Wizard 357

Chapter 357 The World Gate Magic

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 It is not unusual for a barrier to be placed among the Miko. It’d be even more understandable if Flair, the spirit, had informed the priests in advance, so none of the priests would approach the Miko’s room to interfere with their work.

 ”All set, noja!”

 ”Very well. Let’s begin”

 After receiving the report from Goddess Arian that Flair and the others had finished setting up the barrier, Shinji nodded and summoned Freri with his thoughts. Without her help, he would not be able to use <World Gate>’s magic.

 ”Freri, are you ready?”


 Freri, who is standing behind Shinji, nodded. Then, with one of her hands on Shinji’s back, she begins to share her magic. However, that is not enough magic power to use <World Gate> magic. Even with the magic power of Freri, who has grown up, and Shinji, the magic power of the two of them is not enough to use it. If this continues…

* * *

 ”A fire that burns with the stain”

 Shinji uses Freri’s magic. It’s a magic that creates a temporary fuel supply of magic by using the defiled magic as fuel.

 ”<Furnace of Lust>”

 With that said, Shinji extends his right hand in front of him, and points his palm upwards. The jet-black sphere that appeared there was a thing of evil, and Renka felt that it was something that should not be present in here.

 However, Goddess Arian does not move, but watches over Shinji. She knows that he is the son of a succubus, and that he will wield the power that belongs to her. If the Goddess does not move, the others will not move, and will continue to watch.

 (Now, from here…!)

 It took about ten minutes for the delicate magic furnace, which could collapse at the slightest movement, to become fully operational. During this time, Shinji must continue to concentrate in order to maintain the furnace. As Shinji’s blue magic power disappears into the sphere one after another, black magic power begins to leak from the jet-black sphere as time passes.

 ”Looks like the initial response was good”

 ”Is that so…?”

 Miko Arian tilted her head, watching as Goddess Arian’s mouth formed a smile. Goddess Arian was the only one on the other side of the room who knew what Shinji was up to. Her questions were the same as Renka’s and the spirits’.

 ”Yes. Apostle Shinji intends to use the magic furnace on his palm to create the magic power needed to utilize the <World Gate>’s magic power”

 ”How is that possible?”

 Renka asked Goddess Arian with an anxious look on her face, having never heard of such a method.

 ”Apostle Shinji has taken other people’ magic and transformed it into his own. The more distorted the magical power that fuels the furnaces of lust, the more magical power it produces. If he were to use it, he would be able to create dozens of times more magic power”

 Goddess Arian narrowed her eyes as she explained this. From the jet-black sphere, the evil magic overflows and entangles Shinji’s body. The amount of magic that overflows is clearly more than the amount that pours in, and it quickly fills Shinji’s capaTown.

 [I’ll take care of the rest]

 Just before Shinji’s body screams that it can’t store any more, Freri, who has been holding his back, receives the overflowing magic from the sphere and begins to store it. She has grown into a high-ranking spirit, and her capaTown is so large that it is ridiculous to compare her to Shinji.

 ”If we hadn’t put up the barrier, the priests would have come running”

 ”It’s a big deal, isn’t it~?”

 ”It looks like an evil ritual…”

 Flair muttered to himself, Marie and Sylphy nodding in agreement. While Miko Arian and Renka look at Shinji and the others with concern, Goddess Arian continues to speak.

 ”This magic is not of this world, but of the succubus. It can be classified as an evil method, but its power can be good or bad depending on who uses it. As long as it is used by the Apostle Shinji, it should be fine”


 Renka couldn’t help but stare at Goddess Arian as she expressed her deep trust in Shinji. Renka couldn’t understand why Shinji was trusted so much, and it made her feel uneasy.

* * *

 (Great trust… I wonder if he’s doing some dangerous work that I don’t know about…)

 Renka’s anxiety is conveyed to Goddess Arian as a voice from her heart, and she makes eye contact with Renka.

 ”You’re worried about Shinji, aren’t you?”

 ”Yes…. I’m not supposed to ask about the apostles…. So far, I’ve tried not to ask…”

 ”Don’t worry. The only time he went into battle was when the <Running Wolves> requested a nomination”

 Goddess Arian smiled gently to reassure the anxious Renka. To her, Renka is an inhabitant of the world who should be given mercy.

 ”He’s precious to me, too. I’m not going to put him in any more danger than necessary.”

 ”Goddess… yes”

 Goddess Arian’s sincere words brought a smile back to Renka’s face. If she had been worried, Goddess Arian could have induced her to want to fight with him, but she decided to prioritize her promise to Shinji. The reason for this was that it would be bad for Shinji’s feelings if things were carried out out of his sight.

 (Apostle Shinji must continue to work willingly in the future)

 As Goddess Arian looked at them, the overflow from the magic sphere was at its peak, and an enormous amount of magic power was swirling around Shinji and Freri. At last, the magic power necessary to activate the magic of the <World Gate> has been accumulated.

 (It’s been so long)

 In cooperation with Freri, he has been capturing magic from women while satisfying his cuckolding habit. Then, after joining <Running Wolves>, Shinji thinks that he has been able to take in a particularly high quality of magical power. Elves, high-ranking spirits, reincarnated person, dwarves, dragons, beastmen, goddesses. To be honest, it was almost too much.

 ”Open the gate that connects the world. <World Gate>”

 Shinji recites the spell with all his heart. After the sensation of the magic draining out of his body had passed.

 The golden gate that connects the world appears before Shinji’s eyes.

 Shinji-kun finally uses the magic to pass the world on.

 And the goddess trusts him.

 Cuckolding is both a hobby and a benefit. The better the quality of the magic of the other party, the more effective it is. In this respect, Flair and the other high-ranking spirits were the best.

 Let’s continue with the story.

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