Wizard 373

Chapter 373 Milis and Freri’s Morning Run

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 There is a little bit of girl-on-girl play.

 Milis and Freri, who are in the futon, had no clothes on their upper bodies because the weather is hot and steamy. And it seems Shinji’s lower body had also been stripped while he slept, leaving their ample bulges on his thighs.

 The soft warmth of their breasts felt good, but what felt even better is the way Milis and Freri licked his p*nis. Milis is sucking on the glans and Freri is sucking on the balls.

 ”You two, it’s still early in the morning…”

 When Shinji looked at the window, it’s still dimly lit outside. If it’s a holiday, he would be sleeping. Milis, who hear that, pulled her mouth away from his cock, lowered her eyebrows and gently squeezed his rod as she spoke.

 ”Before Al-kun wakes up…♡ Freri-chan said she wants to do it with me…♡”

 ”Ah… that’s why Freri didn’t come back at night…”

 [I wanted to do it with Milis since I’m as big as her]

 Shinji understood why Freri had said the next morning. But, while thinking so, his p*nis, slick with saliva, shuddered at the pleasure Milis’ fingers are giving it, and it’s flooded with pre-cum. And because Shinji had fully awakened, his fully erect p*nis stood proudly in front of their faces, and they gazed at it with dyed cheeks.

 ”Please make yourself comfortable, Shinji-san…♡”

 Milis takes the the rod from the left and Freri takes the rod from the right, pushing and squeezing their breasts against the rod. It left the glans slick with saliva, and the rod is buried in their soft but firm breasts. And because of the pressure of their breasts pressed tightly against each other makes, a distracted gasp escapes from Shinji’s mouth.

 [Service for Shinji ♡]

 ”Nnn ♡ Freri-chan, ah ♡ No ♡ my nipples, they’re rubbing against each other…♡”

 Freri takes Milis’s hand and intertwines their fingers together in a lover’s bond. Freri then bobs her body up and down while pressing her breasts against Milis’ whose cheeks are blushing, and skillfuly rubs her own hardened nipples against Milis’ nipples. Milis who feels the pleasure of her nipples rubbing against Milis’ nipples makes sweet noises and shakes her breasts to mimic Freri.

 As Milis and Freri gaze at each other with feverish eyes, the yuri-livered atmosphere between the women makes Shinji even more excited. And it made Shinji thrusts his hips up and interrupts their gaze with his glans, causing their lips to suck on his glans.

 ””Nmu ♡ Chu ♡ *Slurp, Slurp ♡ *Lick lick ♡ *Lick ♡ Nfuaa ♡””

 Milis, who had already lost her resistance to indulging in pleasure, had no aversion to lesbian play from Freri and caressed Shinji’s glans with Freri’s tongue and lips. In fact, she is even excited by the act of women making each other feel good.

 (I’m kissing Freri ♡ and my nipples, it feels good ♡)

 Once before, she hugged Renka and was hugged by Shinji, but that time, both Renka and Milis were in a passive state and Shinji was the one doing it. They were also not trying to make each other feel good, as Freri is doing now. Even in the orgies that followed, the women were held in turn, and there was no girl-on-girl play.

 (Oh ♡ I’m cumming with just my nipples…♡ Even though I’m just serving him…♡ I’m cumming…♡)

 There is a lot of pre-cum flowing from the glans, and Milis can tell from the way Shinji’s jerks around that he is close to ejaculating. And so, the girls held hands and squeezed their breasts together. Then, under the pressure of their tightly clenched breasts, Shinji gives one last thrust.

 ”Both of you…keep going…I’m going to ejaculate…”

 *Spurtttttttt ♡ *Spurtt ♡ *Spurt ♡

 The semen spurted out in front of Milis and Freri. It’s the first thick semen of the morning that rains down on their hair, faces, and cleavage, staining them with white. The two girls are drenched in the white muck with intoxicating expressions, as if they are intoxicated by the smell of too much male cum.

 Almost simultaneously with Shinji’s ejaculation, Milis also lightly reached her nipples. And then, both Milis and Freri aggressively lick the semen from the glans after ejaculation.

