Wizard 387

Chapter 387 Battle to Defend the Hateyama Area, ③

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 As Shinji and his friends took off from the Hateyama branch on their Pegasus and they headed in the direction of the middle layer, they saw a group of monsters moving below them. The direction is towards the Hateyama branch, and there is no doubt that the swarm will attack the Hateyama branch.

 [Arian. There’s a pack of monsters heading your way. This time there are monsters from the middle layer in the mix. There’s also a High Ogre classified as a Middle Level monster. Be careful!]

 [Yes, Danna-sama… Leave the branch to me]

 Shinji exchanged thoughts with Miko Arian in order to inform her of the presence of a monster that she should be particularly careful of. It would be a lie if he didn’t worry, but he has to trust her… no, trust them.

 ”Shinji, those monsters down there…”

 ”We won’t touch them. After all, we need to get as close to the demon as possible before she notices us. We’ll just keep going”

 ”Will Miko-sama be okay…?”

 Shinji replied confidently to Alvin’s concerned and anxious voice of Milis.

 ”That should be no problem. The best support for Miko-sama and the others is for us to kill the dragon and the demon and cut off the rest. Let’s go”

 ”Yes. Let’s go!”

 ”Shinji, quickly!”

 Leaving the crowd of monsters, Shinji and his friends rush to the dragon and the succubus.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

 The swarm of monsters Shinji and his friends saw is approaching the Hateyama branch and clashing head-on with the branch staff and adventurers. However, the human forces had the upper hand in the battle.

 Why do they have the upper hand against a pack that should be more numerous and better than the last one?

 First of all, it is because of Iren, who has joined the front line.

 ”La ~~ ♪ ~~ ♪ ~~ ♪ ~~”

 Iren’s clear voice, filled with magical power, echoes far and wide in the battlefield. As a mermaid, she could use mermaid magic.

 Iren learned magic from her mermaid great-grandmother when she was a child. And their magic voice can be used to deceive others. And to make it efficient, she uses “Loudness” magic and her voice can be heard all over the battlefield.

 When a monster hears her voice, it loses its mind and attacks the monsters next to it before it appears on the battlefield and attacks a person. Although not all monsters are deceived, if one is attacked by a deceived monster, there is no choice but to fight back.

 As a result, fierce battles between monsters are taking place everywhere. Moreover, without a leader, there is no one to stop the fights, and the monster becomes confused.

 Because of this, the number of monsters coming at the staff and adventurers has decreased considerably.

 (My magic… more, more…! I will confuse the monsters!)

 Iren continues to use her magic at the top of her voice. She uses her magic with the intention of putting everything she has into this moment, which is the only time she can use her magic until the magic pore closes.

 In addition to Iren, there is a group of people who stood out.

 They are a group of four, all of whom wore robes indicating their temple affiliation and masks covering their eyes. Three of the four are elves, thanks to their long ears, and the remaining one is a witch, as she carries a staff and fires spells one after the other.

 However, since they had been on the battlefield with Miko Arian, they are perceived by those around them as the temple’s warriors and Miko-sama’s guards.

 ”…I’ll have to ask senpai a lot of questions later”

 ”Go easy on him, okay?”

 They are the “Green Travelers” who have entered the game at Shinji’s request.

 And although they have been promoted to the Upper-Intermediate rank, they are not eligible to participate. Therefore, Shinji asked Miko Arian to take them in as guards around the temple.

 Moreover, it was for the sake of the goddess! So, Lila, Lili, and Lilu are willing to cooperate. Lili and Lilu in particular have been very proactive, partly because they have helped save Eve’s life.

 On the other hand, Iris was surprised to learn that Shinji is an Apostle, and the story of Miko-sama and Goddess, which is too big for her, but she has decided to join the fight for the sake of Goddess. Shinji’s reasons for not telling her and his reasons for doing so are understandable, but wanting to hear it from him again is an emotion only a girl in love can feel.

 ”…Lila and the others, too. …You didn’t tell me that you and senpai are planning to have a child”

 Iris is repeatedly creating the biggest fireballs on this battlefield and shooting them into the densely populated areas of monsters to burn them all down. The monsters, who had been attacked, want to stop Iris, but the walls of Hateyama’s staff and adventurers are so thick that the monsters cannot reach her. At some point, a battle line was formed around Iris and the others.

 ”I just thought that Shinji-san’s child would be enough. Onee-chan and Lilu too are both ready to have his baby…”

 ”Well, after all, our lifespans are different. If I can’t become his girlfriend, I can’t get married… So, I want to raise the child of the person I love with lots of love”

 ”We’ve already been corrupted by Shinji-san”

 Lila and the other three sisters all hold bows, look around, and speak in a low enough volume that no one can overhear their conversation. Occasionally, they would shoot arrows to save those injured by the monsters and prevent them from being pursued.

 And when the wounded adventurers managed to reach Miko Arian, she quickly healed their wounds.

 ”Can you still fight? If not, fall back…”

 ”No! I can still do it!”

 The adventurer replied in a cheerful voice to the concerned Miko Arian, and immediately returned to the front line. Everyone is fighting hard for the rarely seen Miko-sama and for the sake of Goddess. Morale is the highest it has ever been.

 ”…We’ll talk about it later, but for now, let’s fight”

 ”Let’s do that”

 Lila nodded at Iris’ words.

 Thus, the adventurers gained the upper hand in the battle to defend the Hateyama branch.

 The Green Traveler has entered the fray.

 With Iren, the Green Traveler, and Miko Arian joining the fray, the situation has become much more competitive.

 The next battle is between Shinji and his friends, the dragon, and the succubus.

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