Wizard 351

Chapter 351 Preparing a Magic Rituals with Goddesses

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 After regaining his composure, Shinji drank the tea that Flair had prepared and tried not to think about the magic ritual with the Goddess. To be honest, he felt the Goddess Arian was beyond his control, and there was no way he could take this opportunity to do something about it.

 (I have to listen to Goddess Arian and play it safe… I have to avoid any displeasure)

 Even though he was probably one of the most privileged among the apostles, his cautiousness was one of his virtues, allowing him to remind himself instead of getting carried away by it.

 ”If it’s Danna-sama, I’m not worried about your bad manners…”

 ”Don’t worry, Arian, I understand about your concern. Thank you for worrying, I just need to learn the magic. Thank you for reminding it”

 ”Danna-sama… No problem ♡”

 Because she has been serving the Goddess Arian as a priestess, Miko Arian knows her nature very well. Sex is only a means to teach magic, not to permit disrespect.

 Shinji expressed his gratitude to Miko Arian for her understanding, and her cheeks reddened with the joy of being understood.

* * *

 ”If you get tired, I’ll heal you… ♡”

 ”That might be a good idea…”

 Shinji, who had realized that this would be a tense act, continued to talk while thinking that it might be good to receive Miko Arian’s sweet service.

 On the other hand, the three girls, Flair, Sylphy, and Marie, who have been keeping silent, are exchanging thoughts in a state where only the three of them can hear.

 [Sylphy, Marie, do you know if Arian-sama has ever performed a magic ritual before? I do not recall any~noja…]

 [I don’t remember either]

 [Neither do I~]

 No one knew whether or not Goddess Arian had ever performed a magic ritual. And it makes them feel a bit uneasy.

 [Umu~, maybe Goddess Arian has never done this before~noja]

 [Isn’t it wonderful that the first encounter is with Shinji-san’s big thing~?]

 [You’re disrespectful, Marie. Goddesses only perform magic rituals, so Shinji-san’s size is irrelevant]

 The serious Sylphy corrected Marie. However, Sylphy’s cheeks are a little red as Marie’s words remind her of Shinji’s gem.

 [I understand what Marie is saying~noja. The point is, I’m worried about the goddess~noja. Shinji’s s*x is great. But Shinji’s not the type to do whatever he wants with a woman

 [Yes, Marie. Goddesses and Shinji-san are different. Even Shinji-san’s magic doesn’t work on her]

 Flair agreed that Marie’s fears were groundless, and Sylphy agreed with her. Even if Shinji tried to carve a lewd crest with his affinity magic, it would not bind the soul of a goddess. That’s how different God and human beings are in terms of existence.

 [It’s true, but~…]

 However, Marie is still not convinced, but she has no evidence. She thought that she might have overvalued Shinji’s s*x because she was particularly fond of him, and after listening to what they had to say, Marie decided to think that way.

 [Speaking of which, what’s Sylphy’s next move~noja?]

 [I haven’t heard anything yet. I’m hoping for a job where I can contribute a lot to the Goddess…]

 The topic of conversation shifted to something trivial, such as how Sylphy will be in the future.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 About an hour later, Shinji finally received a thought from Goddess Arian.

 [Apostle Shinji. Preparation is finished. I will Callsummon you now. Is that clear?]

 [Yes. May I have a word with Arian?]

 [No problem]

 While Miko Arian was talking, Shinji told her that he had received a thought from Goddess Arian.

 ”Goddess said it’s ready. I’m off”

 ”Yes…. See you later, Danna-sama…”

 Shinji nods back to Miko Arian, and the thoughts are exchanged again.

 [Anytime please]

 [I’ll do it now]

 With Miko Arian and the spirits watching him, Shinji is enveloped in the glow of the teleportation magic. As his vision opens, he is standing in a white room that resembles a Miko’s chamber.

 However, the resemblance was only in the atmosphere, and the room was filled with the divine presence of Goddess Arian… something Shinji did not feel comfortable in. He felt pressured by it.

 In the center of the room is a large bed with a canopy and a large magic circle under the bed. In front of the bed, Goddess Arian, who had borrowed Yoriko’s body, was waiting for her.

 ”Welcome, Apostle Shinji, this is the first time I’ve invited an Apostle here, but welcome”

 ”I am honored, Goddess”

 Goddess Arian couldn’t help but chuckle as Shinji immediately dropped to one knee on the spot. It’s all very well to be polite, but there’s no point in talking if he’s afraid every time.

* * *

 ”Apostle Shinji, we’re performing a magic ritual so I’ll tolerate a little. Come here quickly”

 ”I understood”

 With Her permission, Shinji walked up to Goddess Arian. The two stared at each other, but Shinji did not move. As he ponders what to do next, Goddess Arian speaks up.

 ”Before we begin the magic ritual I need an explanation. The magic that will be bestowed upon Apostle Shinji to cross the world is called <SekaimonWorld-Gate>”

 Shinji is silent and listens intently.

 ”In order to give it to you, I’ve set a restriction that the place you will be crossing over to will be a place where my power is strong, such as a temple. Otherwise, the magic power required would be too great to use. Even with this oath, I’m sure Apostle Shinji’s kakushihidden damagem will be just enough”

 At Goddess Arian’s words, Shinji understood that this was a reward for having seen through everything. Considering the fact that he would have to struggle with uncontrollable or unusable spells, he was quite grateful to have them adjusted for him to use.

 ”Thank you very much…!”

 ”I look forward to your future work, Apostle Shinji”

 Goddess Arian smiled at Shinji’s heartfelt thanks. Then, guessing from Goddess Arian’s words that the work included going to a different world, Shinji nodded nervously. Shinji is worried that he is being given an excessively good reputation by sending him all the way to another world.

 ”As long as it’s something I can solve with my own power”

 ”I also don’t want to lose a trustworthy apostle. I’m just talking about the possibility. …Well, now that I give my consent… shall we begin?”

 After muttering this, Goddess Arian put her hands on her clothes. As she did so, the sound of the cloth rubbing against her skin was heard, and before Shinji’s eyes, Yoriko’s body was exposed… a body with very large breasts that made men lust for her.

 ”Take off your clothes too, Apostle Shinji”


 While suppressing the desire to stare at her breasts, Shinji undressed as calmly as possible. Shinji and Goddess Arian, now completely naked, faced each other without hiding their bodies. Before Yoriko’s body, Shinji’s thing was already half erect.

 (He’s looking at me so hard…)

 Goddess Arian is staring at Shinji’s thing, but she hears Shinji’s voice in her mind and raises her gaze. However, her eyes keep glancing at his thing. In response to her reaction, Shinji couldn’t help but have a disrespectful thought.

 (Goddess… no experience…?).

 But it was too late. Goddess Arian is already listening to Shinji’s mind.

 ”T-there’s no such thing. Apostle Shinji, lie down quickly…”

 ”Pardon me! I understand!”

 Relieved that he wasn’t offended Her, Shinji did as he was told and lay on his back on the canopy bed. His erect thing stood out even more.

 (In reality, when I see it in front of my eyes… it’s different…. This is Apostle Shinji’s gem that has corrupted Flair and many other women…)

 Goddess Arian’s eyes are once again on Shinji’s thing…. For the time being, Shinji has decided to be completely silent and wait for Goddess Arian’s action.

 Even though he was used to seeing spirits and girls having s*x, and even though he had all kinds of s*xual knowledge, he still had to wait…. After all, this was his first time to perform a s*xual act with Goddess Arian.

 The Goddess, no s*xual experience. Or rather, She had been too busy to even experience love. In the first place, She doesn’t have a partner of the same rank (God), so she can’t experience it.

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