Wizard 37

Chapter 37 Milis Falls ・ Part One

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 The day after the training was a rest day.

 Alvin said he had something to do and went out in the morning.

 Renka did the same, and left the inn in the morning.

 As for Milis, who was left alone, well…

 ”Ya~, Milis.”

 She accepted Shinji’s call and met him at the meeting place.

 The place is a residential street that is one street away from the main street where the store is located.

 ”I also wanted to talk to you about something.”

 Milis wore a robe that covered her face. Probably because she was concerned about the eyes around her. Milis didn’t want to be seen in this deserted street.

 ”I’m glad you’re here. We can talk calmly.”

 Shinji said and took out his key. He used it to open the door of the house where they were meeting.

 Shinji walked through the front door and looked back at Milis.

 ”Can you come in?”

 ”Um… what is this place?”

 ”My secret base.”


 Shinji laughed and walked into the house. Milis is unsure of what to do, but she has no choice but to follow Shinji into the house.

 When she went through the door, she found herself in a neat little one-room apartment.

 It was a quiet room with a mini-kitchen, a double bed, and minimal furniture such as a desk and chair. There were also two doors.

 While Shinji closed the front door, Milis opened the rest of the doors.

 It led to a room with a toilet and a bathroom.

 This house had been bought by Shinji when he earned money from a previous party.

 The house is kept clean by a cleaning service, but it is basically unused. He hadn’t visited the house since he had trained Nanaka there.

 This house is Shinji’s s*x-only hideout.

 ”I’m going to make a pot of tea, so just sit down and enjoy it.”

 As soon as Shinji started to boil the water, Milis sat quietly in the chair. There was silence for a while.

 After a few moments of silence, Milis made up her mind and opened her mouth.

 ”Shinji-san… which one is the real Shinji-san?”

 ”What do you mean?”

 The expression was so abstract that Shinji, who was looking at the kettle, answered Milis’ question with a question without looking back.

 ”I thought that Shinji-san was a reliable wizard at parties. But… I slept with you… twice, albeit caused by myself. And after that… you made me your s*x friend… That’s not good.”

 ”Un, and then?”

 Feeling Milis’s gaze on his back, Shinji urged her onward.

 ”…But normally, you do a lot of good things for the party. Are you a good person, Shinji-san? Or are you a bad person?”

 ”I can only say that I’m both.”

 Shinji looks back and smiles at Milis, who looks at him as if she wants him to be a good person.

 When the fire was extinguished, Shinji and Milis met each other’s gaze, and the aphrodisiac magic in her vagina began to slowly bring Milis into heat.

 ”I’m just keeping my private and public life separate, you know. As an adventurer, it’s only natural to work with integrity. I also like Alvin and Renka. It’s true that I want to be friends with them.”

 Shinji slowly approached Milis. Milis was unable to move as Shinji looked at her with a different mood.

 The male vibe that she felt during s*x is flooding through Shinji, and Milis is starting to come into heat, her body remembering the pleasure she has given in to.

 ”I had s*x with Milis, and it was very good, wasn’t it? I wanted to have more s*x with you, so I asked you to be my s*x friend. We’ll have to keep it a secret from your boyfriend, Alvin, right?”

 ”That’s so…selfish…!”

 Milis retorts stubbornly while her cheeks turn red and she is breathing hard.

 ”Isn’t Milis the same?”

 ”W, what do you mean? ♡”

 Shinji bends down and looks into Milis’s face. Milis who is in heat has averted her gaze from Shinji as if in shame.

 Shinji’s hand grasps Milis’s rich breasts.

 The sweet pleasure made Milis moan involuntarily.

 ”You seduced me twice, didn’t you? Isn’t Milis selfish for having unfaithful s*x with me three times without telling Alvin?”

 ”Ah~ ♡ That’s… ♡ Nn~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Don’t tease my nipples~ ♡”

 While being rubbed, Milis’s nipples had hardened to the point where they could be easily located even through her clothes. When Shinji pinched her nipples, Milis turned her body towards him in pleasure.

 ”You like adventure, you like to feel good, you’re selfish. See, you’re just like me.”

 ”Hah~ ♡ Hah~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ I’m… ♡ Ah~ ♡ Fuh~ ♡♡”

 Milis can’t immediately deny Shinji’s words.

 It is impossible to think properly with thoughts that have been tainted by pleasure, and Shinji’s caresses are driving Milis further and further into a corner.

 Her secret parts were dripping with love juice, and her underwear was already wet. She could not help but let out a sweet moan when Shinji’s fingers rubbed her clitoris.

 ”Do you realize it? Milis is a naughty girl. I’m going to make you more aware of it today.”

 ”No~ ♡ Ah~ Ah~ ♡ Cumming… ♡♡”

 When Shinji pinched her clitoris, Milis climaxed lightly with a charming voice ♡. The aphrodisiac spell continues to fuel Milis’s lust, and the light orgasm only serves to ignite her libido.

 Shinji pulls Milis out of the chair and sits her on the desk, pushing her down. He pulls off his pants and underwear, exposing his big, fully erect p*nis, which he presses against Milis’s private parts.

 (I have to say no… ♡ I have to decline… ♡)

 Milis had a horny look on her face.

 Milis is trembling with pleasure just from Shinji rubbing his p*nis against her underwear. Her whole vagina tingled with desire for Shinji’s p*nis.

 Shinji continued to tease… watching with a nasty smile as Milis wriggled and swayed her hips.

 ”Milis, look to the side.”

 ”Eh… ♡ Ah… ♡ This… ♡”

 When she turned her head to the side as she was told, there is a mirror there.

 Milis knows what she looks like now.

 (I… ♡ have such a nasty face…♡)

 Her underwear was removed and his p*nis was placed on her secret area.

 Milis sees her face dyed with happiness, and finally accepts Shinji’s words.

 Milis finally accepts Shinji’s words, that she is a naughty girl who is into cheating s*x.

 ”I’m going to insert it.”


 Milis couldn’t reject Shinji anymore.

 Milis was not able to reject Shinji any longer, as his cheating cock is inserted through her slippery vaginal passage and deep into her vagina. Milis continued to look at the mirror, her back slumping in the thrill of the pleasure. Her face appeared in the mirror with the expression of a happy woman.

 ”…I guess you finally get it.”

 ”It’s not true…♡ I’m not this kind of girl…♡ I’m sorry, Al-kun…♡ I’m sorry for being such a naughty girl… ♡”

 Milis’s vagina is rubbed by Shinji’s p*nis as she apologized in a whisper to Alvin. Then, a strong wave of pleasure washed away Alvin’s presence from Milis’ head…

 ”Let’s have lots of fun today.”

 ”Uh~… ♡ That’s~… ♡”

 Milis’s body trembled with joy at Shinji’s pronouncement.

 (I… ♡ Already… ♡ …Cannot against it… ♡)

 The long day for Shinji and Milis had just begun.

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