Wizard 374

Chapter 374 Risks of Treatment – Goddess Oversight

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 After the morning’s fellowship, Shinji sends Freri back who seems to be in a satisfied mood, and collects his thoughts alone. Although he wanted to obtain Iren’s magic power, he knew that if he followed Freri’s suggestion, he would end up in a lot of trouble.

 (If the aftereffects of Iren’s disease are resolved, then the question will be how, and who cured her. More than that, the knowledge of how magic power is released is not good)

 It is common knowledge that the release of magic power inside the body is determined by one’s natural talent. No matter how much one uses magic, no matter how much one trains, the maximum amount of magic power released remains the same. For this reason, the phrase “natural talent” has been considered common knowledge.

 Indeed, it can be said to be an innate talent. The amount of the tiny holes that release magic power is determined at birth.

 (There is no way that the magic guild would keep quiet if I made this knowledge public. Being involved with the magic guild means that the possibility of being involved with my birth family increases dramatically. I don’t want to be noticeable, and I don’t want any troublesome conflicts. In the first place, I’m too ashamed to reveal knowledge that I didn’t discover by myself…)

 Thanks to Freri, Shinji is now aware of the existence of magic pores in his body, but he feels that he never would have noticed them if she hadn’t told him. He would like to do some research on the magic pores, and he would like to fulfill Freri’s wish that she taught him this knowledge, but he cannot behave so brazenly.

 He assumes various scenarios, but comes to the conclusion that the matter is too big for him to handle.

 [No matter how much I think about it, it’s useless. The method of using a cure is impossible]


 [I’m sorry that Freri suggested this, but… No matter how it turns out, it’ll result in someone finding out what we’re up to]

 Treating Iren’s aftereffects is an unprecedented event and will make him stand out. Furthermore, it’s obvious that Iren will resume her adventuring activities after the treatment, and the fact that the aftereffects are gone will become public knowledge. If this happened, it is easy to imagine that various people would come to Shinji, such as pressure from the nobles who are suffering from the aftereffects or from the Magic Guild.

 If he attracted attention, there is a possibility that some secret would be revealed. Whether it is the fact that Freri is a half-succubus, the fact that he can cast a lewd crest, or the fact that he is an Apostle of the Goddess… there are too many secrets that Shinji cannot or does not want to reveal.

 [I thought it was a good idea. All right, I give up]

 [Sorry, Freri. I’ll make it up to you somehow]

 [Hmm. Okay]

 Despite her disappointment, Freri accepted Shinji’s words quietly. She still wanted to make Shinji’s magic taste better, and she still missed the pleasure of watching a woman fall. But it would be meaningless if Shinji’s secret is exposed and they could not be together.

 If Shinji says it is impossible after considering it, Freri will obey his words. As a childhood friend, she has full confidence in Shinji’s decision. He even promised to make it up to her, so she has nothing to complain about.

 [Well, that’s it for this conversation. I’m going to have breakfast with Renka and the others. After that, I’m going to the archive room to read the report, just like the other day. Maybe Freri can help too]

 [Hmm. No problem. Just call me before you start]

 [Okay. Then I’ll see you later]

 Thus, Shinji decided to give up on the idea of touching Iren using the treatment as a shield.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

 On the other dimension, there is a being watching Shinji and his friends. It’s Goddess Arian, who watches them from her temple in the so-called God Realm, a world where gods can exist with no restraint on their power.

 ”You are very careful, Apostle Shinji”

 Goddess Arian’s voice sounded very happy as she muttered to herself. The reason why the voice is the only way to judge her as a Goddess is because her figure in the Divine Realm is a shining white sphere. This figure is the most energy-saving one. However, she is interrupted by a rumbling sound.

 This is one of various ways in which Goddess Arian protects herself. The most externally sensitive among various spell called <Alert>.

 The effect of this spell is simple: it tells the user when a foreign object enters the spell’s area of effect. Because of its simplicity, the spell has a wide range of effects, and thanks to the power of the goddess Arian, the scale of these effects has grown tremendously. It is nearly impossible to approach the temple of Goddess Arian without being detected by this spell.

 ”…Really, without warning again”

 As Goddess Arian’s <Alert> reacts, there is a presence that Goddess Arian knows, the same annoying goddess who sent a succubus to Shinji and the others’ world a while ago.

 ”You should be leading your own world in a better direction before messing with others… That’s why you’re destroying the world you control”

 The reason why she reaches out to Goddess Arian at every turn is that she has destroyed one of the worlds that she is in charge of due to her lack of control. This would naturally lead to a loss of faith and a decrease in her power as a god.

 A proper Goddess would take care of the remaining worlds and make up for her failure over time, but in her madness, this Goddess came up with the idea of taking over the worlds controlled by other Gods.

 She is a very annoying goddess who is trying to weaken the power of Goddess Arian.

 ”It looks like I’ll be busy for a while again…”

 Goddess Arian muttered and went outside the temple to intercept the goddess. That’s why she didn’t notice. She did not realize that the succubus from the outside world that the hostile Goddess had once sent was still lurking in the world under Goddess Arian’s control.

 The succubus who was cut down by Alvin had lied when she said that the main body of the succubus was in the outside world. In fact, the main body of the succubus in hiding in Alvin’s world, waiting for the right moment. She is waiting for the time when the Goddess, her Lord, will strike again.

 After considering Shinji’s proposal, Freri decided to forgo it. They concluded that the risk is too high. At some point, though, yes.

 The goddess is back in busy mode.

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