Wizard 359

Chapter 359 Permission to Climb Hateyama, and Milis’s Darkness

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 It had been a week since Shinji had learned the <World Gate> magic. And now, Alvin and the other <Running Wolves> visited the Adventurer’s Guild and met with Gildeo, the head of the <Medio> branch.

 ”Indeed… this is the magic stone of the Great Demon of the <Demon’s Den>. I was expecting it to take longer than that”

 ”We’ve conquered the upper-upper rank dungeon as the branch head said! Now we have permission to climb <Hateyama>, right?”

 Alvin spoke to Gildeo, who is visually inspecting a particularly large magic stone taken out of the magic stone bag that Alvin and the others brought in.

 ”Umu… a promise is a promise. I will allow <Running Wolves> to challenge Hateyama”

 ”Thank you very much!!”

 Alvin bows his head enthusiastically, his restlessness making Gildeo slightly concerned, but he places the permission he has prepared on the table and presents it to Alvin.

* * *

 ”I dare say. A dungeon with only predetermined monsters is completely different from Hateyama. Of course, based on the experience of the previous generations, the location of the monsters is known to some extent. However, it is possible to find monsters that should not normally be there. If you are going to climb the mountain, please make sure you are prepared”

 ”I understand…!!”

 As an adventurer who had climbed the Hateyama before. Gildeo wished for the safety of the younger members of the party and delivered his words. That wish was certainly conveyed to Alvin, who nodded with a serious expression.

 ”I don’t know how far you plan to climb, but I suggest you start at the bottom. The higher up that mountain you go, the more powerful the monsters that live there become”

 ”Our target is the middle area, where there’s a <Breath plant>(Ibukigusa)”

 ”Breath plant…! I see, that’s why you’re going to <Hateyama>…. But now that you’re an honorary knight, you can buy it, can’t you?”

 It is a herb that Alvin’s parents once went to get, a medicine for incurable diseases. It is a very expensive herb, and it made sense to him that Alvin wanted to go to Hateyama for it.

 ”No! No one in my family has ever been sick. But it’s the last place my parents went”

 ”! So… your parents were adventurers too?”

 ”Yes. So, in order to surpass my parents, I’m going to take the <Breath plant>, and come back safely with everyone!”

 Alvin then looks at Shinji, Milis, and Renka sitting on either side of him. Shinji and Renka nod their heads, and Milis smiles. Gildeo can see that each of them is convinced of Alvin’s goal and is determined to climb the Hateyama together and come back.

 (This is a good party. All of them are facing the same direction)

 Gildeo, who had maintained a stern expression, relaxed his mouth.

 ”Umu…. Sometimes children surpass their parents. Good luck with that”


 Gildeo’s voice is calm and encouraging as he speaks.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 After leaving the Adventurer’s Guild, Alvin and the other <Running Wolves> returned to Wolf House. After that, only Alvin and Milis visited the Beltz family. Since they had made an appointment beforehand, they are ushered directly into the parlor. After a short wait, Christina appears in the parlor.

 ”Al-sama, Mil-san. Sorry to keep you waiting”

 ”I’m fine… I think we’re done here”

 ”Fufu, yes. Let’s talk casually. You know, we’re engaged”

 With that, Alvin, Milis, and Christina sit on the couch. Christina raises her hand, smiling without reproach at Alvin’s slurred tone, and the maids in attendance serve tea utensils and tea cakes at the table.

 ”So you’re finally going to challenge <Hateyama>?”

 ”Yes. I just got permission from the guild leader”

 He told Christina that they had conquered the <Demon’s Den>. Even during the time of the attack, Alvin often visited the Beltz family and told her about the progress.

 ”Let’s start with the lower layer first. Al-kun”

 ”Okay okay. After all, we’ve come this far. I’m not going to make any hasty mistakes”

 Of course, Alvin has told Christina, his fiancée, why he is climbing the mountain and what his goal is. Christina had also learned that his goal, the <ibukiBreathing gusaPlant>, is located in the middle layer, a dangerous place.

 This is where his parents, who were also high-ranking adventurers like Alvin, died. Christina understands that he wants to surpass his parents, but she feels that it is too risky a challenge. If Christina is thinking like an aristocrat who might even marry for political gain, the right decision would be to give up. Still, she gave priority to Alvin’s feelings.

* * *

 (I really want to stop him… but there is no way I can say that. All I can do is pray for his safety)

 Having decided that, Christina took the trouble to call the two to give them the lucky charm. It’s a handkerchief embroidered with her prayers for their safe return. And there’s a Wolf family crest on it.

 ”Please don’t overdo it. Also, please take this…. I’ve prepared it for Al-sama and Mil-san’s safety”



 Alvin and Milis know about the custom of knight’s wives giving handkerchiefs to pray for their husbands’ safety. Her wish is not only for Alvin’s safety but also for Milis as well who is fighting alongside him… and it reaches both of them.

 ”Thank you, Chris. I’ll be back safely!”

 ”Even if we get hurt, we’ll be fine!”

 Alvin and Milis who had received the handkerchief from Christina took it as if it were a precious treasure. Then, they hold each other’s hands, feeling the warmth of each other’s. .

 ”Yes…! I wish you the best of luck”

 After that, Alvin and Milis continue their conversation and enjoy the tea party.

 (Chris-san, you are a really good person… I hope the three of us, Al-kun, Chris-san, and I can be friends. That’s why…)

 In the middle of the tea party, Milis leaves the room to go to the bathroom, and puts the seeds of a plant imbued with Freri’s magic into a vase in the bathroom. This will allow them to monitor the inside of the Beltz house, which is normally inaccessible from the outside.

 Milis doesn’t think she will fail, as Shinji has already told her that the preparations are already done.

 (Chris-san should be embraced by Shinji too ♡ so that Al-kun will be very happy… ♡)

 She was sure that Shinji would corrupt Christina and make her into a woman that Alvin would find exciting.

 The day after tomorrow, they would leave for <Hateyama>. So, tomorrow is a day off, and no matter how late they stay this evening, it will not affect their adventure. Shinji would not let this opportunity pass him by, and it would be a night that Christina would never forget.

 The dungeons are cut off because of the seriousness of the story

 Finally, it’s time for Hateyama.

 Before that, Christina’s episode begins.

 To be able to sneak in with Milis’s assistance….

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