Wizard 341

Chapter 341 Report from Marie and Sylphy

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 Shinji, who slept more leisurely than usual with Renka, woke up later than Alvin and the others. As they were flirting in bed for a while, there was a knock on the door of their room.

 ”Um, Renka-san… it’s time for breakfast”

 With a modest knock, they hear Shuro’s voice, and Renka hurriedly replies.

 ”O-okay! I’ll get ready right away!”

 ”Yes… I’ll be waiting”

 Renka breathes a sigh of relief as Shuro’s presence disappears at the door. She knew that if Shuro, a pure girl, saw her in her current state, she would surely be embarrassed. And if the other person was embarrassed, she would feel embarrassed too.

 ”Oh well… I guess I’ll get up…”

 Shinji crawled out of bed, despite the feeling of sadness. As if to hide from his gaze, Renka puts on her underwear and her clothes in the sheets, then opens her mouth.

 ”I know you’re off today, but you have something to do, right?”

 ”Yeah. I’m sorry but I have to work as an Apostle”

 It made Shinji chuckle. He hadn’t seen Hayate and Shizuku in a while, partly because he was busy preparing for the Wolf family.

 ”Then it can’t be helped…”

 While following the disappointed Renka, Shinji had breakfast with her.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 After breakfast with Renka, Shinji leaves the Wolf house and moves to his home. There, Marie, Sylphy, and Flair were already sitting around the table as if they were familiar with someone else’s house, enjoying tea time. One of the seats was empty, and Shinji sat down there.

 ”Good morning. Marie, Sylphy, Flair.”

 ”Good morning〜♪”

 ”Good morning”

 ”Good morning! Shinji!”

 All three replied cheerfully to Shinji’s greeting as he took his seat. He had often summoned Flair, so he had seen her often, but Marie and Sylphy had mainly exchanged thoughts, so it had been a long time since they had seen each other in person.

 ”Well, let’s hear the report”

 It would be foolish to make unnecessary small talk with these girls who are spirits. As long as they have magic power, these spirits will not fall ill and will give priority to the work given to them by the Goddess. Listening to them carefully will please the spirits who serve the Goddess.

 ”Things are going well for the most part~. Shizuku, Hayate, and Eve are living in harmony on the outside~”

 Sylphy nodded in affirmation of Marie’s words. Flair, who had nothing to do with the report, left her seat and went to the mini-kitchen to prepare Shinji’s drink.

 ”Maybe it’s the effects of being with Eve, but Hayate and Shizuku haven’t been comforting each other lately. Hayate’s heart was broken, but now that she’s fallen in love with a man, she doesn’t seem to want Shizuku as much”

 ”Maybe it’s because Shizuku feels guilty too~, but she hasn’t been comforting either Hayate or Eve~. She used to be all over Hayate~, but now that Eve’s in the same inn, she’s not so much~”

 ”Well, Shizuku seems to have an unclear attitude. She’s probably afraid of breaking up with Hayate by saying goodbye to her…”

 It’s not that Shizuku dislikes Hayate. It’s just that she’s grown to love her future partner (Eve) more and more, and Shinji thinks that her feelings for her have grown so strong that she can’t help herself. TinnyTL

* * *

 In fact, Shizuku had moved on to Eve, and she was afraid that if she didn’t tell Hayate about it, they might end up fighting. She also didn’t dream that Hayate wanted to break up with her.

 On the other hand, Hayate also heard about Shizuku’s obsession from Shinji, so it never occurred to her to take action. She continues to wait and hope that Shinji’s separation plan will succeed.

 The stalemate was due to the fact that Hayate and Shizuku were not ready to take the first step.

 ”Maybe it’s time to give them a push…”

 Shinji muttered, and a teacup filled with tea was placed in front of him. Shinji stands next to Flair and lightly raises his hand to show his appreciation. Flair nods in satisfaction and returns to her seat.

 ”Hayate’s intentions haven’t changed, have they?”

 ”Yes. She’s been practicing her magic but with Heliotrope being so busy at the moment, she’s barely had time for it. Hayate is more active when she’s working in the store”

 Sylphy smiled at Shinji’s question. If Hayate chose not to fight as an apostle, Sylphy had no reason to continue being Hayate’s personal spirit. Moreover, Goddess wouldn’t keep attaching high-ranking spirits to an apostle who doesn’t fight.

 Watching over the apostles is a proper job, but Sylphy wants to contribute to the Goddess by working with the apostles to fight strong monsters, like Flair.

 ”Shizuku is good too, right?”

 ”Yes~♪ Her magic is steadily improving~♪. I don’t think she has any complaints about fighting with Eve as an apostle~♪”

 As Marie watched Shizuku continue to practice her magic, she began to think that she could help her again. Even if it wasn’t for the sake of the Goddess, but for herself and her partner (Eve), if they could hunt monsters, grow, and eventually be able to do the Goddess’ work, Marie could proudly say that she was contributing to the Goddess.

 At last, Marie and Sylphy were overjoyed to be able to serve the Goddess.

 ”Marie, Sylphy. It’s still too early to talk to Shizuku and Hayate…”

 ”I don’t think they’re going to fail after all the work they’ve put into this~noja”

 Flair gives Shinji a half-hearted look. Marie and Sylphy nodded in agreement with Flair’s words, but Shinji kept smiling. In truth, Shinji doesn’t think his plan will fail either, but he doesn’t want to let his guard down.

 ”We can’t be happy until we get the results, right? I’ll call Shizuku and Hayate this evening. I’ll meet with them. Marie and Sylphy, can you tell them respectively? If they can’t make it, we’ll do it the next day”



 The two girls nodded in agreement to Shinji’s request. Then, Shinji gave them words of appreciation. It was thanks to Marie and Sylphy’s diligent monitoring that things had gone so smoothly.

 ”Marie, Sylphy. Thanks to you two, I’ll be able to give a good report to the Goddess. Thank you”

 His words of appreciation pierced their hearts and filled them with an unparalleled joy. Sylphy’s cheeks almost slackened, but she put on a dignified expression as if to say that it was natural.

 ”It’s my duty.

 Marie, on the other hand, had a big smile on her face.

 ”You’re welcome〜♪ If you’re grateful I’d like to do that again〜♪”


 Flair, who was drinking a cup of tea, almost blew up when Sylphy was startled by Marie’s nonchalant desire for s*x.

 ”Bufo!? Marie, what are you talkinggggg!”


 Marie ran away from Flair, who stood up with her teacup in her hand. Shinji could only hold his head with one hand as the air started to get messy.


 It was no wonder that Shinji couldn’t help but let out a sigh.


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