Wizard 36

Chapter 36 Special Magic Training

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 The next day, <Running Wolves>, who had acquired special magic, came to the outskirts of <Medio Town> with Emily.

 The purpose was, of course, to train in special magic.

 ”Then let’s try to use it right away! I’ll go first!”

 ”So, everyone, let’s move back. It’s not safe.”

 Shinji smiled bitterly at Alvin, who wanted to be the first to try it out without hiding his excitement, and stepped back.

 ”Al-kun, be careful.”

 ”Mil, can I be next after Al?

 ”I’m fine. …What about you, Shinji-san?”

 Shinji shook his head.

 ”I’ll go last, Milis, after you.”

 ”Thank you.”

 The remaining three discussed as they backed away to a certain distance.

 It was decided that Renka, Milis, and Shinji would try it out in that order, while Emily finished setting up the target.

 ”Alvin! Today we’re going to use it normally! If you can’t do the basics, you’ll never be able to use my techniques!”

 ”Yes, Master!!”

 It’s no wonder that the two of them are on the same wavelength.

 Alvin held up his great sword and Emily moved away from the humanoid target.


 He slashes down diagonally from the shoulder.

 At the moment of swinging down, a blue blade extended from Alvin’s great sword. Its length is several meters, and it creates enough length to reach the target where the blade should not reach.

 The blade passed through the space between the shoulder and waist of the humanoid, leaving a clear trail on the target.

 ”…Damn! I knew it was good! <Magic Blade>!”

 ”Alvin, how’s the magic consumption?”

 ”It’s not a problem!”

 Alvin clenched his fist and rejoiced at the fact that he had hit the target.

 Emily checked Alvin’s consumption of magic power, but Alvin did not appear to be fatigued. Originally, the magic is activated only at the moment of slashing, so there is little consumption.

 ”Then use it continuously for a while! You must know how long it takes for you to reach your limit, because you’ll be using it in together with <Self-Strengthening Magic>!”

 ”I understand! Master!!”

 Alvin did as he was told and began to continue his test slashing.

 ”Emily, I’ll leave Alvin to you. I’ll do the same.”

 ”All right!”

 Shinji was impressed with Emily who was doing what a good teacher should do. If he listens to the conversation from a distance, he’ll hear onomatopoeia flying around as usual, but it makes him smile to see Emily acting like a good teacher. (*Note: Onomatopoeia is the process of creating a word that phonetically imitates, resembles, or suggests the sound that it describes. It’s like using *sfx sound to explain something.)

 (Emily, who used to be a troublemaker, has become a great person…)

 In his mind, he’s a cousin who’s happy to see her relatives grow up.

 ”Well, Renka. Shall you give it a try?”

 ”Okay. Well, I’ll just shoot it for now.”

 Renka put an arrow in her bow.

 She shot the arrow when it was enveloped in a glow of blue magic.

 The arrow passed by the target, but from there it turned in a wide curve. And then the arrow hit the center of the target from behind.

 ”… <Tracking> can do things that are impossible with techniques”

 ”If you pay attention, you’ll see that the more magic you put into it, the more flexible it becomes, so it’s a magic that requires a lot of application.”

 ”That was a great trajectory, Renka-chan!”

 ”Thank you, Mil. I need to get used to it to see how far I can go with how much magic power I have.”

 Renka set up her bow again.

 Shinji and Milis decided to leave Renka, who had begun to concentrate alone.

 Shinji prepares a target for Milis’ magic when he moves out of the way from Alvin and Renka’s training.

 ”<Holy Sword> is a magic that works against monster. Let’s give it a try for now.”

 ”…I understand.”

 Even when the two of them were alone, Shinji’s attitude remained exactly the same as before.

 It was as if they never had a s*xual relationship at all. However, Milis’ body remembers the intense s*x she had with Shinji. It was an overwhelming pleasure that she would never forget…

 Milis regained her composure and readied her staff. She took a deep breath and pointed the tip of his staff at the target.

