Wizard 361

Chapter 361 Embracing Christina, Middle

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 Christina is already filled to the brim, but Shinji’s skillful groping never allows Christina to reach a deep climax. So, as a result of the continuous sweet pleasure, Christina’s bed sheets are soaked with the love juices that are flowing from her secret parts. Her thoughts are unorganized, and she wants a climax that she should not seek.

 (I want to cum ♡ But I can’t lose ♡ But I want to cum ♡)

 However, no matter how debauched her face looked, Christina’s mouth remained tightly shut. Her pride as a daughter of the aristocracy and her sense of responsibility that the future of the Wolf family is at stake if she yields as a wife to the Wolf family inspire Christina and enable her to endure on the edge.

 (That’s why it’s worth corrupting her)

 Making this proud young lady drown in lust. While thinking that the pleasure would be immeasurable, Shinji unleashed another move.

 ”Don’t worry about the house. I’ve put a contraceptive spell to ensure that you’ll never get pregnant”


 The words that seemed to see right through Christina’s mind made her shake. As her swaying eyes crossed with Shinji’s joyful gaze, Shinji continued to speak.

 ”I don’t need the wealth and honor of a nobleman. I don’t need a house. All I want is Tina’s body”

 ”…you have ♡ Nnn, a terrible though ♡ Ah ♡”

 ”I’m aware of it. But you’re relieved, right?”


 The reason why she was at a loss for words was not only because she was writhing in agony from the lewd sound of the water caressing her. After all, as a daughter of a noble family, Christina was determined to avoid usurping the family by someone else’s child, so the mention of a zero chance of pregnancy was a definite plus, and one of the few things that could weaken her resolve not to give in at all costs.

 ”As long as me and Tina keep quiet, they won’t find out”

 ”*Pant…♡* *Pant…♡* *Pant…♡*”

 ”It won’t trouble anyone… it’s like a one-night dream”

 With that, Shinji’s words soaked into her weakened will. And once her will had loosened, Christina no longer had the strength to strengthen it. So, when she thinks Alvin’s face, the man who will become her beloved husband, Christina realizes her limits.

 (Al-sama… I’m sorry…♡)

 Christina turned her gaze away from Shinji.

 ”…Please let me cum…♡”

 As Shinji heard her clear reply even though it was in a low voice volume, his smile widened. Until now, Shinji had shown Christina his dreams and taught her the pleasures of s*x in order to get her to say this. And this was the moment when her carnal desires surpassed her pride, and it was impossible for Shinji not to be aroused.

 ”Yeah. I’ll do it right away…!”

 ”Ah…! Wait…♡”

 Shinji immediately opened Christina’s legs and moved himself in between them. Then, using <Undress> magic, he exposed his cock to Christina and placed it on her private parts. Christina, who assumed it was a finger, hurriedly tried to stop him, but the sensation of the glans pressed against her caused her to flashback to the pleasure she had experienced in her lewd dream, and a mixture of anticipation and anxiety took over, preventing her from making any move to escape.

 ”Do you know how good it feels to come inside?”

 As Shinji’s p*nis is inserted, her real body, though not yet fully developed, but soaked with the lengthy caresses and increased sensitivity from the aphrodisiac magic, felt no pain. On the other hand, her dream body had already been developed, and the slow penetration only felt good. Therefore, Christina succumbed easily to the double pleasure.

 (Ah ♡ This is no good ♡)

 Shinji’s cock easily broke through her virginity membrane and occupied her from the entrance to the back of her vagina. The feeling of the cock pushing up her vagina pushed her over the edge of her limits.

 ”~~~♡ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~~~♡”

 Christina climaxes. But, as her hips were grabbed, she couldn’t escape, and could only arch her back and let out a pathetic scream. Her thoughts turned white as she climaxed more strongly and deeply than she had masturbated.

 (Ah… ♡ It’s… ♡ still not enough… ♡)

 The throbbing feeling of euphoria filled her body and the pleasant sensation spreading from her core to her entire body. However, when Christina regained consciousness from the aftermath, the first thing she felt was that she hadn’t cum enough. And the man who would make her feel even better if she just gave herself over to him is smiling right in front of her.

 ”…Do what you want…♡”

 ”Okay. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it”

 As she says so, the tension in Christina’s body relaxes. Shinji is not sure if this is a sign of her submission or a sign of obedience, but for him it made her easier to hold, and so he slowly pulls his cock out while holding her waist.

 (Ah…♡ I shouldn’t be doing this…♡)

 It feels good just to have his cock out. But while thinking so, Shinji push his cock deep into her vagina again. Her unfamiliar vagina tightened and wriggled as hard as it could to remember Shinji’s shape, and it was just as good as it had been in her dream. She moved her hips slowly to adjust to Shinji’s size.

 ”Nnh ♡ Kh ♡ Nnh ♡ Nnh ♡ Nnh ♡ Nnh ♡ Nnh ♡”

 ”Tina’s vagina is good… it’s so tight…”

 ”~~♡ Ugh ♡ *Pant…♡* Nnn, nnn~~♡”

 When he calls her Tina, her vagina gets tighter. Her body is reproducing the tightening movements she learned from the slave maid’s succubus dream in response to the name.

 (No ♡ Don’t say it again ♡ My body is so happy ♡)

 Christina climaxed for the second time as her tight vagina was rubbed. Her hips were shaking, and she was intoxicated with euphoria while holding back her voice. The look of pleasure on her face made Shinji’s cock harden even more.

 (I guess she doesn’t need any more lewd dreams)

 Shinji judged from Christina’s pleasure-obsessed face and immediately lifted the lewd dream spell. Then, unaware that she had awakened from her dream, Christina remained in a daze, basking in the afterglow beneath Shinji.

 ”Tina, it’s too early to be exhausted”

 ”Hiii ♡ Don’t call me ♡ Tina ♡ Kuu ♡ Nnn ♡ Ah ♡ Ahh ♡ Fuahh ♡”

 Shinji resumed his pistoning motion, forcing Christina’s consciousness back. Even after waking up from her dream, her perfectly formed body is still very sensitive, and she is still at the mercy of Shinji’s skillful hips.

 Her body is now free from the dream, but her resistance is feeble as her hands only press on Shinji’s shoulders while her legs are stretched out.

 ”Tina… let’s go… just like this, Tina”

 ”Ah…♡ So rough…♡ Nnah…♡ Hah…♡ Ah, ah ♡”

 *Pound ♡* *Pound ♡* *Pound ♡* *Pound ♡*

 *Squelch ♡* *Squelch ♡* *Squelch ♡* *Squelch ♡*

 Every time Shinji’s cock gouged deep into her, a lewd sound of water echoed. Christina’s body now fully accepted Shinji’s penetration, and her hips unconsciously lifted. She swayed her lifted hips in time with his penetration.

 ”What do you say when you come? Tina?”

 Right before Christina’s climax, Shinji smiles right in front of her. Her will to defy him had been shattered.

 ”Cumming ♡ I’m going to cum ♡ Cummmmming ♡”

 Christina lets out a high-pitched scream, just like she did when she was a slave maid in a lewd dream. At the same time, Shinji squirted his semen into her tight vagina.

 *Spurt ♡* *Spurtttttt ♡* *Spurttttttt ♡*

 ”Haaaaaaa~~~ ♡♡♡”

 As the semen is poured into her womb, the pleasure shot through Christina’s womb to the top of her head. Christina looked very happy as she showed Shinji her throbbing face, which she couldn’t show to anyone else.

 Christina-chan’s turn.

 Her virginity has been eaten by Shinji.

 It’s nice to train a proud young lady to be obedient, isn’t it?

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