Wizard 344

Chapter 344 In the Bathroom with Hayate, Before

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 Although she had said she would return the favor, Hayate was unsure of what to do next. She wondered if she should choose oral, hand, or breast… which would make Shinji feel better and writhe more. In her mind, there was no longer any hesitation about having s*x.

 ”Oh, can I boil the bath first?”

 ”Oh, right, Onii-san’s house has a bath, doesn’t it ….? Even though we are both commoners”

 The only way for a commoner to soak in hot water is at a public bathhouse. Even in the ordinary inn where Hayate and the others stay, they only wipe themselves with hot water, and commoners are aware that baths are treated as luxuries and are rarely found in private residences.

 ”A wizard can easily make hot water. And I love baths because I can relax without worrying about being seen”

 ”In my world, it was normal to have a bath in the house, so I understand. In public bathhouses, I’m worried about the people around me…”

 Hayate’s intense gaze catches Shinji’s. Shinji can feel the strong pressure of wanting to take a bath from her eyes. Eyes speak louder than words, that’s what it means.

 ”…Do you want to take a bath?”


 Shinji said with a wry smile, and Hayate immediately gave her an affirmative answer.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 After Shinji had filled the bathtub with water and magically turned the water to the right temperature, Hayate happily went to the bathroom. While she was taking off her clothes and washing her body with a bucket of water, Shinji came into the bathroom as a matter of course.

 ”Wait, Onii-san, are you coming in too?”

 Feeling embarrassed to be seen naked in the brightly lit bathroom, she quickly covers her breasts with one arm. Shinji nodded, thinking it was a feast for the eyes to see her large breasts being crushed by her arm.

 ”You’ll do it for me, right? Then why don’t you do it here?”

 ”No, it’s too bright…”

 It was the first time for Hayate to be seen naked in a bright place by the opposite s*x. Still, Shinji sits behind Hayate whose face is flushed with shame.

 ”There’s nothing to hide, is there? We’re having s*x, right?”

 ”It’s different from that! I’m just repaying you by making your dick feel good!”

 Since Hayate was the one doing the touching, she felt uncomfortable if she wasn’t the one taking the initiative, but Shinji held her from behind. The unexpectedly strong arms and the feeling of the hot p*nis against her ass reminded Hayate of how good it felt to have s*x with Shinji in her memory. This led to the expectation of experiencing the same kind of pleasure as before, and discouraged her from seriously resisting.

 ”Then I’ll let you make me feel good again. But first, you need to get wet, right?”

 With that, Shinji’s fingers sank into Hayate’s lush breasts. The sweet numbness from the pleasure of being squeezed gently and tenderly is enough to make Hayate feel sweet.

 (I’m so embarrassed… but it feels so good… ♡)

 Hayate’s body was accepting Shinji’s caresses. In fact, when Shinji’s tongue flicked her neck, it didn’t make her feel uncomfortable, but rather made her anticipate what he would do next. Before she knew it, Hayate’s arms, which had been covering her breasts, had fallen without effort.

* * *

 ”Nnn… Fuah ♡ Nnn… Nnn ♡ Onii-san is nasty…♡ Pervert ♡”

 With both hands, Shinji grabbed the breast he had been squeezing with one hand. He pinched the nipples with his fingers, which were becoming hard, and Hayate’s body quivered. For Shinji, it was a breast that he had pinched and kneaded many times before. He knows exactly where they are weak and how to make them happy.

 Hayate’s body was slumped over in embarrassment, but the caresses loosened her up and she turned her back to him, resting her back against him.

 ”I can’t speak for you either, Hayate. You’re a pervert who can cum from breasts, aren’t you?”

 ”Noo, it’s not true ♡ It just Onii-san is too good ♡ Haa~… Nnnh ♡ Even though it just my breast, it’s too touchy ♡”

 ”Is there something else you want me to touch?”

 At the sound of Shinji’s wicked voice, Hayate turned her head. She could see Shinji’s grin and knew that he was listening knowingly.

 Having already experienced the taste of s*x, her breasts were not enough, and she rubbed her thighs together. She couldn’t forget the sensation of the p*nis thrusting deep into her vagina, and the pleasure that resonated in her core.

 ”Onii-san, even though you know it… ah ♡ Don’t ask me ♡ Nee~ ♡ Geez, let’s do it again ♡ Your cock ♡ I will make it feel so good, ah ♡ Ah, haa~ ♡ Onii-san, please lie down ♡”

 Hayate made a flirtatious sound as she stared at Shinji. The fact that she’s still trying to maintain her dominance in the cowgirl position shows that she still thinks she can beat Shinji at s*x.

 (Maybe it’s time for her to stop acting now that she’s broken up with Shizuku, huh?)

 The Shinji of the past would have laid down as Hayate requested. But this time, it was different. Shinji pinched her nipples and whispered in Hayate’s ear.

 ”I want to do it from behind today. Hayate, grab the edge of the tub and turn your ass to me”

 ”Oh, no ♡ That’s not right…♡ It’s so embarrassing ♡”

 Hayate hesitates with her body trembling. If she did as she was told, even her asshole would be exposed, so it was understandable.

 ”I want to penetrate your vagina a lot… can I?”

 Shinji’s hand stroked the top of her vagina as he whispered this. That alone reminded her of the pleasure of being thrust deep inside her vagina when she was in cowgirl position.

 (It’s embarrassing, but… ♡)

 The shame of having everything seen was outweighed by the lust of wanting to taste that pleasure again. Then, as soon as Hayate started to move, Shinji’s hand loosened.

 Hayate stands up and does what Shinji wants him to do. She grabs the edge of the bathtub and thrusts her ass out in front of Shinji’s face as he sits down.

 ”Onii-san…♡ Come here…♡”

 Hayate’s invitation had turned her face red.

 Shinji stood up immediately and grabbed her slender hips.

 Hayate-chan’s turn, foreplay introduction.

 Sex in the bath. Shinji likes to do it in the bath. Maybe that’s why he has a good amount of bath times….

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