Wizard 388

Chapter 388 Battle to Defend the Hateyama Area, ④

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 Shinji and his friends are flying in the sky. On either side of them were Sylphy and Marie, flying side by side. Sylphy, a high-ranking wind spirit, can fly freely in the sky, and it is easy for her to fly with Marie. This is possible because Marie trusts Sylphy and entrusts her with everything.

 Marie also uses her magic. As a high-ranking water spirit, she can give orders to other water spirits. She had the water spirits searching the skies above Hateyama to find the exact location of the dragon and the succubus. As water is everywhere, it would be extremely difficult to escape the watchful eyes of the water spirits.

 ”I can almost see the dragon~”

 ”Renka, Milis, please”

 ”Yes, I got it!”

 ”Yes, Shinji-san”

 Renka puts an arrow in her bow. The arrow has no arrowhead, but a jewel is attached to it. The original plan was for Shinji to use his gravity magic to bring the dragon down to the ground, but based on what he had heard from Hayate, Shinji chose to do something else.

 Why did he talk to Hayate?

 It was because Shinji had asked Hayate, who had canceled the contract with Sylphy, to spare some of Sylphy’s magic. Thanks to that, Sylphy has enough energy to use teleport magic repeatedly with Miko Arian, <Green Traveler> and Pegasus.

 (Kill the dragon? If so, you need to be blind it! )

 (Dragons have very good eyesight, right? So it should be vulnerable to flashes of light at close range! )

 (Eh? How do I know that? Well, in the game, I had a lot of fun at the flash festival “閃光祭り”)

 (What is “game”? Well, it’s hard to explain. It’s a fun tool in my original world…)

 (Want to try it out? If it works, let’s do that ag…♡ This is like knowledge of another world, right~? )

 And so on.

 After Shinji put the conversation with Hayate out of his mind, he saw the dragon. The dragon and the succubus seem to have noticed Shinji and the others, and turn their bodies towards Shinji and the others, as if they were planning to attack them head-on.

 Then, Renka shoots an arrow. The arrow she fired flew precisely towards the dragon’s face. The dragon didn’t even take a defensive stance against the simple arrow.

 But the succubus that Alvin and the others had once beaten doesn’t think that they would do something so senseless. So, she slapped the dragon’s back, but it was too late.


 ”<Holy Light>!!”

 Renka shouts, and Milis casts a spell.

 The jewel attached to Renka’s arrow was taken from a staff Milis had once used. Therefore, Milis could use the jewel attached to the tip of the arrow as a base for her magic even when it was far from her hand.


 ”Hyah!? Hey!?”

 The flash of light from the jewel turned the dragon’s vision completely white. And the dragon was thrown into a state of confusion by the sudden event and the never experienced state before. The panicked succubus flew up into the sky with her wings before she could be shaken off.

 ”Fall <Gravity Manipulation>”

 Shinji’s magic struck the confused dragon. The dragon’s vision was blocked and it crashed in a straight line towards the ground without being able to resist. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Emily joyfully pulled on Pegasus’s reins.

 ”Alvin! Let’s go!”

 ”I got it! Master!”

 The Pegasus with Alvin and Emily on board descended down after the dragon. Renka and Milis followed them, but Shinji was the only one who hadn’t started his descent yet. His gaze is fixed on the succubus that has taken off into the sky.

 ”Kuh, dragons really are so simple…”

 With her beautiful blonde hair blowing in the wind, the succubus looked down at Shinji with a gesture that showed off her ample body. Despite the distance between them, her magic is much greater than when she was in her split body and stimulates men’s instincts. Also, the fact that she doesn’t panic when the dragon is struck down shows her confidence in her ability to charm and even corrupt Shinji and Alvin.

 (Hmm, don’t worry. I’ll protect you)

 Freri, who has become a high-ranking spirit, prevents the succubus from corrupting his reason. Without Freri’s help, Shinji would not have been able to face her.

 ”Hmm, it’s not working so well. Let me charm you closer ♡”

 ”No thanks. I’m not your opponent… Flair!”

 ”You’re my opponent! Goddess enemy!”

 ”Ehh… you… again? No more. You’re not very fun to play with~”

 Flair appeared in front of Shinji and glared at the succubus. However, the succubus only gives Flair a disinterested glance. The succubus has no intention of fighting a spirit that has no charm effect.

 ”You’re not invited here if you can’t even keep up with my split b…♡ Hey, Onii-san, hurry up and be mine… ♡”

 The bikini-clad succubus shakes her large breasts and casts a <Charm> spell on Shinji. But, although her breasts seem to be very soft, Shinji is not caught by them. Shinji, protected by Freri, activates Flair’s lewd crest.

 However, it is not for the purpose of making Flair feel good. It is to create a magical connection between Shinji and Flair. Even the succubus is surprised to see the lewd crest on Flair.

 ”Ehh? Why could you do that…”

 ”Flair, fly…! Pseudo Affinity Magic <Flame Wings>”


 A pseudo affinity magic that the contractor and the contracted spirit work together had casted. But until now Shinji and Flair, who are not contracted, cannot use it. However, when Flair became attached to Shinji and was no longer afraid of lewd crests, and when she recognized him as an Apostle, Shinji and Flair became close enough to discuss the possibility of using affinity magic.

 The result was the pseudo-affinity magic <Flame Wings>.

 This is similar to the affinity spell, but is completely different.

 <Flame Wings> is a magic that creates wings of flame on Flair’s back.

 In place of Flair, who is not good at precise manipulation, Shinji has created a magic wing that Flair can handle. It was like Shinji came up with a magic that strengthens Flair to fight, not himself, and Flair cooperated with the development with enthusiasm.

 ”Kyaa, waaa…!”

 ”I won’t let you get away this time! Prepare yourself-noja!


 Flair’s speed as she flapped her flaming wings was tremendous, no less than the speed of the succubus’s flight. Moreover, Flair could keep up with the succubus’s movements even as the succubus changed her course.

 As Flair caught up with her, the succubus had no choice but to fight. She extended the claws on the tips of her beautiful hands and blocked Flair from approaching.

 ”I’ll leave the rest to you, Flair. I’ll go down”

 ”Yes, noja!”

 ”You wait!”

 Ignoring the succubus’s voice, Shinji descends to Alvin and the others.

 They assaulted the dragon and the succubus. Shinji doesn’t attack the dragon and the succubus head-on, but instead happily blinds them, so it’s not a fair fight. No wonder he’s a bad wizard.

 Strengthening magic for Flair. Long time no see the word “affinity magic”. Instead of a spirit contract, Shinji uses the lewd crest, which makes his opponent aware of it (because it glows).

 If he uses it in front of a lot of people, Flair will feel very embarrassed.

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