Wizard 364

Chapter 364 Let’s Go To the Hateyama Branch Office!

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 It is the most dangerous place on the continent.

 The rugged mountain environment is harsh, and the weather is somehow unstable and changes frequently. The monsters that live there are varied, ranging from goblins to demons and dragons. Even the goblins are considered to be unpredictable because they have adapted to Hateyama’s environment, making it the most dangerous place in the world.

 However, it is also true that there are precious ores and medicinal herbs that are worth the danger. Not only the <IbukigusaBreath Plant> that Alvin’s parents searched for in their request, there are many things that can only be found in the Hateyama area, such as special medicines for certain diseases.

* * *

 For this reason, Hateyama is recognized as a difficult place that even high-ranking adventurers hesitate to enter unless they have a good reason. Because it is located in a remote area further north from the royal Town of <Nord>, the adventurer’s guild usually monitors the area and periodically patrols the lower layers to check for any abnormalities.

 In case of an emergency, in order to be able to dispatch personnel immediately, the biggest branch of the Adventurer’s Guild has a magic circle that can transfer to the branch of the Adventurer’s Guild located at the foot of Hateyama.

 The <Medio> branch also has a magic circle, and Alvin and the others have received permission to use it from the guild leader, Gildeo, and have paid money for it.

 ”I wish you well. And return from the mountain before dark”

 The magic circle is located next to the guild leader’s room, which is usually locked. The key is only in the possession of the branch chief, Gildeo, and so Alvin and the others are sent off with Gildeo’s encouragement.

 ”Yes! We’ll try not to do anything reckless”


 While Alvin was talking to Gildeo, Shinji is looking at the magic circle. A magic circle that would make it possible to travel long distances from <Medio> to <Hateyama>. Shinji thinks that only the Valencia family, who have been studying teleportation magic, could have made such a magic circle.

 (…Well, thanks for letting me use it)

 There is no doubt that this magic circle is useful, and Shinji, who keeps his personal feelings inside, moves first and gets on top of the magic circle. He is followed by Renka and Milis, and finally Alvin enters the magic circle.

 ”I’ve already spoken to the other side. Give my regards to the <Hateyama> branch”

 ”All right. I’m off!”

 With Alvin’s reply, the magic circle on the floor shines. In that glow, Alvin and the others are teleported.

 <Running Wolves> are transported to a spacious hall. There are many magic circles scattered around the simple, unadorned room with wooden walls, a wooden ceiling, and a wooden floor. Looking around, there is only one door.

 With nothing but a magic circle in the room, it was no wonder that Milis is puzzled.

 ”So, this is the <Hateyama> branch?”

 ”Anyway, let’s go outside”

 With that said, Alvin moves toward the door. Milis, Renka, and Shinji follow behind him, but Shinji keeps his eyes on the magic circle around him. Most of the magic circles are similar, with only a few differences, so he could guess that these magic circles are connected to branches other than <Medio>.

 ”Maybe this room is a teleportation room that leads to other places”

 ”If that’s the case, does that mean we can go to other places through here? Oh, but we need the guild leader’s permission to use the magic circle, so… that’s impossible”

 ”I don’t think so, unless there’s a special reason”

 Renka turns to Shinji, who is speculating. Renka’s words are correct, the guild’s rules stipulate that, except in exceptional cases, magic circles leading directly to Hateyama can only be used from the branch where the adventuring party is based. Alvin and the others didn’t find out about this until a little later.

* * *

 While Shinji and Renka are talking, Alvin and Milis are the first to open the door and leave the teleportation room. The place beyond the door is similar to the hall of the adventurer’s guild in <Medio>, though it is also simple.

 However, there is no adventurer in sight, just a lone woman in an adventurer’s guild uniform sitting at the counter, silently reading a book. The blue-haired woman, who is turning the pages with no expression on her face, had a very well-defined face that made her look picturesque. Therefore, Alvin is hesitant to speak to her. But, when she noticed the presence of Alvin and the others, her gaze lifted from the book.

 ”Good morning. Are you members from <Running Wolves>?”

 While she said so, she closed the book in her hand and stood up from her chair. Her voice is so clear that Alvin, who had forgotten when to speak to her, finally opened his mouth and walked up to the counter.

 ”Good morning! That’s right. We’re <Running Wolves> from Medio!”

 ”…Yes, I see”

 After checking Alvin’s adventurer’s card, the guild official bowed lightly as she looked at Alvin and the others in turn.

 ”Welcome to the <Hateyama> branch. Ladies and gentlemen from the <Running Wolves>”

 ”T-Thank you very much!”

 Alvin stuttered at her flat expression, wondering if she is really welcoming them. He feels the need to continue the conversation, but he can’t keep up with the words. As if to help him, Milis speaks to the guild staff.

 ”Um, are you alone…? Are there any other staff members…?”

 ”They’re all out. As you can see, there are no adventurers here, so there is little paperwork to be done. Most of the <Hateyama> branch’s staff are either out monitoring Hateyama or spending their time training themselves”

 ”I see… thank you very much…”

 Milis thanked the guild staff for her explanation, but was unable to expand on the topic due to the flat look in her eyes as she refused to say more than necessary.

 The conversation died down and silence fell. Even Renka is lost as to what to say, and even Shinji is speechless. All four of them are wondering as to why they have only one unsociable staff member at the counter.

 ”…Please forgive me. I’m Iren. I’m usually in charge of the archive room. If you need anything, just ask in the archives”

 ”Oh, so you’re here on behalf of…?”

 ”Yes. The branch head is usually here. I apologize for my inexperience”

 There is no change in Iren’s facial expression as she answered Renka’s question in the affirmative. But the word “forgive” doesn’t ring false, and Alvin and the others begin to wonder if she’s just not a good on talking. Just when they though that–

 ”O-Oi! Iren, I’m sorry! I’m late!”

 A panicked man’s voice echoed through the hall.

 First to the Hateyama branch.

 Ire-san from the archives.

 She works for the Adventurer’s Guild, but she’s not a good communicator. She’s not a good at talking.

 A blue-haired woman with a beautiful, clear voice.

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