Wizard 384

Chapter 384 Iren’s Treatment, Top

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 Although they decided to undergo the treatment, Shinji knew that it would be embarrassing to be seen by Miko Arian, so he and Iren went to the back of the archive room.

 First, Shinji took off the robe he was wearing and presented it to Iren. When Iren looked at Shinji with a puzzled expression, Shinji smiled and pressed the robe into her hand.

 ”If you put this on and close your front, it will be the least visible when you take it off, right? I mean, I’ll need to touch you directly, but I won’t need to see you”

 ”T… Thank you very much. I’ll borrow it”

 Thanking him for his thoughtfulness, Iren put on Shinji’s robe. Then, after covering the front with his robe, Iren began to remove her clothes, fumbling around in ther robe. As Shinji had his back against Iren, he could not see her undressing or folding her clothes, so she put a certain amount of trust in him.

 (The way he was acting just now, Shinji-san doesn’t seem to have any evil thoughts…? I feel that he does it because it’s the job of an Apostle)

 In the first place, if he had looked at her like he was doing it for his benefit, she would have refused. In that case, she could understand his gentlemanly response.

 ”Um, I’m ready…”

 ”Is it safe to look at you now?”


 Shinji turned around when he heard her nervous voice.

 There she is, Iren with an embarrassed blush on her cheeks and a robe covering her body. She seemed to be wearing a rather large uniform and a cape, but the cape did not reveal the shape of her breasts, which appeared to be quite large. For Shinji, who prefers larger breasts, this is an unexpected blessing.

 [Freri, take care of the magic]

 [Nn, leave it to me]

 When Shinji asks Freri to cast an estrus magic, a magic that increases sensitivity, she happily accepts. She intends to use the magic to arouse her body, little by little, in accordance with Shinji’s treatment.

 ”So, shall we start with the right arm?”

 ”Yes. In that order, yes”

 As Shinji stood in front of Iren, Iren held out her right arm through the gap in the robe. Shinji touches her wrist with both hands, gently wrapping it around him, and Iren shivers once.

 Shinji, unconcerned by her nervousness, uses his magic in the same way as he did with her hands early. Iren, on the other hand, is a little less tense when she sees Shinji begin to treat her with a serious face.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

 The treatment for Shinji’s aftereffects began in a few minutes.

 He had finished the treatment on both arms, and Iren became able to release magic power from her arms. Moving on from there, Shinji’s hands are now touching Iren’s shoulders. As a result, Shinji had moved one step closer to Iren, and the distance between them had grown closer.

 In the meantime, something strange started to happen to Iren.

 (What is this? I’m really, really thrilled…)

 Iren’s cheeks flush and her breathing becomes ragged as she watches Shinji treat her with a serious expression in front of her. It was because Freri had cast an estrus spell on Iren, and her body had started to go into estrus, but she didn’t know that.


 So, the mere slide of his hand from her shoulder to her collarbone felt so good that she let out a muffled cry.

 ”Excuse me. Did I tickle you?”

 ”No, it’s fine…”

 Iren’s cheeks became redder and her heart beat faster, embarrassed by the voice that had risen on its own. He can see that Iren’s eyes are moistening, but Shinji has yet to show his true colors.

 (My body is weird… But the magic is starting to come through… so I have to be patient…)

 Iren herself is not aware of it, but her body is frustrated. Moreover, Mizer is 50 years old, and although he looks young, his energy is waning. Even when they share a bed, he runs out of energy after one session and tries to satisfy Iren with light kissing and hugging and a lot of manual caresses.

 This makes Iren feel happy, but she still feels somewhat inadequate.

 Now, Iren is feeling the same lack of happiness. The estrus magic is turning her head pink, and the feeling of inadequacy is greater than her embarrassment. Her heightened s*xual desire has robbed her of her ability to think straight and has made her feel the anticipation of being touched by Shinji.

 And after a few moments, the continued treatment of her collarbone area is over. But then, Iren could tell, if Shinji continued to move his hand down, he would be able to touch her breasts, a forbidden place that she had only allowed Mizer to touch. But Iren expects the same sweet pleasure as when they were lovers.

 But what Shinji touched is her armpit.

 ”Hyaaa ♡”

 ”I’m sorry, but if you could just bear with me…”


 Unable to look over her shoulder, Iren quietly underwent Shinji’s treatment. In an unseen robe, Shinji’s hands proceeded to touch Iren’s body in turn.

 From her armpits to her back, from her back to her stomach, from her stomach to her waist… as time goes by, Iren’s body gets higher and higher. By the time Shinji moved from the waist to the thighs, Iren had completely lost her inner thighs.

 (He’ll find out…♡ He’ll find out if I’m wet… ♡)

 Her perfectly rutted body is ready, and her love juice is dripping from her secret parts and running down her inner thighs. She covered her front with her hands to hide her body, but she was so desperate to keep her fingers in place that she didn’t notice that Shinji could already see her breasts and stomach through the gap. That’s how overwhelmed Iren has become with suppressing her s*xual desire.

 Then a voice echoed in her head.

 [You don’t have to hold back”Open the robe. Invite himBe honest with yourselfIt’s a cure, not cheating]

 Freri’s magical, almost devilish whispering distracted Iren from her thoughts.

 [Look, he’s excited, too ♡]

 As if guided by these words, Iren’s gaze went to Shinji’s crotch. She could see that his pants were bulging. Knowing that Shinji, who had been treating her so nonchalantly, was actually excited, it was not disgust that welled up in her, but relief and pleasure that she had felt the same way.

 [I’m going to have him cure my vagina with his p*nis…♡]

 Already flustered and unable to think, there is no way Iren can resist Freri’s magical interference. Shinji finished treating her from her thighs to her feet.

 ”Almost there…♡”

 As if to release the carnal desires welling up inside, Iren loosens the front of the robe and shows her naked body to Shinji.

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