re saying it feels good…”

 Renka, who smiles at him, feels that slow s*x is not so bad, as if their genitals are mixing and melting together, making her feel hot from deep inside.

 Of course, inexplicable pleasure is good. But the slow pace and the strong feeling of mutual affection filled Renka’s heart with joy.

* * *

 ”Renka… Renka…”

 ”Ahn ♡ Nn, nnn… ♡ Lick, chu… ♡ Nnn… Nn ♡ Chu, chu… ♡”

 Shinji’s hips naturally became more powerful as Renka accepted his desire. And Renka’s open legs also wrapped around Shinji’s waist, and her hand wrapped around his neck.

 Then as Renka prepares herself to accept Shinji, she kisses him for the umpteenth time. They lick each other tongue to tongue, their bodies close to each other, just building up to the most pleasurable climax.

 (It’s trembling…♡ Is he going to cum already…? ♡ Me too… I’m going to cum…♡ Shinji… ♡ I’m cumming ♡)

 With that in mind, Renka’s legs pulled Shinji’s body closer. Shinji, too, has no intention of ejaculating outside her vagina.

 ”Cummmmmmming ♡♡♡”

 Renka screams, and her vagina tightens. It was too tight for Shinji’s cock, and naturally, he poured his semen into her womb.

 It’s not an attempt to squeeze it out, but a gentle and comfortable tightness that encourages the release of semen, and Shinji lets out a heartfelt sigh of pleasure.

 (If it hadn’t been for the contraceptive magic, I would have definitely impregnated her…)

 Shinji realizes that his ejaculation was so powerful that such a thought naturally comes to mind. And it’s a shame that there is a contraceptive spell. At the same time Shinji chuckled at his selfish thoughts, Renka spoke up.

 ”If it wasn’t for the magic, I might have gotten pregnant…”

 ”…I thought so too… It seems you’re thinking the same thing, huh?”

 Shinji smiles happily when his thoughts coincide with Renka’s as she pats her belly with an enraptured expression. She laughed as well.

 ”…But, the time has not come yet ♡”

 ”Yes… but after we climb up Hateyama. I love you more than anyone, Renka”

 If Alvin’s goal comes true and he doesn’t stop being an adventurer, she can’t get pregnant. And before that, there has to be a wedding. But the fact that they shared the same thoughts gave them the greatest happiness.

 Renka smiles as he expresses his love to her. On the other hand, Shinji’s cheeks relaxed, dazzled by her murmuring, “Me too…”.

 (…Maybe when I meet my parents again, it won’t be a bad idea to bring our child along…)

 Shinji stroked Renka’s cheek as she smiled in front of him, vaguely thinking about the future.

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