Wizard 354

Chapter 354 The Goddess and the Magic Ritual, Bottom

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 It was Shinji, who had more experience, who came to his senses first from the aftermath of the climax. He finally realizes that he has done something bad by thrusting so hard against the Goddess and ejaculating into her vagina while making her climax continuously, which is not a magic ritual but a s*x act no matter how he put it.

 (I’ve done it… my will is weak…)

 Shinji’s sense of responsibility is evident in the fact that he doesn’t try to shift the blame to the Goddess being too erotic, but sees it as his own fault. Naturally, Goddess Arian, who had regained her senses after Shinji’s, also heard his heart and smiled at him, regretting his disrespect.

 ”It’s okay, Apostle Shinji. I forgive you… ♡ The ritual has been successful… ♡”

 Goddess Arian, who was still resting her body on Shinji’s chest, shook her hips, rubbed her erect p*nis, and the sweet numbness of pleasure hit Shinji. Yoriko’s body can be called the finest woman, her large breasts, her plump ass, and her vagina wriggling greedily for semen, which made his male instincts cry out for more.

 ”…Then this is the end of the ritual. Thank you for giving me this precious magic…”

 [I’ll spend the rest of the night with Arian]

 But once he had ejaculated, Shinji was extremely calm, and when he was relieved to have the goddess’ permission, he tried to say that he would finish the act to prevent further blunders. But the voice in his heart told him that he would put his inner lust to his future Arianpartner. As a devout apostle, he was right to do so.

 However, his words are interrupted by the pleasure of Goddess Arian’s deliberate tightening of her vagina.

 ”Apostle Shinji, is this enough for you? I’m not enough yet…♡”

 Goddess Arian, who was experiencing female pleasure for the first time, did not lose her excitement even after the aftermath of her climax receded. In fact, the awakening of her inner female desire ignited her s*xual desire. The pleasure of s*x, which she knew for the first time, was so intense for her.

 (I have some more time… ♡ I’ll let him stay with me until the next appointment ♡ Apostle Shinji ♡)

 Goddess Arian is planning to have s*x until the very last minute without breaking her own schedule, and she’s not going to waste any time, so she seduces him directly. Shinji is conflicted and at a loss for words when Goddess Arian tightens her vagina and shakes her ass in a very lewd way.

 [Is it really okay…? I’m dealing with the Goddess…]

 If she wanted to, she could easily eliminate Shinji. Even if she is a good woman, it is natural for her to resist. Therefore, Goddess Arian must give him forgiveness.

 ”There is nothing to be afraid of. I forgive Apostle Shinji’s actions… ♡ On this bed, before we are Goddess and Apostle, we are man and woman… ♡ Chuu…♡”

 Their faces came close to each other and their lips touched. A kiss that had nothing to do with magic rituals. This action finally made Shinji realize that she was sincerely wanting to continue.

 ”Now, if you’ll excuse me…!”

 ”Kya, ahhn…♡♡”

 Shinji’s movements were quick, and he grabbed her ass and raised her up. Goddess Arian lets out a cute scream and grabs Shinji’s shoulders with all her might. For her, it was the first time she had ever clung to a man, but being in his strong arms, she did not feel bad.

 Shinji skillfully laid her down on her back while they were still connected, and then placed his hands on the bed to cover her.

 ”I’ll move…”

 ”Yes…♡ Haa ♡ Ah ♡ Nn ♡ I knew it, it’s good…♡ Fwahn ♡ Ah, ah ♡ Ah, anh ♡”

 Shinji starts to move his hips vigorously. Yoriko’s body felt a strong pleasure in receiving Shinji’s p*nis, and she gave Goddess Arian a strong pleasure in her body. She also subconsciously lowers her hips to the bed in order to get more pleasure, and firmly accepts Shinji’s penetration.

 [It’s too erotic…]

 (Ah…♡ He’s so excited…♡)

 Her voice is so sweet, her face is so happy, and her big breasts are jiggling under his chest. Even though her body belonged to Yoriko, the Goddess’ dignified appearance was more than enough to make Shinji lust after her. Goddess Arian was also filled with the pleasure of being desired as a woman and became more and more absorbed in s*x.

 ”It feels good…♡ Hau ♡ Uu, nn ♡ Ah, ahh ♡ Good…♡ My head ♡ Turned whiteeee ♡”

 Her legs naturally wrapped around Shinji’s waist. And at the same time, Goddess Arian climaxed as the thrusting p*nis pushed deep into her vagina. While she was twitching and shaking, Shinji stopped moving and waited for her to calm down.

 ”Haa…♡ Haa…♡ Aah ♡ Ahn ♡”

 When the strength relaxes from her body and her entangled legs come off Shinji’s waist, he starts to move his hips again. In the face of this pleasure, Goddess Arian couldn’t stop her sweet voice. She was becoming melancholy at the skillful s*x that made her understand the feeling of climax one by one, different from the messy continuous climax.

 ”I’m about to ejaculate…”

 ”Oh ♡ I don’t mind ♡ You can ejaculate…♡ Inside me again ♡ Nkuuuuuuuu ♡♡”

 After making Goddess Arian climax twice more, Shinji’s patience reached its limit. As if she wouldn’t let him ejaculate outside, her legs wrapped around Shinji’s waist and pulled him close with her arms around his back.

 Shinji, too, hugs Yoriko tightly, hoping to imprint his presence on Goddess Arian. The ejaculation while pushing his p*nis deep into her vagina gave Goddess Arian a deep and profound climax and a feeling of euphoria as they held each other tightly.

 (Amazing, it’s so poweful…♡ Its’s even more powerful than before…♡)

 She was intoxicated by the sensation of having her uterus filled to the brim with a large amount of semen. And with her head still flustered, she pulled Shinji’s face close to hers.

 ”Nchu…♡ Slurp ♡ Slurp Slurp ♡ Lick ♡”

 As Goddess Arian was knowledgeable, she didn’t hesitate to intertwine her tongue for a better lingering sensation. Shinji’s tongue also moved in time with hers, and the more their tongues intertwined, the more pleasurable it became, and the more she swooned and continued to kiss him. There was no way Shinji’s p*nis was going to wilt.

 [I’ll never be able to stop…!]

 Goddess Arian sensed that Shinji’s heart was starting to beat again. And so, she shakes her hips as if inviting him to have another go, and there’s no way he can resist.

 ”You want to thrust me from behind next time…♡ I don’t mind… ♡ Now… ♡”

 Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡ Pound ♡

 ”You want to pinch my breast…? Okay, I don’t mind…♡”

 Squelch ♡ Squelch ♡ Spurttttt ♡

 ”Once again… lay down? Okay ♡ Ah, ah ♡ It’s good…♡”

 Goddess Arian listens to his heart and continues to incite his desire. Shinji will continue to have intercourse with her until his lust subsides and she is satisfied.

 (I can’t go back to the time when I didn’t know… ♡)

 Goddess Arian, who has discovered the pleasures of womanhood, lays down next to Shinji and soaks up the afterglow. How will this affect her? There is no one who knows at this stage.


 They had s*x to the limits of their free time.

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