Wizard 371

Chapter 371 Second Time at Hateyama

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 The next day, they went to the lower layer of Hateyama for the second time.

 The party of six, including Freri and Flair along with Alvin and the other <Running Wolves>, are making good progress. As they had done last time, they are exploring the western part of the lower layer.

 In the previous adventure, the goal was to search for Mamonomonsters and fight them in order to get used to the environment of Hateyama, but this time it is different. They are searching for a route to the middle layer.

 And now, Alvin and the others took up a position where the sky was open and they had a good view of the surroundings. While Freri takes care of the surrounding area, Renka uses a special magic.

* * *

 ”<Eagle’s Eye>”

 Under the effect of this magic, Renka begins to explore the surrounding terrain. Because she has to look far away, she is defenseless. So, while Renka focus on her magic, Alvin and the others keep an eye out for monster attacks.

 (There’s a lot of nature… and trees, and a lot of places I don’t know… It’s a big job, I have to keep an eye on it)

 Relying on what Renka has seen and what’s going on, they’re going to choose a route to the middle layer, and it’s no exaggeration to say that she holds the fate of <Running Wolves> in her hands. However, if she takes too long, the monsters may come to her. Therefore, Renka quickly checks her surroundings.

 ”…It’s no good. If we go to the middle layer from here, it’ll be all forest-like”

 ”Then it’s no good…. Okay, let’s go to the next place!”


 After hearing Renka’s words, Alvin makes a decision that everyone follows.

 The goal of Alvin and the others is to collect the <Breath Plant>

 And from the information in the documents, they came to the conclusion that the place where the <Breath Plant> grows naturally is a place where “the wind blows, a place like a steep cliff, very sunny, and full of low vegetation like a meadow”.

 Therefore, Alvin and his team decided to use Renka’s <Eagle’s Eye> to search for a suitable location in the middle layer. However, it’s not that easy to find, and they have been changing the location many times.

 ”Renka, I’ll give you my magic”

 ”Yes. Thank you, Shinji”

 Shinji uses <Mana Link> to share his magic with Renka, who is exhausted. And thanks to Freri’s growth, Shinji has more energy to spare, so he shares as much of his magic as Renka consumes. While feeling a pleasant sensation of warmth from within, Renka raises her eyebrows and complains.

 ”It’s just the same old scenery… I wonder if there are any in the West”

 ”I’m pretty sure that’s what the report said. Maybe it’s on the middle layer, but closer to the upper layer”

 ”I think the report said that there are more tall trees in the west”

 ”Maybe we should go to the eastern part. Isn’t the monster’s territory dispute settled?”

 ”That’s right. That’s what Mizer-san said”

 Alvin and the others had heard from Mizer, whom they had met in the morning before leaving the Hateyama branch, that the monsters’ territorial dispute in the eastern part of the lower layer had ended. Providing adventurers with the information gathered from the branch staff is also the job of the branch leader.

 ”High goblins and high kobolds, right? The population seems to have decreased, and if we stay away from the eastern lake where the monsters are based, we won’t be surrounded by hordes”

 According to the report of the staff, the hordes of monster that have been reduced by the fight are on the defensive and are not moving much. So, agreeing with Alvin’s opinion, Milis questioned Shinji as he unfolded the map of the lower layer.

 ”There are a lot of report of the <Breath Plant> in the eastern part, right?”

 ”Yes. Technically, it’s between the north and the east, but I think it’s already too late to go through the north to the east”

 ”Right. We’ve spent a lot of time exploring in the west”

 They’ve been exploring all morning and it’s almost noon. So, considering the time it takes to get back, turning back is an option. For a moment, Alvin ponders, but then quickly makes a decision.

 ”Let’s continue exploring the west today. The east will have to wait until next time”

 ”Safety first, Al-kun!”

 Alvin nodded with a smile at Milis’ cheerful voice.

 Shinji and Renka had no objections, and they continued their search of the western part of the Town until evening. In the end, the <Running Wolves> arrived back at the Hateyama branch without any injuries, though they did not achieve anything worthwhile.

* * *

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 When they returned to the Hateyama branch, Alvin and the others are having dinner.

 In the archive room, Iren is looking through two reports, one from last time and one from this time. The reports are based on the reports of the <Running Wolves> that Mizer had listened to, and she will write the rest of the reports and keep them as documents. It’s Iren’s job as the administrator of the archive room to compile the report in a detailed manner that everyone can read.


 A sigh escaped from Iren’s mouth.

 As she read through the activity report of Alvin, the son of his benefactor, the dream she had given up on flickered in her mind.

 (Why did I have to deal with the aftereffects? If I had been able to use my magic, I could have continued on my path as an adventurer)

 The aftereffect of not being able to use magic is fatal for an adventurer. That’s why she decided to give up being an adventurer and work as a staff member. Even though there is no reason for her to feel any regret, Iren decides that the reason why she is touched by him is because he is the son of her benefactor and all she can do is to see him working hard to fulfill his dream of becoming an adventurer who surpasses his parents.

 (If only I could use my magic…)

 Iren is the only non-combatant guild employee in the Hateyama branch. But her co-workers are good people and do not underestimate Iren, who cannot fight. In fact, they are even grateful to her for taking on the responsibility of compiling the documents.

 However, Iren feels guilty that she is the only one who cannot fight. Even though she knew that she is not asked to fight, she hated the fact that she is only a burden to others when the time comes.

 While she was struggling with her thoughts, a certain amount of time passed.

 Then, suddenly, there is a knock on the door of the archive room, and Iren straightened her back. As the door opened, Shinji, a wizard of the <Running Wolves> and Freri, a contracted spirit, entered the room for the third time.

 Iren greets them with a glance and a light bow, and then looks down at the book at hand.

 As she is the administrator of the archive room, and is absorbed in her reading, she does not notice Freri’s penetrating gaze.

 Hateyama’s adventure is going well.

 Iren, working in a fog.

 If she can’t use her magic power, she can’t use magic and can’t fight properly. It is wise to give up being an adventurer.

 Freri is locked on her.

 Shinji doesn’t seem to be interested at the moment.

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