Wizard 362

Chapter 362 Embracing Christina, Bottom

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 When Christina finally recovered from the aftermath of her climax, the first thing she felt was regret for seeking pleasure she could not bear.

 (Al-sama… I’m sorry…)

 Having calmed down somewhat thanks to her climax, Christina notices something strange about her body. Her eyes widen in surprise as she sees a pinkish glowing pattern appearing on her vagina.

 ”This is…”

 ”It’s a lewd crest. It’s a sign that Tina has given in to pleasure”

 Shinji didn’t dare use the lewd crest, so he cut off the effect of the aphrodisiac spell and tried to make Christina understand what was happening. As he covered her, he kept his cock in her vagina and talked to her.

 ”I’m not giving in! That was… ♡”

 ”You can say whatever you want. But if you don’t feel so good that you forget yourself, you won’t be able to have a lewd crest.”

 ”Ah…♡ I-If you move…♡ Ah ♡”

 Christina’s cheeks flush as she looks up at Shinji with a defiant gaze, but the thrust of his cock makes her eyes slacken. The mere fact that Shinji had sent his magic power into her cunt made Christina’s body tingle with desire for pleasure, and with just one pistoning movement, her will to resist was easily swept away.

 (This is, this is not right ♡ Don’t make me feel good ♡)

 Her body didn’t listen to her, and her vagina sucked on Shinji’s p*nis as if she was begging for his semen against her will. Shinji, on the other hand is enjoying Christina’s vagina, which is feeling very good and continues his explanation.

 ”This has the effect of making Tina more obedient. There are also other commands that prevent disarming you…”

 ”Ah…♡ Don’t do that to my nipple…♡”

 ”Looks like you’re in no condition to listen”

 With that, the estrus caused by the lewd crest quickly took away Christina’s ability to think. Not only did the carnal desires that welled up inside her body make her want a man, but it also made her lose the will to run away, and just being carelessly grabbed and squeezed by both her breasts made her body happy and made her vagina tighten around his p*nis. Christina’s rejection was only verbal, as her nipples were pinched and her vagina was gouged with a slow pistoning motion.

 ”I’ll change the position”

 ”No…♡ Ah ♡ This is ♡ too deep…♡”

 Shinji pulls Christina’s body up. He puts her on top of him in a cross-legged position, face-to-face. With both of her legs open, this position gives Christina a different kind of pleasure than the normal position.

 ”Here, Tina, you move too”

 ”Hii ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ This is ♡ No ♡ Stop it ♡ It’s deep ♡ It’s too deep ♡ Stop ♡”

 Christina’s body moved as Shinji told her to. She unconsciously uses the hips that she learned from her slave maid’s lewd dream, and she’s so skilled that it’s hard to believe that she was a virgin before. While making a lewd sound of her love juices bubbling up, Christina continues to shake her hips.

 (It feels so good ♡ My head is completely blank ♡)

 Christina’s body now became completely addicted to the s*x. She even forgets about Alvin and just submits to the pleasure being given to her.

 ”I’m cumming ♡ I’m cumming ♡♡”

 As Christina climaxed, her hips trembled on Shinji’s body, revealing her pathetic face of debauchery. To replace her when she stops, Shinji forcefully shakes her body and thrusts upward from below. Christina, who feel that, can only writhe in agony from the unstoppable pleasure.

 ”I just came ♡ So ♡ So ♡ Please ♡ Wait a bit ♡”

 ”No, I can’t. So, do your best, do your best”

 ”Yesh ♡ I-I’ll do my best ♡”

 Even though Christina was treated roughly, she didn’t have the energy to get angry and obeyed like a well-behaved slave maid. It was the result of training from the nightmares.

 *Pound ♡* *Pound ♡* *Pound ♡* *Pound ♡*

 Sensing Shinji’s p*nis quivered. Christina also slams her hips hard for the last spurt, and Shinji thrusts up hard. Despite the fact that she can avoid having him ejaculating inside her vagina by lifting her hips, Christina lowers her hips and rubs her ass in order to have him ejaculate in the deepest part of her body.


 Therefore, a large amount of semen is poured into her womb. Although there was no risk of pregnancy, but it was a vaginal ejaculation by a man who was not the man she loved. Still, Christina is immersed in a climax that seems to be the best she’s ever felt, but as the aftermath recedes, she regains her composure and feels self-loathing due to the shame of her lasciviousness and her apology to Alvin. As if to disguise her feelings, Christina glares at Shinji.

 ”…Even if you like my body, I won’t give in emotionally”

 ”Oh. I’m glad to hear that”

 It was a pretense because she knew that her body could no longer resist Shinji, but the unexpected reply made her blink. Christina couldn’t read Shinji’s intentions at all. There was no way that she, a noblewoman who could read each other’s thoughts, would think that Shinji’s goal was really to have s*x with her.

 ”What is your purpose…?”

 ”I told you, didn’t I? I just want to hold you”

 ”No way…!? For only that reason!? But I’m going to be Al-sama’s wife… and Al-sama is your leader…”

 Christina tried to blame him, but the tingling from the lewd crests made her shudder again.

 ”Don’t worry about Alvin. In the end, everyone will be happy”

 ”*Pant~♡* *Pant~♡* That’s not what I mean ♡”

 Christina, who doesn’t know about Alvin’s twisted desire to be cuckolded, can’t possibly believe Shinji’s words. But there was no need for Shinji to convince her here. After all, there will come a time when Christina will know about Alvin’s tendencies.

 (At that time, Milis and Christina will be lined up in front of Alvin…. It might be a good idea to have Alvin hold Christina while I hold Milis)

 While having a very wicked thought, Shinji pushes Christina down again. Although she protested against Shinji’s unabated s*xual prowess, she couldn’t hide the loosening of her mouth.

 ”No ♡ You’re really ♡ Bad ♡ Fuah ♡ Ahn ♡ Ah ah ♡ Hii ♡ Cumming again ♡ My head ♡ Become funny ♡”

 Christina’s protests were lost in the sound of the crowd. In the end, she was left in Shinji’s arms for the rest of the night.

 When Christina passes out and wakes up the next morning, her clothes are tidy and her sheets are as good as new, as if nothing had happened. But the marks of pleasure on her body tell Christina that it was no dream. The only thing she could protect was her lips (kiss).

 It was Christina-chan’s turn.

 Her body has been completely corrupted and carved with lewd crest. She can’t resist lewd s*x and becomes a lewd girl when her lewd crest is activated. Her sensitivity is at an all-time low. It’s rare to find a girl who can do something like that even though she doesn’t want to…

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