Wizard 352

Chapter 352 The Goddess and the Magic Ritual, Above

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 Goddess Arian. She’s known to the world as the Goddess Mother of All. She controls several other worlds in addition to this one where Shinji and his friends live. As befits a <God>, she places the highest priority on the stability of the world.

 One of her few amusements during her busy schedule is to check on her men from time to time. Those under her command do not know or realize that the Goddess is watching them, and Goddess Arian has not told them. As a goddess, she can even see scenes from the past.

 In other words, Goddess Arian knows and even sees that Shinji is having s*x with spirits. Therefore, she has seen Shinji’s things. However, like the difference between looking at something through a screen and seeing it in person, Goddess Arian was taken aback by the muscularity and lewdness of Shinji’s genital when she actually saw it.

 (…Let’s get back on track. Just do what I know how to do)

 After a few moments of staring at Shinji’s erect p*nis as he lay on his back on the bed, Goddess Arian regained her composure and climbed up on the bed, approaching Shinji.

 [Concentrate… Concentrate… Concentrate…]

 During this time, Shinji kept his eyes closed and worked hard to increase his magical power, and even when Goddess Arian heard his mind, she did not hear any distractions.

 (Looks like he’s being considerate…)

 Shinji, who must have sensed Goddess Arian’s lack of s*xual experience, is passive at all costs, which is a sign that he knows his place and that this is a magic ritual, not s*x. In fact, there is some fear involved, but Shinji’s fundamental respect for the goddess is intact.

 (He’s a good apostle…. That’s why I decided to give him the magic of the <World Gate>)

 Even with great power, Shinji will not go against the Goddess and ravage the very foundations of the world. Goddess Arian believes that as long as he has fear and respect for the Goddess, he can be trusted.

 (Just rewarding the devout apostle… let’s get started)

 With the steps of a magical ritual in mind, she opens her mouth.

 ”Let’s begin… shall we? Apostle Shinji”


 With that, Goddess Arian puts her face to Shinji’s p*nis. Without insertion, the magic ritual cannot be performed. And for that reason, she begins to lick his p*nis first. She puts her lips on his glans and tries to make it slippery with a lot of saliva.

 ”Chuu… nn, nmuu, nn… nn”

 Thanks to the knowledge of how to do it in her mind, her tongue was awkward at first, but it gradually became smooth. Goddess Arian squinted at the quivering p*nis in her mouth, and when she touched her own private parts to prepare for the connection, she noticed that her love juices were beginning to drip thickly.

 (It’s already wet…. Is it possible that Yoriko’s body is easy to feel?)

 When Goddess Arian was about to pull her mouth away, she thought that she could connect with him sooner.

 [It feels good]

 Shinji’s voice was transmitted to Goddess Arian, and the voice strangely resonated in her mind. And it made Goddess Arian’s mouth stop moving, and she slowly ran her tongue down the back of his cock.

 ”Ugh… gh”

 Shinji’s mouth made a moan of pleasure. His reaction made Goddess Arian feel happy, and she wanted to see more of it.

 (Is this woman’s pleasure….? Fufu, Apostle Shinji. I must reward you for your devoutness… ♡)

 With that thought, Goddess Arian boldly moves her tongue and uses Yoriko’s long tongue to lick the glans. The licking of the sensitive glans causes the precum to overflow as if it were natural. Then, as Yoriko’s fallen body finds Shinji’s pre-cum to be the key to her estrus, the body began to heat up and Goddess Arian also began to be aroused.

 Shinji realizes that what was supposed to be a prelude to a magic ritual is becoming a mere blowjob. It was not good, and he couldn’t help but speak up.

 ”Ah…Goddess, I think that’s enough…”

 [Her blowjob, feels good…]

 But Goddess Arian can hear Shinji’s voice in her mind. So, Goddess Arian took Shinji’s words as a reservation. Then with Goddess Arian’s humble attitude that was not influenced by pleasure, Shinji’s status rose even higher in Goddess Arian’s mind.


 it’s okay, Apostle Shinji… this is your reward♡ Surrender yourself to the pleasure…♡ Chuu♡”

 Goddess Arian’s face was full of affection as she smiled and rubbed Shinji’s p*nis, giving Shinji a maternal feeling worthy of being called Miko Arian’s mother. And then, she sucked on his p*nis again.

 ”Kuhh…Ah, Goddess…”

 [I-I’m melting…]

 Goddess Arian used all of her knowledge of s*xual techniques to torment Shinji’s p*nis. Her bulging lips sucked and her tongue crawled over the sensitive spot.

 *Suck♡* *Suck♡* *Suck♡* *Suck♡*

 The sound of the water was so loud that Shinji’s ears couldn’t believe it was her first blowjob. The pleasure given by this technique, which is as good as Freri’s, causes Shinji to open his eyelids, which had been closed for a long time.

 And then his eyes met Goddess Arian’s, who was dwelling in Yoriko’s body with the face of a woman. The immoral feeling of having turned a Goddess into a woman ran through Shinji’s whole body, and brought him to the limit of his endurance.

 ”I’m sorry… I’m going to ejaculate…”

 ”Nmuu, nnn… nn…♡ Nnnh.. nnn…♡”


 He ejaculated vigorously, spraying a lot of semen into her mouth. Though Goddess Arian was startled by the force of it, her body was happy and her eyes drooped at the rich male scent.

 [Ugh… even though I shouldn’t, it feels so good…]

 Coincidentally, Shinji’s inner voice was the same as Goddess Arian’s. The guilt and immorality of spewing semen into a Goddess’s mouth kept Shinji aroused. On the other hand, Goddess Arian had discovered the pleasure of a woman squeezing a man’s semen. Although a Goddess should never be tainted by lust.

 *Gulp* ♡, still Goddess Arian gulps down all the semen. On top of that, she gives him a thorough clean-up blowjob, and Shinji bends over in pleasure as she licks the semen off his p*nis.

 [It, it feels too good… it’s so good…]

 The euphoric voice of Shinji’s mind made Goddess Arian feel the greatest pleasure and joy. The sight of the devout apostle rejoicing from the bottom of his heart filled the goddess’ heart as well.

 ”Haa…♡ Fufu, you got a lot, didn’t you?”

 ”I’m sorry… I couldn’t hold it in…”

 ”That’s okay. This is your reward…♡”

 Shinji looked away from the smiling Goddess Arian. If he didn’t, he’d end up being even more disrespectful. But he can no longer afford to cover up his inner voice.

 [I want to hold her… I want to have s*x with her…]

 Even so, Shinji continues to lie down without attacking Her. His steel mind, forged by Freri, was still intact.

 (Ah… good, Apostle Shinji… ♡)

 His attitude of being a devout apostle makes Goddess Arian’s body tingle. Her desire to complete the magic ritual in a casual manner had already disappeared from Goddess Arian’s mind.

 Finally, Goddess Arian straddled Shinji’s waist, swaying her large breasts. As his glans made contact with her pussy, which was dripping with her love juices, it made a sizzling sound.

 ”Now, let’s begin… ♡”

 Her sweet voice echoes in the room.

 Goddess time!

 Goddess wakes up as a woman…!

 To be continued next time.

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