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Chapter 365 Dialogue with Hateyama Branch Guild Leader

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 A man came rushing towards Alvin and Iren. He looked to be in his early forties, with a toned body, neat short black hair, and an austere but well-shaped face. Since his clothes had the same design as <Medio> Branch Leader Gildeo, Alvin and the others immediately understood his position.

 ”Branch leader?”

 ”Oh, I’m sorry, Iren-kun. I’ll take over from here. Thank you for keeping watch”

 ”Don’t worry about it. I’ll be going now. If you need anything else, please come to the archives”

 ”Yes, thank you, Iren-san!”

 With that said, Iren walked out from the counter, switching places with the branch leader who slipped into the counter. Then, with a slight bow, Iren said goodbye and walked away from the counter.

 Alvin and the others felt that she was really not good with people, because after hearing the branch leader’s voice and seeing his face, her expressionless face softened as if it was a lie.

* * *

 ”I’m sorry. Something came up that required me to leave the office. Also, we apologize for our staff”

 ”No, it’s not a problem! Please don’t worry about it”

 Thus, there was no need to be angry and they accepted the branch leader’s apology with open arms.

 ”Once again, thank you for coming. I’m the Hateyama Branch Leader’s Mizer (マイザー). Gildeo has told me all about you”

 ”I’m Alvin from <Running Wolves>! This is my friends Shinji, Milis, and Renka”

 ”””Nice to meet you”””

 Shinji and the others bowed their heads as Alvin introduced them. Mizer nodded, impressed by their politeness, just as Gildeo had told him.

 ”Yeah, nice to meet you. Generally, I’ll be here. Just give me a shout and I’ll deal with it. I may have to leave if there’s a problem, as there was before”

 ”A problem?”

 ”Yeah. I just got a message from a staff member who’s monitoring the lower layers. There’s been a fierce territorial dispute between the monsters in the east. It would be best not to go east for the time being since the monsters are on a rampage”

 As he speaks, Mizer takes out a simple map of Hateyama from the back and spreads it out on the counter.

 The map is a bird’s eye view of the mountain’s large animal trails, rivers, swamps, and valleys, with their current location, the Hateyama branch, as its base point.

 However, the information is mainly about the <Lower Layer>, with little information about the <Middle Layer>, and almost nothing about the <Upper Layer>.

 Mizer taps his finger on the map around the lake to the east of the <Lower Layer>, and tells them the information they should be wary of.

 ”I see… I will do that”

 ”The higher up you go, the less the path is marked.”

 Unlike Alvin and the others, who nodded in agreement with Mizer’s point, Shinji looked at the map with an eye to the challenge he would eventually face. The amount of writing on the map is clearly different between the <Lower Layer> and <Middle Layer>. The <Middle Layer> had a small section, and <Upper layer> did not have any roads that looked like roads.

 ”Well… the monsters above the <Middle Layer> are quite ferocious. It’s hard to make a path. Although the path has been marked according to the testimonies of adventurers who have climbed it, as you can see, there haven’t been any adventurers who have climbed to the <Upper Layer> for several years now”

 ”I see…”

 ”Well, that’s a sign that the world is stable. If the resources of <Hateyama> are not needed, there will be no one to climb. As long as we keep a close watch, we can maintain the status quo”

 The policy of the Adventurer’s Guild and <Zia Kingdom> is that Hateyama is beyond human control and that they will not interfere any more than necessary. The leader of the guild, Mizer, is also dedicated to following this policy strictly.

 And from his own past experience of climbing the Hateyama, he believes that the country’s policies are appropriate, so he maintains a calm stance towards the young, bloodthirsty staff and adventurers.

* * *

 ”Please put your own life first. That’s all I can say as an experienced adventurer”

 ”So Branch Leader Mizer was also an adventurer”

 ”Hmm? Yeah. I used to fight in the same party as Gildeo. I wouldn’t be the branch leader here if I wasn’t”

 Mizer affirmed Milis’ words, but for a moment MIlis couldn’t understand what he was saying. The fact that he was at the same party as Gildeo meant that there was a big possibility that he was the same age as Gildeo… in his fifties. Although he did not look so young but not too old.

 ”Branch Leader Mizer, how old are you…?”



 Alvin’s question is answered by Mizer with a laugh. His age is as expected, but it’s so different from how he looks that Milis and Renka are surprised.

 ”I think you look 40 years old…”

 ”I’ve been told that a lot. But my physical strength is reasonable… I still feel weak compared to the past, though”

 He says this, and his body is toned and well trained. This is one of the reasons why he looks younger. Even though he feels he is declining, he has no intention of losing to younger staff members even if it is for a short time, and so he is working harder than them. I’m sure if any of them heard what Mizer said, they would question it.

 ”Well, that’s a bit off topic…. The maps for loan are on the shelf over there. Make sure you bring it with you when you leave”


 ”Well then…”

 Once again, Mizer looks over at Alvin and the others.

 ”Hateyama is a really dangerous mountain. Make sure you have enough time to get down before dark. We’ll be waiting for you to come back safely”

 A gentle voice, sincerely wishing the Running Wolves well. Alvin and the others responded with cheerful voices, accepting Mizer’s wishes.

 The handsome uncle, Branch Leader Mizer.

 He must have been very popular in his youth. Although there is a certain austerity that comes with age.

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