Wizard 391

Chapter 391 Return to Hateyama Branch

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 The Pegasus, carrying Shinji and his friends, flies through the sky toward the Hateyama branch. The most noticeable among them is the pegasus ridden by Alvin. This is because he has tied the horns of the dragon he has cut off with a rope and hung them up. Although they would have liked to collect the dragon’s tusks, blood, flesh, and other valuables, <Running Wolves> preferred to hurry back to the Hateyama branch.

 And eventually, the Hateyama branch came into view.

 There are many traces of battles around the branch, indicating that there had been a fierce battle. However, there is no serious damage to the Gate which needs to be protected, and it is clear at a glance that the adventurers are able to protect the branch.

 ”Thank goodness! Looks like the Hateyama branch is safe!”

 Alvin’s cheerful voice brought a sigh of relief to Milis and the others. Shinji, who had heard that Miko Arian had been able to protect the Hateyama branch from the monsters, is just as relieved as Alvin and the others.

 A few moments later, an adventurer outside the Hateyama branch noticed Pegasus’ appearance and waved to Alvin and the others. After some of them go inside to call for their friends, a lot of adventurers appear in the courtyard. And when they see the magnificent dragon horn hanging from Alvin’s pegasus, they begin to fuss.

 Some distance away from the noisy adventurers, Mizer, Iren, and the rest of the branch staff appear happy, and finally Miko Arian appears.

 Alvin and the others descend to the center of the circle of people and dismount from the Pegasus. They walked up to Miko Arian and kneeled down in front of her.

 Alvin, the leader of the party, takes the lead and begins to report, so as not to make it public that Shinji is an apostle.

 ”Miko-sama, I’m back! We’ve successfully defeated the dragon and the succubus!”

 ”Thank you for your hard work…. Thank you <Running Wolves> for fulfilling the role as the Goddess Sword so well…”

 Behind Alvin and the others who are reporting, Flair lifts up the dragon’s horn, a proof of defeat, which was tied to the celestial horse so that the people around can see it clearly.

 The big horn reminds people of the dragon’s huge body, and at the same time, it is enough to remind people of the bravery of <Running Wolves> who face the dragon head-on.

 But in reality, they attacked the dragon by surprise and hunted it without letting it show its true strength, but the adventurers who don’t understand this look at Alvin and the others with a mixture of fear and confidence.

 (… It seems that Alvin-san has surpassed his parents)

 In the midst of all this, Iren gazes at Alvin as if she sees something dazzling. She is deeply moved by Alvin’s accomplishment of defeating the dragon, which her parents had failed to do, even without her realizing it.

 The reason why she could be moved so honestly is that she herself used her magic power, even if only temporarily, and fought to protect the Hateyama branch. Even though it only lasted a short time, Iren was able to fight like the adventurer she once aimed to be and protect her friends. This experience helped her to lose the dark feelings of jealousy.

 (I guess this is the end. But how long can I use my magic…?)

 The only thing Iren regrets is that she won’t be able to use her magic again. While Iren was thinking this, Alvin responded to Miko Arian’s words with a formal bow.

 ”I am honored! Miko-sama, what should I do next?”

 ”<Running Wolves> have done their job well enough… The Branch Leader will take care of the rest…”

 With that, Mizer stepped forward as Miko Arian called him.

 ”Right after this, I will report the defeat of the dragon and the succubus to the kingdom. I’ve already requested the dispatch of an order of knights to deal with the surrounding villages in the event of a disturbance. So, the adventurers and staff of the Hateyama branch, including <Running Wolves>, should rest. In the meantime, we will examine the information and decide on a plan for the next morning”

 No one disagreed with Mizer’s words. Everyone is exhausted and wanted to rest if they could. And Mizer smiles at them.

 ”I can’t serve you alcohol yet, but I can prepare a delicious meal for you. Take your time and rest when you can”

 The adventurers cheer at Mizer’s concern. Alvin is delighted and smiled brightly. Emily does the same, and Shinji and the others thanked Mizer, feeling that they are like brother and sister after all.

 Afterwards, Alvin and the others enjoyed talking and eating a delicious meal, surrounded by many adventurers.

 Thus ended an incident that greatly disrupted Hateyama and its surroundings. The incident, which is later called “The Overflow of Hateyama”, is resolved.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

 In the Divine Realm where gods live, the fight between Goddess Arian and Goddess Satin had been going on since before the beginning of “The Overflow of Hateyama”.

 Goddess Satin is focused on preventing Goddess Arian’s magic from gaining momentum, and is buying time at any cost. On the other hand, Goddess Arian, wanting to return to the temple as soon as possible, continued to unleash her magic in an attempt to defeat Goddess Satin. And because of this, the situation had become stalemated, and Goddess Satin’s goals seemed to have been met.

 However, Goddess Satin is disturbed by the sudden loss of her connection to the succubus who had given her her power. This meant that the succubus had been defeated. And with her subordinate defeated so quickly, Goddess Satin decides to retreat, cursing the succubus in her mind as useless. Now that the operation had failed, there is no reason to hold Goddess Arian back anymore.

 ”Hihi… see you next time”

 After muttering a few words, Goddess Satin makes her escape without hesitation. With her opponent suddenly changing her movements, Goddess Arian wonders if she should pursueーー

 ”…Let’s not do that. First, I need to understand the situation”

 Goddess Arian decided to check the anomalies in the world she controlled. She decided to prioritize her duties as a Goddess over her personal desire to chase rather than capture the Goddess Satin. Nevertheless, she does not intend to leave things as they are.

 (Useless Goddess… one day, I’ll get my revenge…)

 Vowing to do so, Goddess Arian hurried back to her temple. Then, she understood what was going on and decided to go to…

 She decides to summon Shinji.

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