Wizard 360

Chapter 360 Embracing Christina, Top

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 That night. The butlers and maids of the Beltz family had returned to their rooms to go to bed.

 But, one of the maids who lay in bed suddenly smelled a sweet fragrance. The scent is so pleasant that it lulled her to sleep before she could ask herself why she smelled like that.

 (It’s another tiring day… but I have to work again tomorrow…)

 The maid falls asleep in no time. She sleeps soundly until morning, unaware that the scent is coming from the contracted spirit of the man who is trying to corrupt Christina.

 Thus, all the servants of the Beltz family fell into a deep sleep. There is no one left to stop Shinji, and he strolls into Christina’s room without a care in the world.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 Suddenly, Christina’s consciousness awakens. The covers had been removed, and she found herself lying on her back with her arms and legs stretched out, unable to move. Her body, wrapped in a negligee, is polished and beautiful as a noblewoman’s. Yet, she sensed the presence of someone beside her.

 ”Good morning, Christina-san”


 Christina almost screams as Shinji stares down at her from the side of the bed, but she manages to hold it back. She can’t grasp the situation at all, but she knows that it’s abnormal. Looking around, she could tell that it is definitely her bedroom and that he has invaded without permission.

 ”How did you… no, what do you want? Do you really think you’re going to get away with this?”

 All alone in a bedroom with a man. Despite her fears of being in a situation where she could be accused of infidelity and in a situation that she didn’t understand, Christina didn’t show it and looked at Shinji calmly. Shinji, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be offended, but keeps a smile on his face.

 ”As expected, Christina-san, you’re calm”

 ”…What do you want? I’m Al-sama’s fiancée!”

 Christina tried to escape from Shinji’s unpleasant feeling, but she couldn’t move her body. Of course, this is a dream, and Shinji is in control.

 The fact that Shinji had broken into Christina’s room, and had observed and recreated every inch of it, made it impossible for her to determine that she is in a dream.

 ”I’m just trying to get you to remember”


 With that said, Shinji’s hand moved in front of Christina’s face. As his hand comes within touching distance of Christina’s face, she quickly shuts her eyes.

 ”All those lewd dreams, I will remind you…”

 ”Ah… aah, aah… ahhhhhhhhh ♡”

 Shinji’s magical power stimulated Christina’s mind, reminding her of her dreams and the experiences she had felt in them.

 [Danna-sama ♡ It feels so good ♡ Danna-sama ♡]

 For the sake of the family, she suppressed her own feelings and was embraced as Shinji’s wife. A dream in which the pleasures of s*x were imprinted on her by his s*xual skills.

 [I don’t know anything like this ♡ Danna-sama ♡ I’m sorry ♡ It feels so good ♡]

 [Please impregnate me…♡]

 The night she marries Alvin, she’s embraced by Shinji to fulfill Alvin’s wishes to have a child. A dream that was imprinted with the pleasure of cunnilingus and the pleasure of s*x that feels better than s*x with the person she love, with a perfect physical match.

 [Master ♡ Does it feel good? ♡]

 [Master’s p*nis feels so good…♡]

 After the fall of her family, she spends her days as a slave maid for Shinji. The pleasure of Shinji’s p*nis gouging into the depths of her vagina, the pleasure of her voluntarily shaking her hips, the pleasure of ejaculating inside her vagina… although it’s rough treatment, but it excites her, and she dreams of being tortured.

 (What, this…♡ I, I…♡)

 There are many things that Christina doesn’t remember, but her mind and body remember the pleasures she experienced. Perhaps it is because she is aware that the man in front of her is giving her the greatest pleasure, yet her womb is tingling, and Christina is dismayed to find that her underwear is beginning to get wet with her love juice.

 ”Do you remember everything? Tina”

 ”S-Stop calling me that…! Why are you doing this… Ahhhh ♡”

 Christina’s cheeks flushed as she stared at Shinji’s smiling face, and when Shinji’s fingers lightly stroked her private parts over her negligee, she squealed in delight. The way he touched her was familiar. He fingering Christina’s vulnerable spot, just like he had done a few nights ago when he had made her cum all night long. She instinctively knew that Shinji is responsible for the dream she had a while ago, and she shouted.

 ”Because I want to hold you, Tina”

 ”O-Only ♡ For that reason ♡ No ♡ Don’t make me squirm ♡”

 Although Christina is resisting, her resists are so weak that her protests are overshadowed by the sound of the water as Shinji caresses her. It was too intense for her to move and let herself be tossed about by the pleasure.

 (It’s funny ♡ It’s so strange ♡ Why ♡ my head so white…♡)

 The reason for this is because Shinji is also caressing her real body at the same time. Even if it is undeveloped, her body is sensitive due to the aphrodisiac magic. Therefore, the synergistic effect of the dream and reality, and the doubled pleasure quickly overtook Christina.

 (Ah…♡ I’m cumming…♡ just like in my dream…♡)

 As her consciousness fade and her body tensed, the feeling of climax that she had experienced many times in her dream flashed through Christina’s mind and she closed her eyes. She is determined not to give in even if she is made to climax.

 But the climax never came. Because Shinji’s hand stopped just before Christina’s climax.


 ”You didn’t seem to want to cum, you know?”

 For Shinji, a succubus son, it was very easy to detect Christina’s climax. And with Christina’s climax being unexpectedly postponed, Christina’s gaze turns sad and clinging for a moment, but she quickly regains her composure. She was not afraid to stare at him with her elated and blushing face, but her eyes quickly lost their power when Shinji resumed his caressing.

 ”Hii ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Aaah ♡ Ah ♡”

 She accepts Shinji’s caresses with a slack-jawed expression. And because of the brief interruption, it was not long before she felt herself climaxing again. She was stirred around the shallow part of her vagina, which had become even more slippery, and the sensation of her head going blank was slowly rising.

 ”I’m cu… ♡ Nn, wha… nnn…”

 Again, the caressing stopped just before she cum. The frustration of being about to cum but not being able to, almost makes her say ‘why’, but she manages to keep her mouth shut. The look in Shinji’s eyes as he smiles wickedly stimulates the tormented mind that has been nurtured by the dream of being a slave maid, and makes her feel a thrill of pleasure.

 ”If you want to cum, you must understand, right?”

 ”~~~♡ Nnah ♡ Ah ♡ Yaa ♡”

 Christina understands what Shinji is trying to say. The experience in her dream tells her that she has to beg Shinji to make her cum. But Christina keeps her mouth shut and the caresses begin again, her sweet voice echoing in the room.

 (Cum ♡ I want to cum ♡ No, don’t ♡ I want to cum ♡)

 She wanted to cum but couldn’t. With each repetition, the sensation of coming to climax became shorter and shorter. Despite the shaking of her hips and her disheveled face, Shinji kept on giving until Christina begged him.

 Chris-chan foreplay.

 Remembering that she had been trained in a dream, Shinji torments Chris-chan who doesn’t give in easily.

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