Wizard 350

Chapter 350 Report to the Goddess

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 After showing Christina a succubus dream to check how well she is doing, Shinji realizes that the only time she can be alone for a long time is when she goes to bed. He wants to teleport to her bedroom, but Shinji, who has never been in Christina’s room before, is unable to do so, so he waits for an opportunity.

 It’s been a few days since the last time they met.

 No good opportunity has come yet. In the meantime, the Goddess, who had arranged an appointment about Hayate and Shizuku, came first.

 So, Shinji goes to the temple in the <Medio> town, and asks Flair to teleport him to the Miko room. As before, Yoriko and Miko Arian were waiting for Shinji in the white-colored shrine room.

 ”Megami-samaGoddess, I’m sorry to keep you waiting”

 Shinji immediately sensed Goddess Arian’s presence within Yoriko, and kneeled down on one knee in a posture of respect.

 ”No problem. It’s just that I’m here earlier than I promised. Now, report quickly”


* * *

 Shinji stood up with the permission of the Goddess.

 ”Both Apostle Hayate and Apostle Shizuku, whom the Goddess has entrusted me to educate, have decided to go their separate ways. Apostle Hayate, unfit for conflict, resigned as an apostle and became a civilian. She has agreed to give birth to a child in the future and pass it on to the next generation”

 ”Sylphy, is that correct?”

 Goddess Arian, who had been listening to Shinji’s report, spoke up, and out of nowhere Sylphy appeared behind him, bowing reverently.

 ”Yes. As reported by the apostle Shinji”


 Spirits never lie to the Goddess. And to Sylphy’s reply, Goddess Arian nodded in satisfaction and urged Shinji to continue.

 ”Apostle Shizuku has changed her mind and has decided to fight as an Apostle. With Eve as her partner, she is training to improve her abilities. From now on, she will obey the oracle”


 Marie appeared next to Sylphyi and bowed as reverently like Sylphy do.

 ”Yes~ There is no doubt~”

 Goddess Arian nodded at Marie’s report as well.

 ”Based on the above, I have determined that both of them have crossed the minimum line. With this report, I would like to return back the right of supervision”

 Shinji finished his report proudly, saying that he had done what he had to do. Even if it was just a trivial matter of forcing a yuri couple to part peacefully and go their separate ways, it must have been a task from the Goddess, and Shinji thought he had done the best he could.

 Goddess Arian, who is able to read other people’s minds, understood that Shinji was fully devoted to his work without compromise, and she couldn’t help smiling. Apostles who are sincere even in small jobs are very useful. With this, Goddess Arian made up her mind what to do with the reward for Shinji that she had been thinking about.

 ”First of all, thank you for your hard work in supervising Apostle Hayate and Apostle Shizuku. I have no objection to Apostle Shinji’s decision. I will accept the supervision of both Apostle Hayate and Apostle Shizuku from Apostle Shinji. Please give me the bell”

 ”I’m returning it”

 Shinji returns the golden and silver call bells to Goddess Arian. At the same time, Shinji breathed a sigh of relief inwardly. Even though he was confident, everyone is nervous until they are evaluated.

 ”The report was satisfactory. Apostle Shinji, you did a great job”

 ”Thank you very much…!”

 Shinji bowed before Goddess Arian’s smile. Suddenly, the heavy atmosphere that Goddess Arian had been giving off disappeared. After receiving the report and informing the results, Goddess Arian called out to Flair as if the work talk was over.

 ”The business is over. Let’s have tea and talk about the rest. Flair, Sylphy, Marie, get ready”

 Flair and the others quickly set up the table, chairs, and tea set in order. At the goddess’s invitation, Shinji had no choice but to give up and sit with her. Miko Arian, who had been watching silently, was also invited by Goddess Arian and chose to sit next to Shinji.

 Goddess Arian smiled and resumed her conversation in a good mood amidst the aroma of Flair’s brewing tea.

 ”Well, Apostle Shinji, thank you once again for all your hard work this time. I’m also glad that I didn’t have to dispose of the apostles who came to this world”

 ”This is my job…. Thank you for your satisfaction”

 Goddess Arian wasn’t the only one who was no longer in work mode. Shinji, too, had lost his formal atmosphere. Even so, he remained respectful of the Goddess, and his speech remained polite.

* * *

 ”Yes. And so, I have decided to reward the Apostle Shinji. I’ll give you the magic to cross the world whatever you want”


 ”Danna-sama… that’s good, isn’t it…!”


 Shinji’s eyes widened at Goddess Arian’s words. Shinji’s hands trembled with the joy of finally getting the magic he wanted. Miko Arian was also smiling with joy as if it were her personal matter.

 In the midst of all this, Goddess Arian, unusually for her, cleared her throat in a very awkward manner.

 ”It is a high-ranking magic. For that reason, it must be taught directly to the Apostle Shinji. That means we have to perform a magic ritual. I know I’m not supposed to do this with my daughter’s husband but it’s necessary”

 Goddess Arian spoke in a calm tone of voice because it was important. It was painful to think of her daughter Miko Arian’s feelings, but there was no other way.

 (If the world where the apostle Shinji can come and go is limited to the world where his parents live, a tool that contains magic would have been enough… but if I want the apostle Shinji to work in other worlds, he has to learn magic that allows him to come and go freely…)

 Unlike the apostles who were reincarnated from other worlds, Shinji has a firm respect for Goddess Arian. And he does his work diligently. Goddess Arian thought that a deep-rooted apostle like Shinji was valuable.

 (It’s a good thing Yoriko is here. Otherwise, I would have had to use my daughter’s body)

 Yoriko’s presence is also significant. Goddess Arian probably didn’t want to use her daughter’s body to do it with her beloved’a daughter.

 ”However, it will take some time to prepare. Probably an hour or so. I’ll call you when I’m ready”

 ” I understand. Thank you very much, Goddess”

 Shinji, on the other hand, bowed his head, unable to hide his shock at the sudden turn of events. As Goddess Arian shifted and disappeared, silence prevailed among the Miko.

 Reporting Hayate-chan and Shizuku-chan to the Goddess.

 Their supervision is now complete.

 And finally, the Goddess teaches Shinji-kun the magic to cross the world. Shinji’s goal has been achieved!

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