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Chapter 386 Resistance Start

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 Shinji, who had finished the treatment, used teleportation magic to quickly leave the archive room, and Iren, who was left behind, put on the uniform of the Adventurer’s Guild after she had caught her breath. On the surface, she looked calm, but her cheeks still flushed from the lingering effects of the treatment she had just undergone.

 (What did I do? I forgot myself…)

 As she cooled down, she thought back to her own lascivious behavior with a younger man, and the guilt she felt towards Mizer lingered in her chest. If it was just touching, she could justify it for the sake of treatment, but penetrating was nothing but cheating.

 Also, it was she who had invited Shinji, but still his treatment was successful. Iren felt that she had regained the feeling she had when she was able to use magic, before the aftereffects. Most importantly, it was only an insertion and he didn’t do it inside her. In this respect, Shinji could be said to have been able to control himself.

 In the end, she came to the conclusion that it was her fault that she felt so good and couldn’t resist asking him out. That’s why Iren feels more guilty for Mizer than happy to be able to use magic again.



 A dispirited Iren remembered that she was in the same room as Miko Arian when she called out to her, and her face turned pale. It was a rare sight for her, whose facial expression did not change much. Miko Arian smiled gently at her pale face.

 ”Did the Apostle Shinji’s treatment go well…?”

 ”Y-Yes… Um, Miko-sama. About what just happened…”

 ”Fufu, don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone…”

 Seeing Miko Arian’s maternal smile, Iren calmed down a little. After she calmed down, Miko Arian spoke to her in a quiet voice.

 ”This treatment will only be temporary…. Iren-san’s magical pores have been closed for a long time and should return to normal over time. So, when it closes, you should be treated again, and the process repeated until the body learns that the condition of the magic pores is normal… This is the method of treating the aftereffects of breathless disease that Apostle Shinji and I discussed based on the knowledge we learned from the Goddess”

 Hearing Miko Arian’s story, Iren recalled the story of her colleague who had said that after her severed arm was magically glued back together, she had trained her arm to move over and over again until it was able to move again. Miko Arian’s story makes sense if it is considered that the same thing is done with the magic pores.

 Also, she now understands why this aftereffect-free state is only temporary. Even if she could find out how to cure it, Iren is contractually unable to tell anyone about it. The thought of returning to her original state made her cry with tears. However, Iren knew that now was not the time for such whining.

 ”Thank you for showing me the way… let’s get back to the others. We need to be ready before the monsters horde arrives”

 Iren was very proud to be a staff member of the Adventurer’s Guild. Like the adventurer couple she admired, Iren made up her mind to use her power to help her colleagues, albeit only temporarily, and so she urged Miko Arian to return to the hall.

 Miko Arian did not say any unnecessary words to her trying to be strong, but just nodded and returned to the Hateyama branch hall with Iren.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

 After finishing Iren’s treatment, Shinji joined Alvin and the others who were playing with Pegasus in the courtyard of the Hatayama branch. Those in the courtyard are Alvin and the other members of <Running Wolves>, who will be going to the dragon, Emily, and Sylphy and Marie, who are high-ranking spirits.

 Before Shinji went to cure Iren, he asked Alvin and the others to communicate with the pegasus they were riding so that they could get used to it while he was away on a request from Miko-sama.

 ”Hey, guys!”

 ”Are you done with Miko-sama’s business?”

 ”Yeah. I’m done. I haven’t seen you around for a while, but I guess the Pegasus has grown fond of you…?”

 Right now, Alvin is patting Pegasus’ head in front of a chuckling Shinji. Not only Alvin, but also Milis, Renka, and Emily are enjoying the same affection.

 ”Pegasus is more friendly than I thought…”

 ”They’re so cute~!”

 Milis and Emily, who are particularly fond of cute things, seemed to love Pegasus to the point of petting it.

 ”Shinji doesn’t need to get used to it?”

 ”No problem. Now, I think we’re ready”

 Pegasus are intelligent, and well-behaved Pegasus would never shake off a Temple priest, spirit, or Goddess’ servant. As if to prove this, the Pegasus that was carrying Shinji obediently accepted Shinji’s hand as he tried to pet it.

 In normal adventures, it is Alvin who leads the party, but this time, it is the Apostle’s job, and Shinji is asking for help from Alvin and the others. Therefore, Shinji looks around at each of them to make sure they are all in good condition.

 ”Yeah! I’m ready!”

 ”I’m ready too!”

 Alvin clenched his fist and shouted with full of energy. Next to him, Milis also shouted energetically.

 ”It’s been a long time since I’ve fought with Shinji and the others! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!”

 ”Don’t go off on your own, Emily. We’re all going home safe”

 Emily turns up the corners of her mouth and smiles with a look of confidence. But Renka calms her down.

 Even though they were about to face a dragon, a monster stronger than anything they had ever fought, none of them became nervous and smiled at Shinji.

 Shinji’s face naturally breaks into a smile at the sight of his trusty friends. The corners of his mouth turned up in a smile that conveyed his confidence and the black-heartedness of his scheming.

 Alvin, who doesn’t know Shinji’s true face, is startled by the black smile that conveys Shinji’s intention to finish off the succubus, Milis looks as if she’s trying to hold something back, Emily’s heart flutters and her cheeks blush, and Renka looks at him lovingly as if she can’t help it.

 ”Let’s show the demon who is getting carried away with the dragon what we can do”

 Each of them responded to Shinji’s words.

 Then, on the backs of the Pegasus, Shinji and the others flew away from the Hateyama branch of the Adventurers’ Guild.

 The counterattack begins.

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