Wizard 378

Chapter 378 Battle to Defend the Hateyama Area, ①

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 An urgent request from the Adventure Guild’s Hateyama branch.

 The task is to defeat a horde of monsters that are trying to flow out of Hateyama and into the surrounding area. The adventurer’s guilds in each town are asking for as many high-ranking adventurers as possible to join the party.

 But the adventurers, who often left early in the morning for their missions, are not in town. Therefore, the guild staff had to ask the adventurers, who normally would be enjoying their vacation, to join the party. Because of this, it is difficult to get more adventurers to join the party.

 The request is made in the morning, but the time has passed and it is almost noon.

 ”Third wave, here it comes!”

 The <Running Wolves> are participating in the battle on the south area of Hateyama, where the Hateyama branch is located. A group of monsters had already descended from Hateyama twice and attacked the Hateyama branch, and it’s been difficult to keep one’s guard up. But with Renka watching from the sky with <Eagle Eyes>, it had been a clear advantage to have spotted the monsters ahead of time.

 ”A mixed force of goblins and wolves! There are quite a few of them, so be careful!”

 ”Roger! Open the gate! We’re going to fight them!”

 Hearing Renka’s report, four of the Hateyama staff teams begin to move. One of the parties that had headed north to Hateyama early in the morning had never returned to the Hateyama branch, and some of them had been injured in the two attacks, so only four parties could go out now. With the addition of the <Running Wolves>, a total of five parties and twenty members are facing the horde of monsters.

 Alvin and the others, stationed outside the guild, wait for the monsters to attack them without charging out. This is because the fastest of the demons, the <High Wolf>, will jump in before they reach the guild. Although the monsters do not have the wisdom to keep pace with each other, but they can run through the earth on instinct.

 As Alvin and the others watched, they saw the huge body of a wolf. It’s a large wolf, nearly three meters long. Its hair is dense and hard, and its fangs and claws are sharp. Most frightening of all is its agility, approaching and charging at a speed unthinkable for such a huge body. Those who could not react to its speed would be torn down and their throats would be ripped out.

 ”Freri, let’s do it! <Swamp>”

 Shinji uses Freri’s full magic power to cast the <Swamp> spell over a wider area than usual. Soon the ground is muddy, and the Wolves are trapped as they attempt to leap. The Wolves, who cannot leap properly, are bombarded with arrows, magic, and magic blades from a distance, turning them into corpses.

 However, the Wolves are not left unharmed. Using the corpses of their dead comrades as footholds, the following Wolves leap across the swamp. And now the battle becomes a melee.


 ”Gwah! Ah, my leg…!?”

 ”Someone helps me!”

 In the midst of the human voices and the roars of the monsters, Alvin stood alone in front of Shinji and the others, attracting the Wolves. Even though he is surrounded by giant wolves, he does not feel rushed.

 As he surrounded by them, he quickly slashes at the roaring wolf in front of him, and cuts it down with a horizontal slash that is faster than the wolf, which tries to avoid it by jumping. The Wolf on his left jumped at him, but Alvin used the momentum of his horizontal slash to spin around and cut it down with another slash. The wolf from behind also leaps at him, but Alvin turns around and hits it with a powerful kick to the side of the head. In a dangerous situation, his instincts are even better.

 Shinji, Renka, and Freri also attacked and defeated Wolf, who tried to get close to Alvin, helping Alvin to stay on his feet under Milis’s strengthening spell. If it was only Wolves, there would be no problem.

 ”Ywahh! That’s dangerous!!”


 Alvin is about to be hit by an arrow. But Alvin quickly jumped to avoid it, and the arrow only grazed his body. It’s the High Goblins who shot him and they are a little behind the Wolves.

 These goblins are equipped with fine weapons such as one-handed swords and bows, and their skill in handling them is not bad. Moreover, some of them even have not bad brain because the previous attack had been aimed at Alvin, who was the most violent one in the battlefield.

 ”Gugya! Gegyagya!”

 Goblins with wooden staffs raised their staffs and fireballs appeared. The swarm of monsters, many of which consisted of Goblin Mages who used magic, shook the people guarding the branch. They are exhausted from the series of battles but must prevent the destruction of not only themselves also the gates of the branch. Although the gate is made of metal and will not burn, but it will be destroyed if it’s hit by several exploding fireballs.


 ”I know!”

 Not only Renka, but also the archers of the other teams shoot arrows at the goblin mage. However, their arrows are precisely blocked by the goblin warriors with shields. It is hard to believe that this is a group of goblins with such high skill.

 ”Vanguard, we’re moving in! Break through and defeat the mage!”


 Before anyone else, Alvin jumped out and plunged into the goblin horde, followed by the guild staff in response. Alvin cuts off the arrows and moves forward, but the goblin mages are quicker to unleash their magic. And so, a number of fireballs shot towards the Hateyama branch gate.

 ”<Earth Wall>”

 Shinji quickly created a wall of earth in the line of sight of the gate. Not only Shinji, but other wizards’ magic also prevented the fireball. However, the goblin mage has begun to cast the next fireball. If the wizards focus on blocking the goblin’s magic, the support for the vanguard who try to break through will be weakened. Thus, while the vanguard is unable to move forward, the next fireball appears…

 ”One, two! Oryaaaaaa!!”


 However, the goblin, who was holding up a staff, is suddenly hit by a flying log, and the heavy log crushes the goblin mage. Not only that, but a shower of arrows rained down, causing the goblin mages’ magic to be interrupted.

 ”Sorry to keep you waiting! The reinforcements have arrived!”


 Emily, with her red cloak fluttering in the wind, stood on top of the gate and shouted loudly. When the gates open, adventurers from <Medio> and other towns shout out. This time, the goblins are disturbed by the unexpected event.

 ”Now! All at once!”

 Alvin’s command increases the momentum of the adventurers. From that point on, the tide suddenly turns in the adventurers’ favor. The goblin hordes are helplessly annihilated by the adventurers who attacked at full force.

 Thus, the Hateyama branch succeeds in temporarily recovering.

 The defensive battle begins.

 And here comes Emily.

 It’s been quite a while since they fought together!

 Let’s move on with the story.

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