Wizard 385

Chapter 385 Iren’s Treatment, Bottom

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 After Iren opened the front of her robe, Shinji looked up at her naked body.

 Her large breasts were hidden when she was wearing the Adventurer’s Guild uniform, but now that she wore only a robe, he could see them. Her waist and thighs, which are not tight due to working inside the guild, are firm and comfortable to the touch.

 And her body, after being repeatedly teased, desired a man and her love juice is dripping from her secret parts and running down the inside of her thighs.

 ”Then, the next one is the breast”

 As he stood up, Shinji’s hands touched her soft breasts from the front. This alone is enough to send a sweet sensation of pleasure through Iren’s rutted body, and it only increased as Shinji’s fingers reshaped her breasts.

 (Why won’t he touch it… ♡)

 Shinji’s hands rubbing the breast in an indifferent way is no different from the treatment up to this point, and it gives her a working feeling. He didn’t touch her nipples, which were her s*x points, but squeezed her breast flesh, and Iren’s impatience only increased.

 [You have to be more aggressive in your advances ♡]

 (Yes, that’s right… ♡)

 As if guided by the resonating voice, Iren’s hand moves. With one hand, she stroked Shinji’s p*nis, which was bulging up against his pants. Regardless of the treatment, it is an act of luring a man that cannot be excused.


 ”Nipples… nipples too, touch them….♡ please… ♡”

 Iren’s heart pounded as she begged with tears filled her eyes in response to Shinji’s dumbfounded gaze. And taking advantage of Shinji’s refusal to stop, Iren started to take off his pants, until finally Shinji’s fingers clipped her nipples and rubbed them together.

 ”It can’t be helped, can it? I can’t believe the treatment makes you feel so naughty…”

 …♡ because….♡ I didn’t know it would be like this….♡ My nipples felt so good….♡ Nnn ♡”

 That’s what she says when she’s made into heat. But Iren doesn’t know that, and her cheeks relax at the feeling of her nipples being played with by a younger man.

 ”Are you feeling it when I blame you? I didn’t know Iren-san had such a habit… that makes sense”

 ”No, it’s …♡ Hy…♡ D-Don’t pinch my nipp…♡ ah ♡ too hard ♡”

 Iren, who had only ever received gentle caresses, shuddered at the intensity of the pleasure of Shinji’s caresses on her nipples. The throbbing of her heart makes her think that she is excited by the blame.

 And with more and more of her love juices dripping from her clit and her thighs grinding together, she manages to pull down Shinji’s pants and underwear.

 Because they are standing so close to each other, they cannot see each other’s genitals, so they can only feel each other’s touch. Despite this, Shinji’s p*nis is completely different from the one Iren knows. His p*nis was thicker and stronger than Mizer’s, and Iren looked at Shinji with anticipation, wanting him to insert it as soon as possible.

 [Let’s take out everything you’ve accumulated so far… ♡]

 She made a number of lascivious gestures that she normally wouldn’t make, because Freri had unleashed all the frustration she had been hiding deep inside. Now that the brakes are lifted, she flirts with Shinji without hesitation.

 ”I’ll stop if you don’t want to. So, do you want me to stop?”

 ”I-I’m sorry….♡ But I want you to do more… ♡”

 ”I thought you were a solid, upstanding staff member. But really, I never knew you were the kind of person who takes pleasure in being blamed…”

 ”No, don’t say that….♡ It’s not… Hiiin… ♡”

 Shinji lightly slapped Iren’s ass. But that was enough to make Iren’s vagina tingle. Her body is clearly aroused, and it seemed that Shinji was right. But that too was Freri’s doing.

 On the other hand, Iren is thrilled by the interaction, which she has never experienced with Mizer. Shinji is also excited by her unexpectedly good response. There is something uniquely pleasurable about introducing new pleasures and happiness to someone who is both confused and expectant. As a cuckolding man and Succubus’ son, it’s a special treat. However, now is not the time to enjoy it.

 ”Either way is fine. I’ll continue, but please put your hands on the shelf and turn your ass to me”

 ”Understand… ♡”

 Iren does as she is told and Shinji stands behind her, stripping off the robe. He then grabbed her soft hips as she thrust her hips out without being told, and placed his glans at the entrance to her secret region.

 ”We don’t have much time right now, so I’ll make this quick”

 ”Hi…♡ Kuhhh…♡ ♡”

 Shinji moved his hips forward without hesitation, his p*nis thrusting inside Iren’s vagina. The thing is clearly bigger than Mizer’s, and it pushes its way through the wet vaginal walls.

 The glans pushes up against her vagina, easily penetrating areas that the Mizer could not reach. And almost simultaneously, when Iren’s hips collided with the flesh of Shinji’s ass, she came.

 ”…♡ Aaah….♡ Fuuh…♡ Fuuh ♡”

 Iren’s legs and feet trembled as Shinji held her tightly from behind, unable to move. Shinji then turns her around and puts his lips on hers as Iren savors the sensation of his p*nis occupying her vagina and asserting its presence.

 ”Nmu, nnn….♡ Nnn… nfu… ♡”

 Iren silently accepted Shinji’s lips, feeling the warm magic from his lips. While doing that, Shinji’s hands also grasped her large breasts, and their hips and ass came into close contact. Everywhere their skin touched, a magical power that penetrated Iren’s pores enveloped her.

 And now, the treatment becomes so sweet that Iren’s heart is stolen.

 She stretched out her tongue from the lips that had only been overlapping, and sought to kiss Shinji to exchange saliva. She also shakes her hips in a desperate attempt to gain as much pleasure as possible. Shinji, on the other hand, only held back and did not move.

 Even without moving, the constant tightening of her vagina told him that she is coming again and again. And when the treatment was finally over and she had climaxed many times just by his insertion and pushing deep inside her vagina, Shinji quickly parted his lips.


 ”It’s overrr!”

 ”Haaaa…♡ ~~~~ ♡♡”

 He pulls out his p*nis, and then, with one last thrust, he thrusts hard and violently into her vagina. He pinched her nipples as well, and after a series of shallow orgasms, Iren is finally able to experience a deep climax.

 This time Shinji pulls his cock out of her, as she climaxes, spurting out a stream of water, and wearing an expression of ecstasy that only a lover should see. Iren then collapses to the floor, breathless, breathing hard and dazed.

 (It was amazing….♡ He made me cum a lot… ♡)

 The pleasure of being blamed in such a short amount of time felt many times better than the act with Mizer. And the man who taught her that, Shinji, whispered to Iren.

 ”Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone that Iren-san is a pervert who takes pleasure in being blamed…”

 ”… ♡”

 The scornful voice imprinted on Iren’s head as she had just climaxed, making her realize that it felt good to be blamed and that her hidden s*xuality had been exposed.

 ”Well, I’ll be going now. Let’s just get through this safely”

 Shinji smiled, and Iren nodded at him, her unforgettable experience etched in her mind.

 Iren-chan in action (insertion only)

 It’s good to see a serious and reserved person go wild at night (confusion)

 She’ll be able to use her magic for a while after the treatment.

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