Wizard 358

Chapter 358 Looking Toward the World Gate

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 In front of Shinji, a golden gate <World Gate> was created by his magic. However, the gate is closed and he cannot see beyond it.

 ”Did it succeed?”

 ”Yes. The appearance of the gate is proof enough. You did well, Apostle Shinji”


 Shinji couldn’t be sure that he had succeeded, but when he heard Goddess Arian’s words, he clenched his fists tightly. Renka couldn’t help but run towards him, noticing how happy he is, which is unusual for him.

 ”You did it! Shinji!”

 ”Yeah! Thank you, Renka!”

 Renka jumped on top of Shinji and hugged him with a big smile on her face, delighted with the success of the magic. Shinji also hugs Renka back and smiles.

* * *

 ”Congratulations, Danna-sama…!”

 ”I’m impressed that you could pull it off in one go”

 Miko Arian, Flair and the others congratulated him with their own words, and Shinji thanked them, creating a peaceful atmosphere that seemed to be a lie to the tension during the magic.

 ”So, what are you going to do now? Are you going to move right away?”

 Shinji shook his head in response to Renka’s question while looking at the gate. He did not intend to go through the gate today, but only to see if he could use the magic properly.

 ”No, not this time. I’m not going to go through this gate until Alvin’s goal is fulfilled here. The preparations aren’t finished either”

 The <World Gate> is directed to the temple where Goddess Arian is enshrined. Since he did not know where the temple would be located on the other side of the world, Shinji decided to go through the gate with all the preparation and readiness he could muster.

 [To be honest, I don’t know much about the other world…]

 [I’ve never seen the temple, either]

 During his childhood, Shinji never left his home normally. He grew up in a mansion owned by succubus couple, who told him that it was dangerous to go outside the mansion. Fortunately, he was able to gain knowledge from books and never felt lonely thanks to his parents’ acquaintances, including Freri and her mother, who came to visit them.

 On the other hand, Freri lived in the village where the succubus lived, but she had never seen a temple dedicated to Goddess Arian in her village and had no idea where it was. Moreover, since the house where Shinji and his family lived was far away from the village, her mother used her teleport magic to come and go with her, so she did not know where the house where Shinji lived was.

 Therefore, without knowing the departure point and the destination point, they had to be cautious.

 (It would be a different story if there is another job from the Goddess… but it’s not my nature to rely on that and do nothing)

 Renka is a little disappointed by Shinji’s answer, but also a little relieved. If she’s going to meet her boyfriend’s parents, she needs to dress up and bring a gift. Something to bring back to them, because he thought it would be better to go and greet them again, since he hadn’t done much preparation yesterday.

 ”I see…. Then, let’s do our best as adventurers. We’re almost ready to conquer the <Demon’s Den>. The next opportunity might come sooner than expected”

 ”Maybe you’re right”

 After smiling at Renka, who is talking in a cheerful tone, Shinji turned to Goddess Arian once again.

 ”Goddess, if I open this gate, it will connect to the other side… but is there a gate on the other side?”

 ”No. This gate is one-way. If there is a person on the other side of the gate, they will feel a sudden presence”

 ”I see… thank you very much”

 As Shinji checked the details of the gate, the glow of the gate became duller and duller. It showed that he is running out of magic power to continue forming the gate.

 ”Apostle Shinji, are you sure?”

 ”Yes. I’m just testing the magic this time”

 Goddess Arian asked Shinji as the gate is about to disappear. Even after listening to his heart, Shinji’s answer remained unchanged: he would not try this time. There is no regret, just a very positive thought about preparing for the next opportunity.

* * *

 (If he wanted, I could help him a bit…)

 Even after one night, the female pleasure etched in Goddess Arian’s heart had not faded. Despite the fact that she had spent a busy time monitoring several worlds and keeping an eye out for hostile forces in order to fulfill her duties as a goddess, she could still vividly recall being embraced by Shinji. Perhaps that’s why, unconsciously, Goddess Arian is becoming a little soft on Shinji.

 (Don’t do it. Helping is a reward…)

 Finally, the gate created by the <World Gate> disappeared in front of Shinji and the others who didn’t know that Goddess Arian is admonishing herself. Things suddenly went quiet, but Flair made the first move.

 ”I think we should have tea time~noja, but are Shinji and Renka alright?”

 ”We’re fine. Right, Renka?”

 ”Ah, yeah. I’m still good”

 ”Umu. Then, I’ll get you a table and chairs~noja. Marie and Sylphy, take care of the barrier~noja!”

 Flair says so and starts preparing the tables and chairs. Marie and the others also started to remove the barrier. Goddess Arian, on the other hand, had to leave for her next task.

 ”Well then, I’m off. Apostle Shinji, you must continue to work hard.”

 ”Yes. Thank you very much”

 ”Thank you, Goddess”

 With that, the Goddess Arian disappeared with a smile. Afterwards, Shinji, Renka, Miko Arian, Flair, and the other six enjoyed tea time together.

 <World Gate>’s magic will be revealed another time. Shinji-kun must prepare to travel to the other world.

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