Wizard 355

Chapter 355 Shinji Wants to Use (World Gate) Magic

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 After spending an intimate time together, Shinji and Goddess Arian dressed and got off the bed, and returned to the behavior appropriate to their roles.

 Goddess Arian, who is borrowing Yoriko’s body, looks dignified, her back straight and her posture firm.

 Shinji, too, steps back and pays his respects like a devout apostle, as if the fact that he was making her moan just a moment ago did not exist.

 ”Thank you very much, Goddess. I would like to see if I can use the magic tomorrow…”

 Having embraced Goddess Arian did not mean that Shinji would treat her roughly. He understands that even though it was a man-woman affair, it was done with the permission of the Goddess. So, he didn’t think that she would do him any favors, and simply did his job as before.

 ”No problem. Come to the Miko room tomorrow during the day. I’ll be waiting for you with the appropriate preparations”

* * *

 Shinji’s thoughts and behavior made Goddess Arian realize that her eyes were right. Her worries that Shinji might become too familiar with her now that they had a physical relationship were dispelled. Once again, Goddess Arian recognized that Shinji was a man worthy of being used as an apostle.

 While Goddess Arian is happy, she ignores the fact that her senses as an awakened woman make her feel insufficient due to his seemingly unattached attitude, and with a gentle smile, she grants Shinji’s request.

 ”Thank you very much…!”

 Shinji bows politely, happy to be able to try out his new magic, and Goddess Arian nods to him, hearing his heart.

 [I’ve secured the necessary steps. Now I have the power and I can show it to Renka after Alvin’s dream comes true… yeah. After we’ve done what we had to do]

 The purpose of meeting her parents was known to Goddess Arian, and Shinji, thinking that there was nothing to hide, waited for the goddess to say that she would return to the place where she had come from, while making up a schedule in his head. However, the words that came out of her mouth were something Shinji didn’t expect.

 ”I’ll tell you something. Tomorrow, you should bring your lover with you when you come here. She knows what’s going on, and she’s on our side… so I thought it would be necessary to meet her at some point”

 ”…I appreciate the offer, but please don’t take it for advantage. Besides, I’ve explained the situation to her, but I don’t intend to involve her in the Apostle’s work anymore than necessary”

 Shinji knows that Goddess Arian is going to ask him to go to the other world. Even if it is a request to defeat a unique monster as a member of <Running Wolves> like within this world as before, Shinji has no intention of taking Renka to the other world to work as an apostle, which would be dangerous.

 Goddess Arian smiled and continued her conversation with Shinji, who was wary of using Renka as an additional force.

 ”I have no intention of recruiting her like Apostle Shinji is worried about. My daughter said she would like to talk to a girl who loves the same man. Besides… it would be a good opportunity to talk about <World Gate> magic”

 ”That’s true, but…”

 It would certainly be easier to understand if people actually saw it than if it were explained verbally. As long as there were no worries about recruitment, there seemed to be no problem in bringing Renka, and Shinji knew that Miko Arian wanted to talk to Renka.

 ”Of course, I don’t want to force you. Just think of it as something that she (Renka) can come with you if it’s good for her”


 With that said, Shinji couldn’t ignore Goddess Arian’s favor and could only nod. Despite his anxiety, Shinji was enveloped in the glow of the teleportation to the Miko with Goddess Arian.

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 Upon returning to the Miko room, Shinji and Goddess Arian were greeted by Miko Arian and the spirits. Despite the fact that several hours had passed since Shinji had been taken, they were still waiting in the room, though they were each doing something else.

 ”Danna-sama, thank you for your hard work…”

 Miko Arian greeted them with a worried look. She hadn’t expected that the ritual would last the whole time, and was worried that something might have happened during the ritual.

 ”Thanks Arian, I managed to learn the magic”

 ”Thank goodness…”

 Miko Arian smiled in relief as Shinji smiled and reported that the ritual had been successfully completed. But the other three spirit girls were watching them and giving each other a look.

 [It’s taking quite a long time to succeed~noja]

 [Could it be~ that they’ve been doing this for a long time~…?]

 [No way… no, if it’s Shinji…]

 And to their flustered thoughts.

 [Fufufu, you guys are talking about something interesting, aren’t you?]


 [I’m leaving. Do you guys want to come with me?]


 Shinji and Miko Arian were unaware that Goddess Arian was interfering behind their back and that the three girls were about to be taken away.

 ”Apostle Shinji, I’m going back”

 ”Yes! Thank you very much for today, Goddess”

 ”Yes… now, let’s go, you three”

 Goddess Arian announced her return in a dignified voice, and Shinji bowed. Miko Arian, who was talking with Shinji, bowed as well. She smiles kindly at the sight of the two bowing together, and disappears with Flair and the others using transferrenceteleportation magic.

 ”Danna-sama… what will you do now…? If you need healing…”

 She gently tugged at the hem of Shinji’s clothes and looked up at him, her invitation very tempting. But Shinji had to tell Renka about tomorrow. So Shinji shakes his head, looking apologetic.

 ”I appreciate the thought. But I have preparations for tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’m planning to test the <World Gate> magic I learned today here. And the Goddess said it would be good if I brought Renka along”

 ”Renka-san…! Can I talk to her?”

 Miko Arian was hoping for a chance to talk with Renka, a wife like herself, who supported her beloved husband. As a Miko, she is respected and has no equal near her, and she hopes that Renka, who is also his wife, will be able to get along with her.

 ”Do you really want to talk to her?”

 ”Yes… I hope we can get along as your wife… I, uh, I don’t have many close friends too…”

 ”It’s hard when you have a position, huh? Okay, in the meantime, I’ll go back and ask Renka if she’s free”


 Shinji smiled as Miko Arian looked at him expectantly, understanding that being a Miko was a difficult position to make friends in.

 Later, when Shinji returns to the Wolf house and invites her to meet the Goddess and the Miko, Renka is understandably taken aback and shouts in surprise.

 Shinji-kun is the kind of guy who wants to use new things as soon as he gets them.

 And Renka has invited by the Goddess.

 For a commoner, the Goddess are just too heavenly.

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