 ”It is the sword that will avenge the demons. Receive the judgment of heaven <Holy Sword>!”

 A white shining great sword was released from the tip of the staff.

 A sword about the same size as the one Alvin uses stands in the middle of the target. The aurora overflowed from the tip of the sword and dazzlingly illuminated the surroundings.

 ”I’ve heard that it’s possible to change the size of a great sword. Maybe it’s because you shot it with the image of Alvin’s big sword that you’re familiar with, so it might have been that size. It is a magic that can be tested in many ways.”

 After a few moments of being hit, the shining great sword disappears into thin air…

 Shinji’s face was very serious as he observed and analyzed the magic.

 ”…I’ll try a few things.”

 ”Oh, I hope you do. I’ll take a look around at Alvin and Renka.”

 ”All right”

 Milis couldn’t understand Shinji anymore.

 Shinji is very reliable as the party’s wizard. He’s also a good advisor on magic, and even though he’s her s*x friend, he’s serious when it comes to adventuring. He also seems to keep his promises, and there’s no sign of his secret being exposed.

 Is Shinji a good person? Or is he a bad person? Milis had no idea.

 Shinji left Milis and walked towards Arvin and the others.

 As Milis watched him walk away, she had a complicated look on her face.

* * *

 When Alvin, Milis and Renka had used their magic to some extent, they all gathered again. They all seemed to be feeling the benefits of the training, and all three had good expressions on their faces.

 ”I guess we don’t need to reapply.”

 ”Oh! I’ll just have to get better at using it!”

 ”You’re right. I guess I’ll just keep trying for now.”

 It seems that the same opinion as Renka, and Milis nodded.

 ”Then let’s have Alvin accept the next quest.”

 ”That’s right! we need to start saving up again.”

 Alvin lowered his eyebrows, remembering that he had spent a good amount of money on the expedition of the desert city.

 ”What are you going to do, Emily?”

 ”I’ll be working solo. I don’t want to form another party. It’s fun to be with Shinji and the others for now ♪”


 ”It’s too intense…”


 Emily answers with a smile, and Alvin shakes her hand firmly.

 Renka and Milis looked on with nothing but bitter smiles on their faces.

 ”If so, I will summon Freri and end today’s training.”

 ”That’s right!”

 ”I’ve been looking forward to it!”

 Alvin and Milis replied cheerfully. Renka is waiting in a watchful stance, while Emily remains as normal since she has met her before.

 ”Come… Freri”

 Shinji calls out her name and a magic circle appears next to him.

 A girl emerged from the glow.

 A girl with green hair and skin, wearing a white dress and with a pretty face, is the main body of Freri. She is about the same height as Milis, but her body shape is less bumpy, and together with her face, she looks younger.

 With a hazy expression on her face, she picked at the sleeves of Shinji’s clothes, a gesture that suited her very well.

 ”Wahhh! So cute…”

 Milis’s heart was shot out by the adorable look.

 Freri moved away from Shinji and approached Milis, who beckoned her to come and see her.

 Gyu~ ♪ Milis hugged Freri with a tight hug.

 Freri’s face was expressionless, but a flower bloomed in her green hair.

 ”I’m not sure if that makes her happy or…?”

 ”She’s always been so quiet, even when she was an alter ego.”

 Shinji smiled and affirmed to Arvin and Renka, who tilted their heads.

 ”She’s been like that for a long time. She’s a good kid, though, so you should be able to rely on her!”

 ”That’s true. I’m sure you’ll understand that soon enough.”

 Shinji nodded in agreement with Emily’s assurances.

 ”That’s right!”

 ”Mil, how long are you going to hug her?”

 ”Because she’s so cute…!”

 ”Good for you, Freri. You must be glad to hear that from Milis, you’re so cute.”

 Shinji tried to talk to Freri, but there was no reaction.


 ”Can you say something?”

 Shinji’s face was troubled, and Alvin and Renka both laughed.

 In the end, Freri remained in Milis’s arms until Shinji sent her back.

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