Wizard 377

Chapter 377 Adventurer’s Guild Response – Goddess Arian is Depressed

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 As Mizer hears that the monster is being pushed away, he recalls the situation in the area.

 First of all, the areas to the north, east, and west of Hateyama are undeveloped and there are no inhabited villages. People live only to the south of the mountain.

 The Hatayama Branch is located in the south of Hatayama and is the closest to Hatayama. Between the Hateyama branch and the royal capital <Nord>, there are a number of villages where people live. Each village may have a few soldiers stationed there, but the fighting ability of the High Goblins is comparable to that of a human soldier, and it is easy to imagine that a village would be in ruins if attacked by a swarm of High Goblins.

 ”The six teams originally scheduled for vacation will split into three teams to the southeast and three teams to the southwest to deal with the overflowing monster from Hateyama. The rest of us will be staying at the Hateyama branch to deal with the monster that are trying to move south!”

 Even though they knew that dispersing their forces is a bad idea, they couldn’t overlook the possibility of their village being overrun. Mizer’s intentions had been conveyed to the staff of the Hateyama branch, and they had no objections to Mizer’s orders.


 ”Okay, we’ll go to the southeast”

 ”Then we’ll go to the southwest for balance”

 If anything, the staff’s hearts are ablaze with excitement over the adversity. This is due to the fact that the staff of the Hateyama branch are former high-ranked adventurers and knights, and even though they are now guild staff, they are still fierce enough to work in the most dangerous Hateyama branch. There is not a single one of them who would spare their strength for the sake of the helpless people.

 ”Come back here when you’re worn out. I’ll have potions ready for you. The same applies if you are injured. Iren, go to the Adventurer’s Guild headquarters in <Nord> and send an urgent request”

 ”Understood, Branch Leader”

 Mizer feels relieved as the staff members begin to move as instructed, but his face remains stern.

 (The question is, what to do with the dragons. I want at least 5 parties… about 20 people. But not just anyone. I want them to be as skilled as possible…)

 At the moment, he can’t rely on his staff to deal with the dragon. It’s obvious that if he didn’t take action now, the situation would fall behind, but there is nothing he could do.

 (I have no choice but to replace the staff with the adventurers who received the urgent request. I can only hope that reinforcements will arrive as soon as possible)

 If the adventurers who received the urgent request would defend the village, the staff of the Hateyama branch would be free. Then, Mizer thinks, the dragon can be defeated.

 ”Branch Leader Mizer! If there’s an urgent request, we’ll be there!”

 ”Thank you. If <Running Wolves> can join us, that would be great. I’ll send out a request right away, so check it out”


 While Mizer is giving the orders, Alvin and the others are discussing and deciding to cooperate with the unusual situation that occurs in Hateyama. As adventurers and honorary knights, they could not overlook it, Alvin said, and Shinji and the others agreed with him.

 Suddenly, Shinji had an unpleasant suspicion. Could such a large anomaly really occur naturally? He wondered. The disturbance at the mines in the Este, east town had also been accidental, although it had been quite large, so Shinji sent a thought to Flair, thinking that he might be overly concerned.

 [I wonder if I can get in touch with the Goddess]

 [Mm? Wait a bit~noja…]

 He waited for a while. But Flair’s response is not good.

 [Muu, I can’t reach her right away~noja. The Goddess probably busy, out of commission~noja]

 [Keep trying to reach her. If it’s only a groundless fear, then so be it…]

 [So, Shinji thinks the outside world is involved~noja. Understood~noja]

 [Please take care of it]

 Shinji asked Flair to help him while watching the exchange between Mizer and Alvin.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

 In the divine realm where gods live.

 Goddess Arian prevented Satin’s magic attacks, and sometimes cast counter-magic. Flair’s thoughts did not reach Goddess Arian because she was out of her temple to intercept her. And the voices from the world controlled by the gods are designed to reach her only when she is inside the temple.

 ”Hihi… Arian…! Today is the day…!”

 The Goddess Satin, who had been a black sphere until now, took the form of a person.

 Her black hair is long, and her bangs completely cover her eyes, creating an eerie atmosphere. Her body is thin, with only a few bumps and bruises. She is dressed neatly, wearing only a thin black sleeveless shirt and a black miniskirt, but the atmosphere makes her look frightening. The wings of light on her back, the sign of a goddess, are also black.

 The Goddess Satin, with her eerie smile, is all in black.

 ”*Sigh…* go away, spoiled goddess. I don’t have time to deal with you. Please don’t make me waste my time”

 To counter the humanoid Goddess Satin, Goddess Arian also transformed from a glowing ball of light into her human form.

 Her long, silver hair, shimmering in the light, is extremely beautiful, and even though it reaches her waist, it is perfectly clean. Her breasts are as full as Miko Arian’s, and her ass is fleshy. Her waist is curvy, and even her bare legs stretching out from her miniskirt are s*xy. The thin sleeveless shirt and miniskirt she wears are white and match the figure of Goddess Arian very well. Her wings of light shone so brightly that it was almost divine, and the warmth of the sun could be felt.

 In contrast to the Goddess Satin, Goddess Arian is the embodiment of a royal goddess. This is Goddess Arian’s true form.

 ”If you give me your world, I’ll go home right away…”

 ”That’s ridiculous. How long are you going to be a problem?”

 ”Until you crawl under my feet…!”

 ”*Sigh…* I don’t know why I’m such an enemy to you…”

 Though she said this, somehow Goddess Arian knew the reason. Goddess Arian is highly respected by the Great God, the superior of the goddesses. On the other hand, Goddess Satin had just received a great deal of attention for destroying the world she controlled.

 In short, Goddess Arian knew that Satin’s jealousy is the reason for her entanglement. And her guess is correct.

 ”It’s not like taking away my world is going to make your reputation any better”

 ”Shut up… Shut up…!”

 Goddess Arian’s words made Satin angry, and she unleashed a storm of offensive magic. Even if she is corrupt, she is still a goddess. So, her magic power is uncommon.

 Goddess Arian, who saw her attack, sighs once and deploys her magic to offset the attack. She had no intention of losing the magic battle. Nevertheless, Goddess Satin would not fight a battle with no chance of winning, so Goddess Arian kept her eyes on the surroundings.

 (I won’t let you harm my world)

 But Goddess Arian is unaware that the succubus has already infiltrated her world, and she is only concerned about the new presence that wants to enter the temple.

 Thus, began the barren struggle between the Goddesses.

 The Adventurer’s Guild’s response.

 The <Running Wolves> have joined the fray.

 Meanwhile, the Goddess Arian-sama is being tangled up with a bad goddess.

 All goddesses have wings of light. So, winged people are more suitable as priestesses because they have wings (Yoriko is a special case).

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