Wizard 353

Chapter 353 The Goddess and the Magic Ritual, Middle

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 Goddess Arian’s face as she straddles Shinji, is flushed with excitement, making her look very s*xy and lustful. And every time she shakes her hips, her breasts jiggle, and her genitals make a wet sound as they rub against each other.

 ”Nn…♡ Nnn, ah…♡”

 The way her hips to probe the p*nis into her secret entrance feels so good that it makes the p*nis twitch. After much struggling, the tip of the glans touched her private part… and that was enough to make Goddess Arian’s mouth make a sweet sound. Yoriko’s body, which was already defeated by the cock, greedily writhed as the folds of her vagina tried to entwine with the p*nis, and as she lowered her hips, her vagina smoothly accepted it.

 ”Haaaa…♡ Nn…♡ I did it”

 It was Goddess Arian’s first penetration, but she didn’t feel any pain as her body was already developed. On the contrary, the sensation and presence of the p*nis fitting perfectly in her vagina gave her a strange sense of relief, and even made her smile softly.

 ”Okay… I’ll concentrate my magic…”

 Her gentle and affection smile aroused Shinji’s lust, but he gripped the bed sheet tightly and held back from reaching for her. There was no time to mend his mind, and Goddess Arian would not blame him, so Shinji did not think that she was reading his mind.

 [Beautiful… I want to shake my hips… I want to make her melt…]

 As Shinji tries to suppress his boiling male desire, Goddess Arian sits on top of him with her soft hips and puts her hands on his chest. Then, *squueze* her breasts, which are nothing more than a visual assault, making Shinji wonder if she is testing his reason.

 ”I’ll gather magic power too… ♡ *pant…* woo… ♡ Nnn… nnu… ♡”

 After her declaration, Goddess Arian slowly lifted her hips, and the mere rubbing of his p*nis against her folds sent a thrill of pleasure up her spine. As she lowered her hips again, she felt the pleasure of the p*nis scraping through her vaginal folds, and finally, the strong pleasure of the glans pushing up against the back of her vagina.

 (This is…♡ This is the pleasure of…♡)

 Yoriko’s well-developed body maximized the pleasure given by Shinji’s p*nis and transmitted it to Goddess Arian’s head. With just a single shake of her hips, her mind began to be captivated by the pleasures of s*x, and once more, she began to move gently up and down.

 ”*Pant…♡* *Pant…♡* Nn, nn…♡ Ah, ah…♡ Ah… Nn♡ Fuah… Ah, Fuh…♡”

 *Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch* *Squelch*

 Every time Goddess Arian moved her hips, the sound of water coming out of the joint would come out. Not only her body, but also her mind had started to feel it, and her love juices were flowing endlessly. She shakes her hips from various angles with slow but steady movements, subconsciously searching for the part of her body that feels the best.

 [It feels good… But stop, it’s not good, I must concentrate… focus… but her breasts, so s*xy… stop, concentrate my magic…!]

 The combination of her leaning forward and her increasingly daring movements caused her breasts to sway in front of Shinji’s eyes. His eyes are glued to the swaying breasts.

 (Apostle Shinji really likes breasts…♡)

 Goddess Arian’s heart is not troubled by the lustful look in his eyes, and she even adds a circular motion to sway her hips to show him more. With her soft breasts swaying in every direction, her movements are as good as a skilled prostitute’s, and her tight vagina helps to drive Shinji over the edge.

 ”Goddess, it’s about… time…”

 [I-I have to end this… my reasoning will fall…! Goddess is too s*xy…]

 Shinji sensed the limits of his reason. His p*nis felt so good that it almost melted, and it was understandable that he was visually aroused. Rather, it’s good that he could keep it up until now. And now that Goddess Arian’s magic power has been gathered, all that’s left is to combine it with his ejaculation.

 (How devout he is… until the very end… ♡ Ah, Apostle Shinji… how far will you go to please me? ♡)

 Goddess Arian’s heart beats faster at Shinji’s attempt to finish the matter before he commits disrespect. Even the rude words like “erotic” felt so good that she felt it was a shame to let it end like this.

 Therefore, Goddess Arian decides to forgive him for his disrespect.

 ”I forgive you for everything… ♡ Apostle Shinji ♡ Ejaculate into my vagina ♡ Do as you please ♡ Push me up ♡”

 Goddess Arian stopped her up and down movements and put Shinji’s hands, which were gripping the sheets, on her hips as she pressed her soft buttocks against him. And with the fire of lust in her eyes, her hot breath, and the smile of a woman of debauchery, it had the power to crush Shinji’s reason.


 ”Waah ♡♡♡!”

 Shinji grabbed her hips tightly and thrust up into her vagina from below with all his might. Goddess Arian’s mouth made a very pathetic sound, but Shinji didn’t stop.

 ”Haah ♡ ah ♡ ah ♡ uhn ♡ fwah ♡ this is ♡ aah ♡ hin ♡ so strong ♡ hah ♡ oh ♡ ohh ♡”

 *Smack*, the glans thrusts up into her vagina. Then, Goddess Arian climaxed so quickly that the pleasure she had felt when she was moving herself seemed like child’s play. If Shinji had been rational, he would have ejaculated at the same time, but right now he is only thinking about ejaculating at the most pleasurable time for himself. Therefore, even when Goddess Arian climaxed, he didn’t stop but continued to thrust.

 (Th-This is…♡ Apostle Shinji’s ♡ Sex ♡ This feels so good ♡ I’m being made to cum ♡)

 In a flash, she was shattered and collapsed on top of Shinji. She pressed her large breasts against his chest, grabbed his shoulders, and nestled into his muscular chest, she could only continue to be tossed about by the waves of pleasure.

 *Pound* *Pound* *Pound* *Pound* *Pound*

 Shinji’s hands moved from her hips to her butt, and he grabbed her firm buttocks and thrust even harder for the last spurt.


 ”Nhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♡♡♡”

 He ejaculated inside her vagina while her lowered uterus and glans were kissing. The force of the ejaculation was so great that it brought her, who had been climaxing continuously, to an even deeper climax. The overwhelming euphoria of being filled as a mere woman pierced through Goddess Arian’s head.

 (This is… ♡ the joy of a woman… ♡ the happiness of being filled as a woman… ♡ I never thought it could be this good… ♡)

 Goddess Arian was soaking in the afterglow in Shinji’s arms with an enraptured expression. There was not a trace of the dignity of a guardian of the world in her appearance, but only a woman who was intoxicated by the pleasure of a woman who knew.

 Now, all that was heard was the ragged breathing of Shinji and Goddess Arian between the two goddesses.

 Goddess Arian and Shinji.

 After a lot of agitation, Shinji’s rationality was finally shattered.

 The goddess was made to cum by the real s*x.

 To be continued next time.

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