 [It’s great ♡ Shinji, you’re getting too excited ♡]

 ”I’ll clean it up for you…♡”

 ”Oh… haha… you guys did a great job cleaning up”

 Shinji praises them for licking up the semen and swallowing it with a careful cleaning blowjob. Despite Shinji’s very satisfied expression, his cock is still insisting that it’s not enough.

 Milis, who had been frustrated the day before, let go of Freri’s hand and hurriedly straddled his cock as she removed her nightgown pants and underwear. And with her golden pubic hair unashamedly exposed, she lowered her hips, and his cock is inserted.

 ”*Pant…♡ Ahh ♡ It’s in…♡ It feels so good…♡”

 Her vagina, soaked with love juice, accepts Shinji’s huge cock with ease. She is so enraptured by the sensation of having her vagina filled with the very thing that made Milis feel so good, something she had experienced many times before. However, Freri suddenly put her lips to the soft breast that swayed with her breathing. She licked the semen from Milis’ breasts and moved to her nipples and began to suck on them. As soon as she did, Milis’ vagina tightened, and an irresistible pleasure hit Shinji.

 ”Ah ♡ No, Freri-chan, don’t suck on my breast ♡ Ah ♡ No ♡ Hyan ♡”

 ”I can’t be distracted by Freri, can I?”

 ”Ah ♡ Hya ♡ Ah ♡ Shinji-sa ♡ Wait, if you poke me like that ♡ Ah, ah ♡ Ah, Ah ♡ Oh, I’m going crazy ♡”

 [Milis, you’re so cute ♡]

 Freri sucks on her nipples and Shinji pokes Milis’ tight vagina from below as she writhes. Shinji also grabs Milis’ waist so tightly so she can’t escape, and Freri pinches the nipple of the breast that isn’t being sucked with her finger, leaving Milis to moan lewdly as the two of them work on her.

 Her vagina and her breasts, her two weak points, are tortured relentlessly and Milis climaxes again and again. Her eyes flickered and she began to lose strength, but Freri supported her and would not allow her to lean on Shinji. And with his cock swells inside Milis’ vagina, she is no longer able to think properly. Shinji’s ejaculation is about to happen too.

 ”Cumming ♡ Cumming, cumming ♡ Cumming againnnnn! ♡♡”

 Milis climaxed with a tremendous shiver of her hips. She turned her face upside down, saliva dripping from her slack mouth, and tears of pleasure flowing down her cheeks. Freri, who saw that, supports Milis’ weak body as she rests on Shinji’s body.

 Then, while Freri presses her large breasts against Shinji’s chest and Milis is immersed in the afterglow of her climax, Shinji whispers in Milis’ ear as she surrenders to the fluffy sensation.

 ”Did it feel good?”

 ”Yes…♡ Very much…♡”

 Milis answers Shinji’s question with the face of a debauched woman.

 ”It’s a shame that we can only have s*x while we’re in Hatayama”


 ”Because when we get off, you’ll marry Alvin and have a baby, right? You can’t do that with me, can you?”


 There is nothing Milis could say to Shinji’s words. And She realized with regret that she would only be able to feel a little more of this great pleasure. In normal times, she would not have hesitated. But because it had been said just after she had climaxed, when she is at her most fulfilled as a woman, Milis was silent.

 Making a baby with the man she loved is what she had been waiting for. But it’s a pain to break off the relationship with Shinji.

 ”Ah… Nnn…♡”

 ”Now it’s Freri’s turn. Milis, I think you’d better get back to your room before Alvin wakes up”


 After pulling out his cock, Shinji placed Milis down on the bed and then covered Freri from behind, who is waiting with her ass sticking out.

 Milis does as Shinji says, getting off the bed and putting on her nightgown. Still, her eyes are glued to Shinji’s cock as it moved in and out of Freri’s vagina, and to Freri’s lasciviousness.

 (I have to go back…)

 After watching them having s*x, Milis leaves Shinji’s room with a feeling of reluctance. Her body, now completely depraved, longs for Shinji’s child, the one who will fill her up the most.

 The love of her life (Alvin) and her s*x partner (Shinji).

 No one knows whose child Milis will conceive. Now, not even Milis herself.

 Milis and Freri’s breast chapter. Two of Running Wolves’ biggest hits.

 Freri-chan reproaches Milis-chan. With a bit of yuri-livered flavor.

 And then there’s the implied end of the relationship. Milis’s choice remains to be seen.

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