Wizard 372

Chapter 372 Suggestions from Freri

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 [Shinji. We need to talk]

 When Shinji returned to his room from the archive room and started reading a book he had borrowed, he received a thought from Freri, who lay on his bed lost in thought. Unlike yesterday, today Renka is away and it’s just the two of them, so Freri is leaning on Shinji’s back as he sits on the bed when her thought came. Shinji returns the question, feeling the swelling of her well-developed breasts comfortably.

 [Have you decided on your evil plan? I think it’s better for us to keep quiet and focus on Hateyama]

 [Listen to what I have to say first]

 Her fingers crawl over Shinji’s chest, which is not in the mood from the start.

* * *

 [All right, all right. That tickles]

 [Hmm. The target is Iren. Her magic is different from normal people’s. The quality of her magic is similar to mermaids, so if I trace her lineage there must be mermaids]

 [Hee~… Mermaid, huh…]

 Mermaids are almost the same as humans from head to waist, but from the waist down they have the shape of fish fins. Like elves, they are good at magic, excelling in water magic and shapeshifting magic.

 Their water magic allows them to breathe underwater and swim freely. And their shapeshifting magic is used to turn the fins of their legs into feet so that they can walk on land. The mermaids also contributed to the fact that fish is served on the table even in the inland of the Zia Kingdom.

 However, because they live in coastal areas, Shinji has never met them, and of course he has not yet taken in the magic of mermaids. Even though he had already acquired the <World Gate> magic, he still wanted to use the <Furnace of Lust> more effectively, as it would be more effective if he altered his own magic.

 So, Shinji became a little more positive and continued.

 [Iren is unable to use magic due to the aftereffects of her <Breathless IlnessMusokubi>. I know from direct observation that she can’t release magic power from her body now. But I can heal her]

 [That’s quite a thing to say, Freri]

 [You can praise me]

 But Freri’s expression did not change much. Only Shinji, who had known her for a long time, could see that the corners of her mouth had risen.

 As a result of her growth into a high-ranking spirit, Freri is also a high-ranking succubus. Her eyes are now capable of visually judging the quality and flow of her opponent’s magical power, and so, she is able to identify Iren’s problem just by looking at her body.

 And because she is a succubus who specializes in manipulating others’ bodies, she is able to heal Iren’s body. Normally, a succubus would not try to heal a human. However, since Freri is half spirit and half succubus, she is able to do so because she is Shinji’s contracted spirit.

 [Shinji, all you have to do is touch her. and I’ll heal her. In other words, you need to touch Iren’s whole body. Of course, even her private part ♡]

 [First, I’d like to know the principle]

 […Hmm, just pry open the closed hole]

 According to Freri, the human body normally has tiny, invisible holes that allow magic power to be released from every part of the body. Since Iren’s holes are closed, magic cannot leave from her body and she cannot use magic. Even so, it does not affect the circulation in her body, which means that it does not interfere with her daily life.

 This was completely unknown knowledge to Shinji, and he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

 [Hmm… it’s a disease where people stop breathing, isn’t it? I mean completely. After all, the magic is stopping too. And the reason the hole is closed is because the magic has stopped, right? And breathing stops because the organs in the body that are necessary for breathing close? Does that mean <Breathless IlnessMusokubi> is a disease that closes everything? I don’t know because I’ve never met a patient who has it… In the first place, I’ve never heard of a magic power being released from the body through a hole so small that it can’t be seen. If this is true, there are many hypotheses]

 [Shinji, this is difficult to understand]

 [Oh, sorry. I’m sorry!!]

 Freri’s fingers tweak Shinji’s nipples from above his clothes as Shinji saying his thought. And because of the indescribable sensation that sent shivers down his spine, Shinji hurriedly apologized and grabbed both of her hands to stop her. Once again, Freri is able to resume her conversation with Shinji and quietly stops playing with Shinji’s nipples.

* * *

 [Iren is happy to be able to use magic. Shinji is happy to have magic. I’m happy that your magic tastes better. So, I want you to do your best to hold Iren]

 [I see your point. I’ll think about it for a while]

 [Hmm. Well then]

 Freri left Shinji’s back as he finished sending his thoughts what he wanted to say. She lay down on Shinji’s bed and climbed into the futon.

 ”Freri, are you not returning today? Or do you want some magic power?”

 [Shinji’s tired today. So, you can give me your magic in the morning]

 ”Okay. Thanks, Freri”

 Shinji thanks Freri for her concern. Even though this is the second time they’ve walked through the mountains, he’s feeling a fair amount of physical fatigue. And so, feeling a little sleepy, Shinji puts the book he is holding on the table and lies down next to Freri. Perhaps it is because they have slept together so many times since they were children, Shinji does not feel any mischief towards her. Freri, too, had no intention of messing with him after he promised to give her his magic in the morning.

 After a short while, they both fall asleep.

 The next morning, Shinji woke up with a pleasant sensation on his erect thing. It’s obviously warm and feels good. It is obvious that someone is licking it. After all, the bedclothes are raised and there seems to be no attempt to hide it.

 There is no sign of Freri, who is supposed to be next to him, and as he tried to turn over the covers, thinking that she was giving him a service, he found someone sucking on his balls.

 And so, he realizes that there are two people, one sucking his manhood and the other sucking his balls.

 As Shinji pulls up the covers, he finds.

 ”…Good morning…♡”

 [Good morning, Shinji ♡]

 Shinji sees Milis and Freri, the pair with the big tits from <Running Wolves>, licking his p*nis.

 A proposal from Freri.

 Presentation about Iren.

 Shinji seems to be a little more motivated. A new species of fantasy-like mermaid. However, she is not a pure species, and her ancestors are only mermaids.

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