Wizard 346

Chapter 346 In the Bathroom with Hayate, After

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 Shinji, who had succeeded in carving a lewd crest into Hayate, took a bath in the bathtub, but his expression was subtle, as if he had not succeeded in his plan. The reason for this was of course Hayate.

 ”Haa~♪ Nice hot water~♪”

 Hayate, who was sitting between Shinji’s legs and exposing her slender back, was in a good mood as she soaked up the hot water with her hands. After recovering from the aftermath of her climax, the first words out of her mouth were, “Hey, can I take a bath?” . Shinji was expecting a lot of complaining and ranting from her, and although he was disappointed, he decided to take a bath with her.

 Hayate, who noticed Shinji’s indescribable expression, turned around and tilted her head.

 ”Onii-san, what’s wrong with your strange face?”

 ”It’s nothing, Hayate looks so calm… I was expecting you to say something”

 ”You mean about lewd crestthis?”

 As she says this, Hayate caresses the thin pink glow of her vagina. Shinji, strangely enough, could not see any discomfort in her face. Hayate continues her conversation, choosing her words carefully.

 ”Hmm… I don’t know what to say… Well, I guess I’ll just have to open up, huh? Maybe, but I’ve been doing exactly what Onii-san expected, haven’t I? This is a sign that I can’t resist you anymore. Is that right?”

 ”Well, I think you’re mostly right”

 Hayate’s lips twitched as she looked at Shinji, who nodded.

 ”I realized that when I was being made to cum a lot by Onii-san. I knew I was no match for you. So, it’s useless to get angry if Onii-san can do whatever he wants to”

 ”Oh… yeah… right…?”

 Hayate’s heart was breaking more than Shinji had expected… or rather, she was submitting to the situation, and Shinji could only give a vague response. Hayate, who had been pouting her lips, changed her expression and her cheeks flushed.

 ”Onii-san has already seen all the embarrassing parts of me… So it’s not weird to be pretentious now”

 The way she ranted and raved when she first met him, the disgraceful way she was beaten up by the goblin, the bad attitude she had due to the hostility, and the bad impression she would have had no matter what. Shinji was the one who successfully played such a Hayatechild in the palm of his hand and took care of her until she could find a peaceful life.

 He made her cum so much in s*x that she couldn’t think of anything else, and from the bottom of her heart, Hayate realized that she was no match for him in mind or body.

* * *

 ”I know it’s a little late for that, but… you could have used a worse method to get him to do what you wanted. Even now, you can do a lot of things with the lewd crest you’ve carved, but you don’t”

 ”Oh, maybe I just don’t feel like it since I’ve just done it once, right?”

 ”Can’t you force me to do something other than being naughty? Don’t get cocky with me! I can feel how big Onii-san pockets are when he doesn’t say that.”

 The smile on Hayate’s face was somewhat irritating, and Shinji reached out with both hands and grabbed her breasts from behind, pulling her body closer and squeezing them.

 ”Nnh… ♡ Onii-san, you’re such a pervert, you know… ♡”


 Perhaps because she’s declared her resignation, Hayate doesn’t resist but surrenders herself to Shinji’s s*xual harassment. With a strange feeling of defeat, Hayate rested her back against Shinji’s chest plate as he continued to rub her soft breasts.

 ”So… Nnn♡ What are you going to do to me now…? You can’t just put on a lewd crest and be done with it, right…?”


 ”Eh? Is that the end?”

 Shinji affirmed in silence, causing Hayate to blink her eyes. Shinji’s plan was to use the lewd crest to stop Hayate from complaining when she got angry and to keep her from talking about the lewd crest also her relationship with the goddess, so that Hayate could go back to her normal life. Then, once she falls in love with Haruto, he hopes to use her corrupted body to enjoy cuckolding, basically, he had no intention of getting involved anymore.

