Wizard 349

Chapter 349 Check Christina’s Results

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 After the dinner with Alvin and the others, Christina was at the peak of her happiness when she saw them off. Her whole body is filled with joy as she strives to be a well-behaved noblewoman, and she even hums an unladylike tune.

 (Finally, engaged to Al-sama…♡)

 It’s no wonder that Christina is so enthusiastic about polishing herself after taking a bath. The maids were also pleased with Christina’s engagement, and they polished her body with smiles and giggles.

 ”Congratulations, Miss”

 ”Thank you. I’m really happy”

 The engagement period is at least six months. It’s still a long way to go before they become husband and wife and entrust their bodies to each other, but Christina wants him to see her at her most beautiful.

 So, Christina falls asleep in a happy mood. Unaware of the succubus dream awaiting her ahead….

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 Christina suddenly regains consciousness. However, from the way her body moved by itself and the sight of the house she had never seen before, she understood that she was dreaming. If it were not a dream, it would be impossible for her to wear a maid’s uniform and clean the house.

 (It’s a weird dream… Hyaa!?)

 Christina, who did not know why she was dreaming like this, was startled by a sudden pat on her ass and tried to scream in surprise. However, her body moved in a different way than she expected.

 ”Master, please don’t… ♡ Ah ♡ I’m still cleaning… ♡”

 As expected, she didn’t try to escape from his hands, but did as she was supposed to. Her body reacted to the sensation of being stroked and her womb tingled.

 (What is this feeling…? Nnn, my body can’t move and it feels so good…)

 Christina feels as if her body is not her own a body that starts to get wet immediately. With no control over her body, all she can do is endure.

 In this succubus dream, Christina’s body is being controlled by Freri, and her consciousness is the only thing that is clear.

 ”Chris looks like she wants it”

 ”Because…♡ when Master touches me, I get wet immediately…♡”

 Christina’s head moves and she looks back. The person she was looking at was Shinji. Naturally, it was Shinji’s hands that were caressing her ass without restraint. This caused Christina to become even more confused.

 (W-why is this guy… ? why isn’t Al-sama…? W-why am I having this dream…? Ah ♡)

 For Christina, Shinji is just a companion of someone she loves. If Christina is so excited about her engagement that she’s having naughty dreams, why shouldn’t it be Alvin, she wonders. While she was puzzled, Shinji’s finger touched Christina’s sensitive spot through her wet underwear. This is enough to send a numbing sensation through Christina’s body, and her heart writhes in agony.

 [Christina has become more sensitive. Thanks to the dreams Eve and Clara have been giving to her]

 [It seems so. She’s soaking wet in no time]

 Shinji laughed as he made nasty squirting sounds with his fingertips. This time, Shinji is also in Freri’s succubus dream, and he comes to check how Christina is doing. The way he handles Christina is that of a man who has made many women squeal, and the intense pleasure that her sensitive body feels keeps Christina at her mercy.

 (Hyah, even though I don’t want to, it feels so good…♡ It feels even better than when I do it myself…♡ It’s amazing…♡ Why is it like this…♡)

 To relieve her increased s*xual desire, Christina secretly masturbates and tries to endure the strongest pleasure she’s ever felt.

 ”Ah ♡ Master’s fingers… ♡ It feels so good ♡ Master, please touch me more ♡ Aah ♡”

 Despite this, Christina’s mouth is filled with lewd words. Christina’s mind starts to feel as if she actually wants this pleasure. Still, she tries to keep herself from drowning in pleasure.

 [As I thought, a girl who has someone in her heart is tough to beat]

 [I’m just checking in today. If she feels this good, it’s almost time]

 In spite of Christina’s strong will, Shinji and Freri exchange thoughts in a relaxed manner.

 Then, grasping the wooden frame of the window, Shinji pulls Christina’s pants down to the side and inserts his middle and index fingers into her vagina. The pleasure of the two stubby fingers pawing around inside her vagina brought Christina to climax.

 (Hiii ♡ Ah ♡ His ♡ His fingers ♡ Are inside me ♡ It’s stirring inside me ♡ Ah, don’t ♡ Don’t do it to that place ♡)

 A pleasure that can’t be compared to how she masturbates herself. She felt as if her clitoris was being tweaked.

 ”Master ♡ Master ♡ My clitoris ♡ Don’t do my clitoris ♡ Oh, oh, oh, I’m cumming ♡ I’m cumming ♡”

 Shinji’s fingers made Christina’s body tremble. Her mind goes blank as she savors the sensation of climax, something she’s never experienced before, and she thinks vaguely.

 (Now, the part that feels good… is called clitoris… ♡)

 For a brief moment, Christina’s thoughts were drenched in pleasure. However, she immediately thinks back to Alvin’s face and is tormented by self-loathing.

 (Al-sama…I’m sorry. I had this dream with someone who wasn’t Al-sama…♡)

 Her gloomy thoughts were almost blown away by the sweet stimulation she felt again. It was because Shinji’s fingers started to stimulate her sensitive vagina again after her climax. However, the tingling in her womb somehow intensified despite the pleasant sensation. It was as if her body knew it would feel even better.

 ”Master… ♡ Please ♡ Please give me your cock… ♡ Oh, I can’t take it with just my fingers… ♡”

 And that was the answer that came out of her mouth. But it’s something Christina can’t accept. Shinji understands this, and decides that forcing the matter any further might wake her from her dream, so he just moves his fingers.

 ”Not today. Just my fingers”

 ”No way ♡ Ah, Nnn ♡ Master ♡”

 (I-I’m glad ♡ Haa~ ♡ Ah ♡ No…♡)

 While Christina was relieved that she was able to avoid the insertion, she continued to endure the pleasure. Christina was forced to learn to cum over and over again until she woke up from this dream.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Haa~, haa~, haa~…”

 Christina woke up sweating profusely. Unlike before, she remembered the contents of her dream.

 ”Haa~… such a dream…”

 She has no idea why she dreamt that she was touched by a man other than Alvin, or if she even remembers it clearly. Only guilt and self-loathing for Alvin enveloped Christina.


 Thinking of Alvin’s face as her fiancé, Christina touches the clitoris she knew from her dream. She was wet from the dream, which was convenient for her to start masturbating.

 ”Al-sama… Al-sama… I’m sorry… it’s Al-sama I love…♡”

 In order to overwrite the dream, Christina masturbates while thinking about Alvin. However, she can’t get the same pleasure as Shinji’s manhandling that she experienced in her dream.

 Still, Christina continues to masturbate to forget her dream.

 It’s time to check her out before touching her.

 Christina seems to be doing well.

 On with the story.

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