Wizard 342

Chapter 342 The future of Hayate and Shizuku

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 On the same night as Marie and the others had reported.

 Both Hayate and Shizuku, upon hearing Shinji’s request for a talk, agreed to the request and went to Shinji’s house.

 Now, Shinji, Hayate, and Shizuku are the only three people in Shinji’s house. The reason why the spirits and Eve are not here is because they want to discuss the future of the two of them, which was Shinji’s idea.

 ”It’s been a while, you two. I’m glad to see you guys are doing well”

 Shinji, who was sitting in front of Hayate and Shizuku, smiled at them. In response, Hayate, who was sitting alongside Shizuku, opened her mouth first.

 ”Onii-san, long time no see! I’m fine, but thanks to Alvin-san, the store is busy”

 Hayate’s expression is cheerful even though she says she’s busy.

 The <Heliotrope> jewelry store is attracting more and more customers as word spreads that Alvin is a frequent customer. Thanks to this, the store has become more crowded than ever. In the midst of the busyness, Hayate felt that her work was worthwhile, and she was more lively than when she had been fighting unsuccessfully as an apostle.

 ”How’s Shizuku?”

 ”As you can see. While you’ve been busy, I’ve been training”

 Shizuku’s attitude was as unfriendly as ever, but Shinji could feel the magic growing in her body. It was proof that she had been training diligently, doing as she was told.

 ”It looks like you’ve been working out a lot. You’ve been taking good care of Eve, and that’s very helpful”

 ”…You’re welcome”

 Shizuku turns her head away. The unexpected praise made her embarrassed, and she tried not to look directly at him.

 In Shinji’s absence for more than a month, she had been working with Eve on the training menu he had left for her, and she was feeling a definite response. Spending every day with the cute junior gave her a sense of fulfillment and helped her to maintain her motivation.

 Even though she understands that this is the environment given to her by Shinji, Shizuku no longer has the rebellious spirit that would make her want to leave her comfortable life.

 (He’s a senior Apostle… he’s a good teacher… he’s also Eve’s teacher… B-Besides, because of the lewd crest… I can’t resist…)

 Shizuku’s body had already been defeated by his cock, and she convinced herself of this.

 ”Well, the reason I called you two here today is to discuss the future course of action. It’s been some time since the Goddess entrusted me with the two of you, so I thought we should talk about it”

 These words caused tension between Hayate and Shizuku. On the surface, Hayate and Shizuku are living in harmony, but they are somewhat aware of the fundamental differences between them. They have been waiting for the right moment to talk to each other, and this is a great opportunity for them.

 Looking around at the silent faces of the two girls, Shinji continued.

 ”Let’s listen to what you two have to say in order. Let’s start with Hayate first”

 ”M-me!? Ehhh…”

 Hayashi’s gaze wandered around in panic at being named first. Unsure of where to begin, and unable to continue, Shinji offered her a helping hand.

 ”Are you willing to work as an apostle?”

 ”That’s… I’m sorry. I can’t fight… I’m just too scared. Shizuku, I’m sorry…”

 ”Hayate-chan… No, don’t apologize. I know that what you can’t do is unavoidable”

 If she wants to keep seeing Shizuku she’ll have to fight as an apostle. Moreover, in order to be her lover, Hayate has to be an apostle. Giving that up… that would mean the end of the relationship. That’s why Hayate bows her head sincerely. However, she is still in love with Shizuku.

* * *

 The answer would have been unacceptable when Shizuku was obsessed with Hayate, but now Shizuku is different. There is Eve, a lovely junior who has the same secret regarding magic ritual and is willing to fight with her as an apostle.

 A fulfilling life has given Shizuku more room in her mind and less dependence on Hayate. Instead of leading her to fight, she can accept the life she wants.

 Feeling guilty for being moved by Eve, Shizuku calmly expressed her understanding of Hayate’s conclusion.

 ”Then I’ll inform the Goddess that Hayate’s future plans are to work in the town. What about you, Shizuku?”

 ”I intend to serve as an Apostle. I know I’m not ready yet, but…”

 Even after hearing Hayate’s conclusion, Shizuku’s idea of working as an Apostle did not waver. As long as she doesn’t plan to accept childbirth, she has no choice but to continue as an Apostle.

 It would be a lie to say that she was not dissatisfied, but she was hopeful that she would be able to make it with Eve as her partner from now on.

 ”I was weak at first, too. But Shizuku has the aptitude to make a contract with a high-ranking spirit, and she has great judgment. Just take it slow and you’ll be fine. I’ll tell the Goddess about the difficulty of assigning tasks”

 ”…Thank you very much”

 Shinji’s follow-up was appreciated by Shizuku. She realized again that he was a good person to have as a senior, with the way he cared for her.

 (I can see why Eve adores him… he’s amazing, huh? But I still don’t like him…)

 Shinji remains calm even when he sees Shizuku’s unfriendly face as she acknowledges Shinji, but struggles with the fact that she doesn’t like him. Shinji does not intend to be liked, so he just hopes that Shizuku’s likeability is not too bad.

 Shinji clears his throat and opens his mouth again.

 ”I understand what you two want. I don’t think the Goddess will say no. Is there anything else?”

 ”Onii-san, just one thing…”

 Seeing Hayate raise her hand cautiously, Shinji encouraged her to speak.

 ”Even if I stop become Apostle, can I still keep in touch with Shizuku…? I mean, I consider Shizuku to be my friend…”

 Because of the peaceful and harmonious resolution of their relationship, Hayate was worried about losing the opportunity to talk to Shizuku. She felt sad that she would lose her connection with Shizuku, the person she had been with since her reincarnation into another world.

 ”Hayate-chan… Yes, I feel the same way”

 It’s the same for Shizuku. They may no longer be lovers, but that doesn’t mean she don’t like her. If they can be friends, then Shizuku wants to continue. tinytlShinji doesn’t deny this feeling.

 ”As long as you keep the Apostle’s secrets, I have no intention of interfering with your friendship”

 ”! Thank you, Onii-san!”

 Hayate smiled happily at his reply.

 Thus, the yuri couple was separated by Shinji, and they went their separate ways. Shinji breathed a sigh of relief as he managed to correct the course of their relationship, and was able to give a good report to the Goddess.

 It’s been a while, Hayate-chan and Shizuku-chan.

 Finally, Shinji’s plan to separate them has succeeded.

 Well, both of them will live their lives as hard as they choose.

 Let’s get on with the story!

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