 ”Well… if you want to stop become an Apostle, you don’t need to get involved. I was just going to use the lewd crest to keep you mouth shut about anything related to the goddess”

 Although he blurted out his cuckold hobby, Hayate was not happy. With that frustrated look on her face, Hayate pulled her hips tighter against Shinji’s, and his semi-erect p*nis pressed against her hips. Shinji’s hand involuntarily stopped squeezing her breast.

 ”Did you mean to teach me such a nice thing and leave me alone?”

 ”I thought you don’t want to get involved with someone you don’t like”

 ”Nnn~… But I’ve grown to like s*x with Onii-san ♡ because it felt so good ♡”

 Sensing Shinji’s desire to distance himself from her, Hayate deliberately said something that would distract him from his intentions. No doubt she means it, but her purpose is to see Shinji’s reaction. As an incubus, Shinji should be happy with his success in capturing the woman, but as a scheming man, he feels disappointed that things didn’t go as planned, but he decides to end the conversation without letting Hayate talk him into it.

 [Anyway, Hayate should just concentrate on working at the store from now on. If there’s anything you need, you can send me a thought through the lewd crest. Like this]

 ”Hyaa! I hear Onii-san’s words in my head! I can do this, too!?”

 Hayate exclaimed excitedly, though she was surprised at the thought that Shinji had sent. After a brief lecture by Shinji, Hayate is able to exchange thoughts with Shinji.

 [This is so convenient! I don’t need a cell phone! Why can’t everyone use it?]

 [Carving a lewd crest is a criminal act, so don’t tell anyone]

 [Yesss. Oh, so that’s an order]

 Hayate knew firsthand what would happen if she was ordered to do something, as she tried to say it but could not move her mouth. Shinji doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “cell phone” either, but he continues to send his thoughts without touching it.

 [If there’s something wrong, send me a thought and I’ll deal with it, but I won’t respond to anything worthless, so be prepared for that]


 Looking at Shinji, who didn’t join the conversation, Hayate could see the boring feeling in his eyes, but she pretended not to notice. This was no fun for Hayate. If Shinji is going to leave her alone as he planned, it means that they can’t have s*x for a while. She wonders if there’s any excuse to keep Shinji around, and finds an answer.

 [Hey, Onii-san. Don’t you want to know more about myother worldworld(my world)?]


 These words were attractive enough to stop Shinji from getting out of the bath.

 [Yes. Our world didn’t have magic. But we had a lot of technology and it was useful. Wouldn’t it be interesting if it could be recreated with magic from this world?]

 [That sounds interesting…]

 Shinji’s expression suddenly changed, and he looked at Hayate with a curious look. His arm wrapped around Hayate’s back, and they stared at each other at close range.

 ”If so, Onii-san. I’m looking forward to seeing you again ♡”

 ”…I will, huh. Really, Hayate’s so naughty”

 Shinji couldn’t help but chuckle at Hayate, who had taken the trouble to jump into Shinji’s arms. Shinji realized that the reason why Hayate wanted to keep the relationship with Shinji was for Sexpleasure.

 ”Nnh… ♡ Onii-san, it’s your fault… ♡ You’re responsible for teaching me this… ♡ Ah ♡ Hyan ♡”

 ”Oh, I’ll take full responsibility and make you feel good”

 Shinji’s hands began to crawl all over Hayate’s body. He caressed Hayate again while they were still in the bathtub, and her sweet voice echoed in the bathroom.

 This is how the relationship between Shinji and Hayate continues, contrary to the original plan. At this point, no one knows if this is just for the sake of pleasure or because Hayate may have special feelings for him.

 What is known is that there is no one in particular in Hayate’s heart now, whose body has been corrupted.

 ”Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Onii-san ♡ Nnn ♡ Onii-san ♡ It’s good ♡ More ♡”

 All that matters is that Hayate is completely hooked on s*x with Shinji.

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 It doesn’t go according to Shinji’s plan… I can’t believe he’s so enlightened… Yeah! (Hayate-chan seems to be able to pull Shinji-kun along for the time being with stories about other worlds. It’s an exchange of knowledge and pleasure).

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