Wizard 389

Chapter 389 Battle to Defend the Hateyama Area, ⑤

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 For the young dragon, there is nothing to fear but his own kind. And having met his beloved Succubus only a short while ago, he had enjoyed rampaging at his will with her, and felt like a fool for having put up with such fun until now.

 And yet, what was happening now? The young dragon could not believe that he was being brought down to earth by a fragile creature for no apparent reason.

 This dragon, the strongest of the Hateyama, curled its body and crashed with a roar and a cloud of dust. But thanks to its sturdy body, the dragon is not seriously injured, but there is too much room for error to expose its appearance in front of the top adventurers.

 ”First, the wingssss!!”

 Emily jumped down from the descending Pegasus and swung her favorite spiked club down with both hands. The blow accurately struck the bone supporting the dragon’s right wing, crushing the tough scales and even the thick dragon bone supporting the wing.


 The dragon roars in extreme pain. With a roar that sounds like a scream, the dragon swings its left wing, long neck and tail wildly on the spot. The power of the dragon’s huge body is so great that the trees around it would be torn down by the mere act of flailing. But Emily uses the magic power gathered in her legs to jump in the air and escape from the dragon’s clutches.

 ”Now’s our chance, when the dragon can’t see us yet!”

 ”Al-kun…! Give power to my hero! <Hero’s Song>!”

 ”Oahh…! <Magic Blade>!”

 Milis’ magic, <Hero’s Song>, temporarily raises Alvin’s physical abilities by one level. And Alvin jumps down from the Pegasus and swings his great sword while keeping his distance from the rampaging dragon.

 The magic blade from the blade wounds the dragon’s long tail, but it is not fatal. Even with Milis casting a spell on it, the hardness of its body was such that it could not be cut down, making it the strongest species in Hateyama.


 ”The breath!”

 Under attack from Alvin, the dragon opens its mouth. Then, just as he thought he saw red flames in the inside of its large mouth, the flames erupted with great force. Alvin had moved immediately after releasing the magic blade, so there is no way a random flame can hit him.

 However, the trees are burned to the ground in an instant, and the flames continue to surge forward. But the red flames that burned everywhere are blocked by Sylphy’s and Marie’s barriers, which they built together. As long as this barrier is in place, the environment will not be destroyed any further than necessary.

 And now, the battlefield is completely prepared. The dragon’s vision is returning, and it lowers its body, showing a sign of caution towards Alvin and the others. It seems the dragon has recognized the small creature standing in front of it as an enemy.

 ”It looks like the dragon is finally ready! But there is no escape now, and we won’t let it go!”

 ”It’s great that Master dealt with the wings. I failed to cut off the tail… which is much stouter than I expected”

 Emily smiles as she holds the club in one hand and carries the sword on her shoulders as Alvin does. The two of them are standing majestically in front of the dragon.

 ”It’s coming!!”

 The dragon can’t fly anymore because the bone in one of its wings has been crushed. However, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on its actions on the ground and runs forward with an agility that is unthinkable for its huge body.

 Alvin and Emily leaped to the left and right to avoid being hit by the dragon’s charge, which would have cost them their lives. However, the dragon, who had been deeply injured, pursued Emily by instinct and changed its course.


 ”Alvin, take advantage!”

 Emily runs away from the dragon as if she is being chased. But she doesn’t just run away, she makes a <Magic blade> with her non-club hand and sends it to the dragon.

 However, the <Magic Blade> divided into two parts, one on the leg and the other on the arm, and fails to hurt the dragon. The reason for this is that the dragon is gathering magic power at the point where the <Magic Blade> hits, increasing its hardness, and is not able to break through it.

 (I guess I’ll have to hit it directly… Ohh!)

 The dragon is getting closer and closer, and flames burst from its mouth. But Emily intuitively sensed the danger and jumped to the side to avoid it. She broke out in a cold sweat as the flames would have hit her if she hadn’t made her decision a moment too late.

 ”One more shot!”


 Alvin, who had stood behind the dragon, sent another <Magic Blade> to the same spot where he had just slashed. The blade succeeded in giving a deep cut to the tail, just as he aimed. It reached the bone and fresh blood spurted out from the tail. The tail, nearly torn in half, could not be swung anymore, and the dragon’s tail hung helplessly to the ground.

 In anger, the dragon turns around and breathes out a breath of fire. With his long neck in control, he spits flames from right to left, spreading them far and wide, leaving no way for Alvin to escape. Normally.


 However, Alvin, strengthened by Milis’ <Hero’s Song>, leaps vertically. He leaps too fast and too high for a leap, and scorching flames pass below him. Still aiming at Alvin, the dragon turns its head and uses wind magic on him.

 The wind blows around the dragon, scattering blades of wind erratically around it, keeping Emily away, and preventing her from focusing on attacking, and preventing archers from attacking. It is probably the most suitable magic for the current situation.

 ”Freri, we’re going all out!!”


 But Shinji came swooping down from the sky on the Pegasus, and Freri was clinging to his back. Then――

 ””<Gravity Manipulation>””

 Shinji’s <Gravity Manipulation> magic can be used by Freri, the contracted spirit. In the same way that a contractor can use a spirit’s magic if the contracted spirit allows it, a contracted spirit also can use a contractor’s magic if the contractor allows it.

 And now, the dragon’s body is attacked by the magic of both of them. The gravity increases several times, and the dragon struggles with all its limbs to support its own weight. Although its whole-body creaks, the dragon’s bones do not break. With its stubbornness, it can easily withstand the magic.

 But it can’t move a single step. It became obvious that if they relaxed their magic, the dragon would crawl away.


 Alvin, who had been leaping vertically, plunged down with his great sword in a wide swinging stance. And using Milis’ <Hero’s Song>, Emily’s one-pointed concentration of magic power, and <Limit Break> magic, Alvin put the best blow he could muster into the blue-colored great sword that his friend Smith had forge.

 The shining blue blade of magic completely covered the great sword, and the length of the blade doubled Alvin’s height. The fact that the sword is still that huge even when he uses one-pointed concentrates on it shows that a tremendous amount of magical power is contained in it.

 The dragon’s instincts tell it that the blade is meant to kill itself. But without being intimidated by the dragon’s tremendous roar, Alvin swung his great sword down.

 ”I’ll cut you down!”

 The attack easily ripped the dragon’s scales, severed its flesh, and even tore through its bones. A blue light ran from the dragon’s head to the tip of its tail and completely stopped its movement.

 The next moment, the dead dragon’s body lost its strength and was crushed by Shinji’s gravity magic.

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