Wizard 343

Chapter 343 Influence of the Wolf Family on Heliotrope

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 ”Well then, that concludes our discussion. Good work, both of you. Let me take you back to the inn, okay?”

 Shinji was about to send them back to the inn, but Hayate intervened. She raised her right hand hurriedly, insisting that the conversation was not over yet.

 ”Onii-san! I still have something to tell you! Do you have time?”

 ”Hmm…? I just have to go home, I have time.”

 ”I need to talk to you. It’s about the store”

 Shinji had no idea what kind of advice Hayate wanted to discuss. If she wanted to talk about <Heliotrope>, shouldn’t Haruto, the owner of the store, have been there? It was understandable that Shinji couldn’t help but look suspicious.

 ”It depends on what you want to talk about, but… okay. Let’s talk about it”

 ”If that’s the topic, can I go home first?”

 Shizuku, who had nothing to do with <Heliotrope>, raised her hand lightly and opened her mouth. Shinji, who had no reason to reject her request, nodded.

 ”I’m fine. Hayate is good too, right?”

 ”Yeah. See you later, Shizuku!”

 ”Okay, See you later”

 Shizuku immediately teleported back to her room. She’s very happy with the outcome of the discussion.

 For Shizuku, who doesn’t know that Hayate wanted to break up with her and that Eve was a honey trap sent by Shinji, it means that they have agreed to end their relationship and have a partner to live with while maintaining their friendship. Shizuku was in such a good mood that she felt she could thank Shinji for this, considering that it would resolve the delicate atmosphere that had existed between her and Hayate for some time now.

 After seeing Shizuku off, Shinji and Hayate confirmed that the magic circle of teleportation<transfer> had completely disappeared, and then opened their mouths.

 ”Onii-san! Everything went well, right?”

 ”Yeah. Now Hayate won’t be so attached to her”

 ”The bad ending avoided…! Thank goodness…!”

 After feeling deeply relieved, Hayate put her hand on her chest and exhaled heavily. Hayate couldn’t have reached such an ending if she hadn’t been aware of her obsession with her, and she feels grateful to Shinji once again.

 (I need to thank him again… ♡)

 Hayate felt an itch in the depths of her belly. It was a reaction that Hayate’s body had learned, a reaction that could be called Shinji-only conditioned reflex. Shinji, who pretended not to notice the flames of lust that were beginning to grow in the depths of her eyes, returned to the subject at hand.

 ”So, is it true that you need advice about the store?”

 ”…Uh, yeah. The store has been getting busy lately. I need to help out at the store while I’m practicing magic. I can stop being an Apostle now, right?”

 Hayate, who had regained her composure, tilted her head and asked.

 After all, until an official report and approval is received from the Goddess, Hayate’s actions will be under Shinji’s control. It is not up to Hayate to decide to concentrate on the store.

 ”Oh, that’s all right. Anyway, it looks like working at <Heliotrope> suits Hayate better than I thought it would”

 ”Actually, I’ve been allowed to make a few things! Like this one”

 Hayate raises her left arm, and Shinji can see a gold-colored bracelet on her wrist. The bracelet was made of two layers of thin metal strips, and although it was simple, it had beautiful curves that made it hard to believe that it was made by an amateur. Shinji couldn’t help but admire her workmanship.

* * *

 ”Hee~… you must be proud of yourself. You’re good”

 ”T-thank you. Store ManagerTencho-san’s teaching is good enough, but my hidden talent has blossomed”

 Hayate smiles, embarrassed by the unexpectedly honest praise. Watching her, Shinji sent a thought to Sylphy.

 [Sylphy. How are things between Hayate and Haruto?]

 [I’d say they’re in a good mood, but I doubt it’s as a man and a woman]

 [I see. I was wondering if it was because of the way she called him…]

 Shinji, who remembered that Hayate used to call Haruto as Haruto-san, suspected that the reason why she had changed to the more casual Tencho-san was a sign of affection.

 ”So… You learned it from Haruto. You said it was busy, but is it true that it’s thanks to us?”

 ”Definitely. People in town know that Alvin-san has been in and out of the store. You know the ring Alvin-san gave to his future wife? I get a lot of orders for the same design ring, only with cheaper stones”

 ”Oh… so people want the same thing as famous people…”

 ”People from all over the world want the same thing, don’t they?”

 After becoming an Honorary Knight, Alvin’s name quickly spread among the commoners. The rumor that the ring he bought and gave to his wife was purchased in <Heliotrope> was spread by people who saw Alvin going in and out of the store. Since it was possible to create similar designs by lowering the grade of the stones in the rings, the majority of <Heliotrope>’s sales came from the rings.

 Hayate recalled that even in the original world, celebrities repeatedly advertised their products on TV and people were eager to buy them, which made her think that there was no difference in the nature of people in other worlds.

 ”Tencho-san, he will be summoned by a noble tomorrow. I wonder how much a fully ordered ring will cost…”

 ”Oh… that’s great…”

 ”Well, I’ll be here while Tencho-san is away, so it’s okay! Nanaka is pregnant with his second child and I don’t want her to be overwhelmed”

 The reason for the noble’s guest is because Alvin and Milis mentioned the name of the store when they were talking about the ring at the party they were invited to, but Shinji has no way of knowing that.

 The sales would increase considerably if they could attract noble customers. And this would increase the income of <Heliotrope>, which could lead to the possibility of Hayate becoming the second wife. Shinji smiled inwardly at this unexpected coincidence.

 ”I see. Then it was a good decision to introduce Hayate to Haruto and the others. Hayate, I hope, you will become more skillful and be able to make various ornaments of your own design”

 ”Well… Yes, I’ll do my best. And, besides, as a result? Thanks to you, I have a better outlook on the future and I’ve found a job I think I’ll like”

 Shinji’s grateful tone did not make Hayate feel repulsed. Rather, Hayate’s cheeks flushed as the flames of lust that had begun to burn within her flared even more. And Hayate swallowed her spit and took a step forward, unsteadily.

 The hypnosis of <Repaying a Gratitude with the Body> and her past s*xual experience quickly brought Hayate’s body into a state of estrus.

 ”Onii-san, you said you had time… ♡ I’ll return to you again… ♡”

 ”Oh… then, I’m looking forward to it…”

 Shinji nodded at Hayate, who had a woman’s face on.

 Talking with Hayate-chan.

 Heliotrope seems to be busy. It seems that making things suits Hayate just fine. Otherworldly accessories are becoming popular! Maybe, maybe…?

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