Wizard 345

Chapter 345 In the Bathroom with Hayate, Middle

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 As Hayate gripped the edge of the tub, she kept her head down with her ass sticking out. The reflection of her face in the hot water in the bathtub is that of a woman who is excited and expectant.

 ”Haa~ ♡ Onii-san, you can insert it… ♡”

 While she stares at Shinji’s face, the edge of her mouth slackens as the glans is inserted, and her hips bounce at the sensation of the p*nis filling and occupying her vagina, starting from the entrance. However, there was no way for her to escape as she was held firmly by the waist.

 Once he had penetrated deep into her vagina, Shinji stopped moving. He looked from her soft ass to her back and down to the nape of her neck, enjoying the sight of her from behind. It was especially refreshing to see her with her black hair down, which was usually tied behind her head for bathing.

 (A girl’s atmosphere changes with her hairstyle, huh…)

 With her hair down, Hayate looks more mature with her beautiful face. Shinji’s member reacted sensitively to this gap, and became more aroused.

 ”Onii-san… ♡ I feel like you’re bigger than before ♡”

 ”Isn’t it just your imagination? Or maybe it’s because you’re in a different position? From behind is different from cowgirl, right?”

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ah, it’s deep ♡ Don’t ♡ poke ♡ in the back ♡ It’s hitting the wrong spot ♡”

 Hayate is frustrated that Shinji doesn’t move, but when he lightly shakes his hips back and forth, she shivers with pleasure. The pleasure of the glans pushing up against her womb felt just as good as when he was riding her, and Hayate’s sweet voice naturally came out of her mouth.

 (I think it feels better than moving myself… ♡ or maybe Onii-san is too good at it… ♡)

 The way he used his hips, not unlike a man who had been tossed around under Hayate’s control, was precise in hitting Hayate’s weak points. It’s not a forceful thrust, it’s a gentle, steady thrust, and Hayate’s face is enraptured, even though she’s puzzled by the new experience that is slowly bubbling up from within her body and resonating in her core.

 (I have a really naughty face… ♡)

 Suddenly, Shinji grabbed Hayate’s breasts, which were swaying with each thrust, as she gazed at her reflection in the hot water. Hayate’s body, which was now fully formed and sensitive, felt the pleasure of just having her breasts squeezed.

 ”Come on, Hayate, move. You need to work hard too, since you want to return the favor”

 ”I know it… ♡ Ah Ah ♡ Umm? Nnn~ ♡ Like this? Nnn ♡ or this…? ♡”

 Hayate had no time to protest against having her breast fondled all she wanted, so she complied with Shinji’s request. Since this was a “Return Favor”, her mind was diverted to do what he wanted.

 And because this is her first time in the Doggy Style position, Hayate moves her hips back and forth in an unaccustomed movement. Still, the p*nis rubs up against her vaginal walls making her gasp in ecstasy.

 ”Haa~ ♡ Ah ♡ Now, it feels so good ♡”

 When Shinji’s thrusts coincided with Hayate’s movements, more pleasure than ever shot through Hayate’s body. While rubbing her breasts, Shinji was thrusting at a steady pace, and Hayate’s movements combined with his.

 Hayate’s vagina tightens as she gasps for air and shakes her hips madly. It seems she was close to climaxing.

 ”Onii-san♡ I’m about… ♡ I’m about to cum… ♡ Onii-san♡ Onii-san♡ Ah ♡ Cummming… ♡”

 ”Fine. Go ahead and cum. I’m not going to go easy on you today”

 Shinji pinches her nipples while revealing that he’s been holding back. Since she didn’t owe him anything more than separating with Shizuku, Shinji was going to corrupt Hayate’s body tonight.

 ”It’s too much, ah, ah ♡ Until now ♡ Until now ♡ I’m ♡ being made to cum ♡ Nnn, nnn ♡ I’m going to cum ♡”

 ”It feels better if we move together, doesn’t it? It looks like Hayate’s vagina is getting used to it, so I’ll make it a little harder”

 ”Wait ♡ Haa~ ♡ Ah, ah ♡ Ah, ah ♡”

 Shinji’s movements of his hips changed. Instead of the gentle movements, he pulled the glans as far as it would go and began to thrust deep into the vagina. Hayate could only writhe in Shinji’s arms. The sound of Shinji’s ragged breathing and flesh slapping against flesh as he grabbed both her breasts tightly echoed through the bathroom.

 Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡

 ”Cumming ♡ It’s coming ♡ Ah ♡ Fuahh ♡ Onii-san ♡ Wait ♡ It’s too much ♡ I can’t do it again ♡♡♡”

 Hayate climaxed in no time. And although the tightening vaginal pressure was being felt by Shinji, he continued to shake his hips. Hayate shakes her head and screams at the pleasure that Shinji’s huge cock gives her as it twitches at her climax and violates her sensitive vagina, but the next climax forces her to shut up.

 (I’m going crazy ♡ It felt too good ♡ Onii-san really too good at it ♡ It’s really great ♡ Also it’s really better when moving together ♡ I’m cumming againnnn ♡)

 It makes her understand even without words. She can’t win against this cock. The only reason she felt like she was winning was because she was in the palm of Shinji’s hand.

 She should be angry that she was being set up, but once she knows this pleasure, she doesn’t care. Hayate’s body and mind were turned to mush by the pleasure.

 (Hayate has become completely obedient. It’s a big difference from when we first met)

 The fact that Hayate, who had obviously hated Shinji and regarded him as an enemy, was now showing her lewdness in front of him made him feel an unparalleled desire for conquest. It made his ejaculation more intense and my p*nis twitched.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Onii-san ♡ Onii-san ♡ Quickly ♡ I can’t hold on any longer ♡”

 ”Oh, I’m going to ejaculate…!”

 ”Let it out, let it out, let it out ♡ 〜〜〜〜♡♡♡”

 Spurtttttttt ♡ Spurt ♡ Spurt ♡

 Shinji hugged Hayate’s body tightly and thrust his p*nis deep into her vagina. The semen he’s been storing is released into her womb, filling her vagina as she climaxes.

 On the other hand, Hayate’s body trembles at the sensation of the thick semen being poured into her, and she feels more pleasure than ever, unable to say a word as she is immersed in the aftermath.

 After climaxing, a vague pinkish crest appeared on Hayate’s vagina. It was a sign that her body had given in to Shinji.

 Shinji smiled, knowing that he had gotten what he wanted.

 At last, Hayate-chan was carved with a lewd crest.

 To be continued next time!

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