Wizard 348

Chapter 348 Engagement Talk with Christina

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 <Running Wolves> are successfully conquering the <Akuma no SokutsuDemon’s-Den>. Although a single adventure exhaust them, no one is seriously injured. This is because <Running Wolves>’ method is to take a rest day after every adventure to avoid fatigue, and to proceed steadily without rushing.

 In addition, since the magic stone of the akumademon is larger than the previous ones, the purchase price at the Adventurer’s Guild is quite high. As a result, the party’s joint savings, which had been depleted by preparations to become honorary knights and to start the Wolves’ family, were gradually returning.

 About a week has passed, with repeated adventures and rest. That day was the rest day of <Running Wolves>, and it was also the day when Alvin and Milis were invited to the Beltz house.

 If it was just to meet Christina, there would be no need to be nervous anymore, but today it was an invitation from Noah, Christina’s father. As the Wolf family was indebted to the head of the Beltz family, there was no option to refuse the invitation.

 That’s why Alvin and Milis were dressed in tuxedos and dresses, respectively, and rode in a carriage with the Wolf family crest painted on it, driven by Homac.

 ”Hello, WolfSir KyouWolf. It’s been a long time since the unveiling party”

 ”It’s been a long time, Count Beltz. Thank you for the invitation”

 ”Thank you”

 At Noah’s urging, Alvin and Milis take their seats in the reception room. Unlike their previous visit, the tables, chairs and other furniture have been rearranged for dining, and the tables are covered with tablecloths.

 ”Chris will be here soon. I’m sorry, can you wait a moment?”

 ”Yes, of course”

 ”Thank you. You feel better now? It must be hard to start a household”

 While Noah and Alvin chatted idly, the Beltz maids arranged the polished glasses, knives, forks, and plates. In the midst of all this, a discreet knock sounded.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting. This is Christina”

 ”Come in”

 Christina entered the room and bowed gracefully to Alvin and Milis with a big smile on her face.

 ”Welcome, WolfSir KyouWolf and WolfMadame FujinWolf

 The way Christina conducted herself as a well-behaved young lady was beyond reproach. The other two, Alvin and Milis, returned the bow. Although normally they would not have greeted her in such a formal manner, today Noah, the head of the Beltz family, was present. Since Christina is not yet officially engaged, she must not neglect the courtesies of the nobility without permission.

 Not that Noah would mind, of course.

 ”Let’s not get too formal today, shall we? WolfSir KyouWolf… Alvin, don’t you think it would be better?”

 ”Oh, yes. Thank you!”

 ”Thank you, Otou-samaFather”

 Noah, the highest-ranking person in the place, put on a casual air, and Alvin, Milis and Christina followed suit. Thus, the dinner party at the Beltz house began peacefully.

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 The Beltz family’s meal was delicious, and Alvin and Milis even devoured the after-dinner dessert. Although their taste buds had begun to grow thanks to Uthman, who had been hired by the family, the meal was even better than the one he had prepared.

 (I suppose that’s how particular they are about their food. We could increase our food budget a little more… no, we have to control unnecessary expenses…)

 Looking upward, Alvin suppresses his own desires. Unaware that Alvin is in such conflict, Noah talks to Alvin while sipping coffee after dinner.

 ”Speaking of which, Alvin. I still haven’t thanked you for dancing with Chris at the unveiling party. Thank you”

 ”Yes! Chris-san has been really good to me… so it’s only natural”

 Noah’s words caused Alvin to choke up as he realized that the main question of the day had arrived. Despite his attempts to remain calm, he is still unsettled. Milis, who sits next to Alvin, continues to watch Noah and Alvin’s conversation with a tense look on her face.

 ”I hope you understand the meaning of dancing”

 ”Otou-samaFather, I’ll talk about it…”

 Noah wants to at least make Christina’s engagement official, now that she’s been publicly seen dancing at a party at the royal castle. Since Christina also wanted to talk to Noah and ask him for the engagement after getting Alvin’s consent, she tried to stop him as soon as she could.

 ”Chris, please don’t stop it. Of course I knew what the dance meant. Both Mil and I thought that we could get along well with Chris. And of course, we didn’t want to embarrass our benefactor”


 Alvin, who had won Christina over, said something he hadn’t said before. He has yet to come to terms with his s*xuality. However, Alvin has finally made up his mind that he can no longer ignore Christina’s serious intentions. After many discussions with Milis, he came to a conclusion.

 ”Noah-san. Please let me get engaged to Chris! I’ll do my best to make Milis and Christina happy together!”

 Looking Noah in the eye, Alvin quips. Silence reigns in the parlor, and all the servants gasp. Christina is filled with joy to finally hear Alvin say that he wants to marry her.

 ”…Chris, are you sure you want to do this?”

 ”…Yes. I want to be with Al-sama”

 Noah and Christina, father and daughter, look at each other. Noah smiled with a hint of sadness as he sensed once again that his daughter was serious.

 ”All right. Alvin, take care of my daughter”


 ”Thank you! Otou-samaFather!”

 Christina jumped for joy at her father’s permission. Still thinking there was one more person left to thank, she looked at Milis.

 ”Mil-san, thank you… for accepting me”

 ”Chris-san…. Yes, let’s support Al-kun together from now on”

 ”Of course”

 Milis also congratulated Christina with a smile. With everyone’s approval, Christina’s heart was filled with happiness.

 ”We’ll have the official papers ready soon”

 ”Yes. We need to register our engagement with the government, right?”

 Maybe that had something to do with it. Christina was so distracted by Noah and Alvin’s conversation that she didn’t notice Milis’ deeper smile as she pondered.

 (Chris-san, s*x with Shinji-san is amazing… ♡ For Al-kun, Chris-san, too… ♡)

 No one here realizes that Milis is sending her thoughts to Shinji because of Alvin’s s*xuality.

 Finally, engaged to Christina.

 Milis-chan is very fond of Al-kun, so she is trying to satisfy her s*xuality by making Christina-chan Shinji’s handmaiden. How kind!

 Let’s move on with the story.

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