Wizard 370

Chapter 370 Running Wolves and Research

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 After finishing the morning’s “fun”, Shinji and Renka join Alvin and Milis for breakfast without a care in the world. Alvin doesn’t notice at all, but Milis, who is a woman herself, notices Renka’s slightly glamorous appearance and inwardly envies her.

 (I wish Al-kun would have asked me out…)

 Milis stares at Alvin with this thought. But Alvin is looking forward to the reward that was promised to him after climbing the middle layer, and he thinks that he will have to wait until the reward. If that is the case, he would not have asked her. The two of them are having a subtle misunderstanding.

 ”Alvin and Milis, let’s go to the archive room today. Yesterday, Renka and I looked at some information, and it was a report by an adventurer who climbed the Hateyama in the past. I think it will be useful for us”

 ”I see. Then I’ll read it too. All right”

 ”Then we’ll all be reading today, Al-kun”

 ”Yeah! Then let’s eat quickly!”

 Alvin and Milis nodded, accepting Shinji’s suggestion.

 After finishing their breakfast, Alvin and the others left the dining hall, passed through the hall of the Adventurer’s Guild where Mizer stayed, and headed for the archive room. When Alvin and the others made eye contact with Mizer, they bowed lightly and entered the archive room.

 Alvin feels Mizer’s gaze on him intensely and tilts his head inwardly, but he doesn’t know why. Shinji and Renka, who know the reason, can tell that he is worried that Iren will tell the truth about his parents, but since has decided to keep it a secret, he pretends not to know.

 ”…Isn’t he staring at me a lot?”

 ”Yes. Maybe he’s just observing us because we’re new here”

 Shinji falsely replied to Alvin who was whispering.

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 Shinji and Renka, who came here yesterday, are unconcerned, but Alvin and Milis, who entered the room for the first time, show their surprise at the crowded bookshelves. Today, not only Iren and Alvin are in the archive room, but there are also a few people here and there. From their clothes, they are the staff of the Hatayama branch.

 Entertainment in the Hateyama branch is scarce, partly due to its remote location. And so, the employees spend their days off reading, training, eating and drinking. Their greatest pastime is to go out to the town to play using the teleportation magic circle that is activated once every six days, in the morning and in the evening, and they enjoy their vacations in rotation.

 ”Good morning, Iren-san”

 ”Good morning. Are you looking at the records again today?”

 Shinji called out to Iren, feeling the stares of the staff around him. Her voice was as flat and expressionless as yesterday’s, but her eyes met his, and she knew exactly what he wanted.

 ”Yes. The four of us would like to browse today, is that okay?”

 ”Of course. Please be quiet in the archive room”

 Iren’s gaze shifts from Shinji to Alvin. Her gaze seems to have a different color from the day before, probably because Shinji knows what’s going on. It’s easy to guess that she’s holding back her desire to thank Alvin, the son of her benefactor.

 ”All right, then. Have a nice day”

 Shinji bowed lightly and walked towards the back bookshelf. Alvin, Milis, and Renka followed him. As Alvin turned his back, Iren could only stare in silence. She did not have the heart to go back on her promise to Mizer.

 On the other hand, Milis, who is the same gender as Iren, sensitively notices the change in her gaze. However, there is no passion like infatuation, and she is unable to grasp her intentions.

 (I wonder… I thought we only met yesterday…)

 Having no idea, Milis stopped thinking for a moment. For now, she concentrates on reading the adventurer’s report and turns her attention to the bookshelf. Still, as a precaution, she wrapped her arm around Alvin’s arm as a check.

 ”Mil, what’s wrong?”

 ”No, not really. Al-kun, want to pick a book?”

 Alvin smiles and nods as Milis looks up at him, smiling. Alvin nodded and smiled as Milis looked up at him with a smile. Renka looked at them with half-lidded eyes as they openly flirted, but said nothing.

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 ”My eyes are tired…”

 Alvin’s reading habit had come to an end by the end of the morning. This is due to the fact that he is not accustomed to reading, and Shinji is impressed with his ability to keep it up. That’s how serious Alvin is about conquering Hateyama.

 ”Well, let’s have lunch soon. We’ll be on our own this afternoon, okay?”

 ”Yeah…. Is that okay with Mil and Renka?”

 Alvin said and the girls nodded. Milis gently pats Alvin’s head as he plops down on the table, exhausted.

 ”Al-kun, you did a great job”

 ”Really. I can’t believe Al’s read so many books…”

 ”I definitely want to reach the middle layer. So, I want to do everything I can. And I’m going to move around this afternoon so I can stay limber, what about you?”

 Alvin looks up and over at Shinji and the others as Milis pats him. He had a point, and Shinji thought he should get moving too.

 ”I’ll join you. How about you, Renka?”

 ”Yeah, I’ll move with Al and the others”

 ”Me too. Let’s all get some exercise after lunch”

 In agreement with Milis’ cheerful voice, <Running Wolves> leave their seats. Iren watches them quietly as they return their books and leave the room.

 (He really doesn’t know about his parents’ achievements…)

 The achievements and accomplishments of Alvin’s parents in Iren’s heart cannot be surpassed by just fetching a single <Breath Plant>. And Iren lets out a small sigh, thinking that it is not a good idea to ask so much from a man who may not have any knowledge of the matter.

 (I’m a guild employee… the public is more important than me…)

 To cover up the bother in her heart, Iren stands up. She also sets out the lunchbox she brought with her on the table.

 <Running Wolves> is doing some research.

 Alvin doesn’t like to read, but he tries his best to read through the report. Even though he is not good at it, Alvin is very serious.

 Iren is not fully convinced, but she is following Mizer’s advice and keeping quiet for now.

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