Wizard 363

Chapter 363 Alvin’s Twisted Oath

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 The day after Christina was embraced by Shinji. Alvin and the others had planned to take a day off to prepare for tomorrow’s challenge to Hateyama.

 It’s no exaggeration to say that it’s the biggest challenge they’ve ever faced in their lives as adventurers, and to ensure that they’re in perfect physical and mental condition, Alvin and Shinji are on their first double date with Milis and Renka, respectively, in a long time.

 The four of them, riding on the Wolf family’s carriage, are on their way to a theater in <Medio>.

 The reason for this is because Milis asked her maids, Erinka and Terentia, how they spend their holidays.

* * *

 There are no theaters in the countryside of Alvin and his friends, and they have never been there since they came to <Medio>. Alvin, who likes to move around, had never suggested it, and Milis was not that interested in it, but they had heard that the theater had box seats for the nobles, and he thought it might be a good idea.

 (It really attracts people’s attention…)

 When Milis and Alvin were on a date, she often felt people glancing at her. So, it’s hard to relax and enjoy a date when they are attracting more attention than necessary. However, if the seats are in a box, there is no need to worry about that.

 That’s why, at the request of Milis, they decided to go to the theater together on this double date.

 While Alvin and Milis are sitting side by side, Shinji, who is sitting next to Renka, is sighing.

 ”Shinji, you look sleepy, are you okay?”

 ”Yeah… I just stayed up too late. I’m fine”

 Alvin, who had no idea that Shinji had been embracing Christina, replied with a sleepy look on his face.

 ”Geez, you must have been reading a book or something”

 ”I’m sorry…”

 Shinji apologizes to Renka, who strikes an angry pose. She’s not really mad at him, it’s more of a joke. To the casual observer, they look like they’re flirting.

 ”Al-kun, don’t fall asleep, okay?”

 ”I know it. Then, what is the story?”

 ”Well, it’s a love story… about a man and a woman born from opposing forces who love each other and face various difficulties…”


 Milis had studied the play beforehand, and talked about it eloquently. Alvin wasn’t really interested in the play, but his girlfriend (Milis) seemed to be enjoying it, so he became interested as if he followed her.

 ”I heard the story has a good rating, so it should be interesting…!”

 ”I’m looking forward to it, Mil”


 While they are talking, the carriage arrives at the theater. Then, Alvin and the others were enjoying the play without worrying about being seen.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 After a peaceful double date during the day, Alvin and the others return to the Wolf residence for dinner. Afterwards, Alvin decides to relax with Milis in the couple’s room.

 Alvin and Milis’s maids leave early to give them some time alone, and Alvin hugs Milis in his arms, sharing the warmth of their bed.

 ”Finally, tomorrow…”

 ”Yes… let’s do our best, Al-kun… ♡”

 After finishing their lovemaking, the two remain naked, and Alvin hugs Milis’ attractive body under the covers. Alvin is now completely absorbed in the act of making love to her. Milis, too, is filled with excitement at Alvin’s desire.

 However, human beings get used to it. So, now that it had been a while since the <Netorare Play>, it was understandable that he was thinking of more extreme methods. As if to disperse such insolent thoughts, Alvin continued the conversation.

 ”When we reach the middle layer of Hateyama… I want to go back to my hometown and properly greet mother-in-law and father-in-law”

 ”Yes. I think they’ll be happy to see you. I’ve been so busy, I’ve only been able to write to them”

 Alvin pats Milis’ head as she giggles. As he does that, Milis recalled that she had written to her parent to inform them that Alvin had been made an honorary knight, but the reply had been so surprised that the words she read were all shaky.

* * *

 ”Let’s have a ceremony with just our relatives”

 ”Yes. I’ve already fulfilled my dream of becoming Al-kun’s wife, but I want my mom and dad to see me in my dress. I hope Renka can do it with you…”

 ”Oh… it’s going to be tough, but Shinji will have to work hard!”

 Alvin thought of Renka’s parents, and gave Shinji a heartfelt shout. It’s up to Shinji to decide whether or not they will have the joint wedding that Milis wants, but he seems like he can handle it.

 ”I think Shinji will do well”

 ”That’s true. I really think so, too. There’s the whole playing thing and everything… Thanks to Shinji, everything’s running smoothly”

 ”And because of Al-kun’s hard work as leader! I think we’ve come this far because we’ve all worked hard”

 ”Mil…! That’s right! It’s all of us”

 Milis’ encouragement made Alvin happy, and he hugged her tightly. Milis looks up at Alvin from her arms and puts her lips to his ear.

 ”I want to reward you for your hard work Al-kun… ♡ Is there anything you want me to do for you?”

 Her words left him speechless. The mention of Shinji’s name had brought up an insolent thought that he had tried to brush away. Alvin wondered if he should say it.

 ”Al-kun… don’t worry… ♡ I would do anything for you, Al-kun… ♡”

 Milis, sensing his hesitation, whispers sweetly. As in the <Netorare Play>, her words were the final push.

 ”Next time… during the next play, I want to see, not a shadow. I want to see Mil’s erotic figure”

 ”Then next time, watch me carefully, okay?”

 An embarrassed and shy Milis nodded to Alvin’s wish. With those words alone, Alvin’s thing regained its strength. His body is so honest.

 Alvin, who has a twisted love for his beloved to be embraced by another man, cherishes Milis more for loving him as deeply as she does.

 (No matter what happens, I will protect Milis)

 Alvin makes a promise to himself and kisses Milis’s lips.

 And with that, volume 9 comes to an end.

 At last, the Goddess and Christina are within reach. The next part will be Hateyama.

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