Wizard 390

Chapter 390 Battle to Defend the Hateyama Area, ⑥

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 Back in time to just before Alvin slashed the dragon.

 Flair and the succubus are still up in the sky, flying around. Flair is the one who is doing everything she can to prevent the succubus from getting close to Shinji and the others.

 And due to <Flame Wings> magic, Flair’s speed has surpassed the succubus. If the succubus tries to descend, Flair will block her and use her powerful fire magic to prevent her from doing so.

 Naturally, the succubus’ face contorted into an abhorrent expression, while Flair’s face showed a contrasting expression of pride.

 ”You’re beginning to look like a monster, you know that?”

 ”Shut up…! I don’t want to be told by a shameful woman who wags her tail at a man who carves your lewd crest…”

 The succubus mocked Flair’s glowing crest. She is trying to shake Flair mentally, but Flair does not respond to her provocation. Flair remains calm as she raises her arm, shooting out a ray of fire that pushes the succubus further upward.

 ”This isn’t so bad-noja. Ah~, it seems that you don’t know the pleasure of being held even though you are a succubus. How pathetic〜♪”

 ”You… have no shame…!”

 ”Look, there’s an opening!!”

 As a result of Flair’s provocation, the succubus failed to avoid Flair’s heat ray and ended up getting one of her legs burned off. Although her beautiful leg was burned off, it was quickly regenerated. This ability to regenerate at high speed is an ability that the succubus had received from the Goddess Satin, and is a powerful one that could only be used by the main body.

 ”That hurt! You’re hurting my body…!”

 ”Regeneration, huh? That’s troublesome”

 Flair ponders as she looks at the angry succubus with a cold gaze.

 (If she can regenerate infinitely, there’s no reason for her to avoid my attack. So, either she will be killed by a series of attacks, or she will be killed when I attack her vital locations. If the latter, I’ll target the head, neck, and heart)

 Meanwhile, the succubus has finally admitted that she cannot escape and has made up her mind.

 For the reward of eternal beauty, the succubus obeyed the Goddess Satin. High speed regeneration is also a power given to her for the purpose of constantly making her body beautiful. So, fighting is not her true calling. And her only power was that given to her by Goddess Satin.

 ”Succubus are creatures that drain the essence out of men. It’s impossible for me to be held by one when I’m supposed to be the one to take it”

 ”You’re so narrow-minded-noja. You’ve only met the poorest of men!”

 The succubus’s long claws struck again and again against Flair’s flame-shaped sword. Flair, who is more of a fighter, strikes harder with each blow, and the succubus magic-enhanced claws burn from the heat. However, thanks to her regenerative ability, the difference between the two is negligible.

 ”Hmm, aren’t you weak in pleasure? If you want, I can show you something that feels even better”

 Claws and swords clashed strongly, and then the two of them moved away. Flair snickered at the succubus, who laughed mockingly.

 ”Very well. But do you think a mere man can carve a lewd crest on me?”

 The succubus replied in silence to Flair’s words as they stared at each other. She knows that it is not easy to carve a lewd crest on a race that is resistant to magic like spirits.

 ”Also, my man has made a contract with a succubus and even subdued her. That alone should tell you how good of a man he is, don’t you think?”

 ”Hmph, that’s nonsense…!”

 What a conversation to have in the middle of battle. The succubus tried to laugh at Flair, saying that there is no way that a succubus would ever find such a man, but it seems possible.

 This is because she noticed the presence of Freri behind Shinji as he descended toward the dragon, and the reaction of a high-ranking succubus whose presence is comparable to her own before she received the power from the Goddess Satin.

 This meant that Flair’s story was not a lie and proved that Shinji is a man with a superior essence. Soon, she is attracted to Shinji, a being who possesses the most exquisite essence that can satisfy even the high-ranking succubus.


 But Flair doesn’t let her get away with it. After all, this time, there’s an opening! and without raising her voice, she closes the distance at once. The sight of Flair’s flapping wings of flame made the succubus regain her composure and try to avoid her.


 But when she felt the impact on her back, she could not move. When she looked down at the strange feeling, she saw an arrow piercing her chest.

 It is Renka’s arrow. Renka’s arrow, using <Tracking> special magic, shoots from the ground into the sky and goes around the back of the succubus. And realizing that the dragon’s scales would block the arrow, Renka watched the battle between Flair and the succubus with <Eagle’s Eye>, waiting for the right moment to shoot.

 ”I got you-noja!”

 Flair’s flaming sword pierced the succubus’s chest, which was immobilized by the impact of the arrow. As Flair thrusts the sword into her chest from the front, both of succubus’ eyes widen. Flair’s hand grasped the flaming sword and shouted with more power and magic.

 ”You Goddess enemy! I will destroy you-nojaaaaaa!”


 The succubus’s body instantly burst into flames. The succubus’s screams quickly faded into the flames and were soon lost. Even the Goddess Satin’s ability to regenerate at high speed would not work if she is reduced to charcoal.

 As one would expect, the succubus is defeated at almost the same time as the dragon is slashed in two. And as the wind blew away the black dust that had been the succubus, Flair looked down.

 ”Nice support, na-noja!”

 Flair’s words did not reach Renka, just as Renka’s words did not reach Flair. However, seeing Renka waving, Flair also waves back. Flair, with <Flame Wings> gone, slowly descends toward the ground.

 Thus, the dragon and the succubus that had caused so much trouble in the Hateyama branch are defeated. After that, Shinji and the others return to the Hateyama branch with Pegasus.

 Flair vs Succubus.

 But Renka is also helping Flair. The ability to control the trajectory of the arrows is perfect for surprise attacks.

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