Wizard 392

Chapter 392 Goddess Summoning and Shinji’s Achievement

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 Thanks to the generosity of the Hateyama Branch Leader, Mizer, the adventurers and staff are treated with simple but tasty meals in large quantities, free of charge. Although nothing fancy is served, the food is delicious, and the exhausted adventurers, feeling full and satisfied, quickly returned to their rooms and slept. After all, it is an essential skill for adventurers to rest when they can.

 <Running Wolves> is no exception, and each of them returns to their rooms to recover from their fatigue. However, as Shinji is trying to sleep, the voice of the goddess Arian echoes in his mind, forcing him to wake up.

 [Apostle Shinji. Wake up, Apostle Shinji!]


 Shinji wakes up from his bed, wondering in his foggy head if the message has already come. Even if he wanted to sleep peacefully, he had to listen to Goddess Arian. He is aware that he has taken many actions without permission.

 [I’m summoning you here now. We’ll talk about what’s happened]

 [I understand]

 He has no idea what kind of judgment he’ll get. But he hoped it would be done as peacefully and quickly as possible, and with that Shinji disappeared from the room under Goddess Arian’s magic.

 Naturally, Shinji is not going to be released immediately, but he has no way of knowing that.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

 The destination of Shinji’s teleportation.

 It was his first visit to that place.

 That was to be expected.

 The place where Shinji now is a room that the Goddess Arian has hastily prepared for this “talk session”.

 The room is not only quite large, but also has a unique structure.

 The first thing that caught his attention is a very large bed that can sleep several adults at the same time. The bed is clean, very soft and comfortable, and had the charm of lulling a tired body to sleep in no time.

 Second, there is bath.

 There is a bathtub that could fit three adults in the room with the bed. The floor is tiled so as not to get wet, and there are no walls or anything else. It’s the first time Shinji has ever seen a bath where the bathing figure is completely visible from the bed.

 Other than that, the room is simple and has no particular features. In this simple (?) room, Miko Arian, Flair, Sylphy, and Marie are already there, standing in a row to greet Shinji.

 ”Arian, what is this place…?”

 ”This room is prepared by the Goddess… and I don’t know…”

 ”I have never set a foot in this place too-noja”

 Neither Miko Aria nor Flair had learned anything from Goddess Arian. They also had been summoned to this room and are simply waiting for everyone to arrive.

 ”Everyone has arrived, haven’t they?”

 Shinji and the others look in the direction of the voice. Before they noticed it, a glowing white sphere is floating in the center of the large bed, and the voice of Goddess Arian is coming from that sphere.

 ”Goddess, is that you…?”

 ”Yes. Apostle Shinji. This is the first time I’ve spoken to you without a medium”


 ”No problem. I’ll forgive your disrespect in this room today. Raise your heads and sit down”

 Unlike Shinji, who had only been an Apostle for a short time, Miko Arian and the spirits had knelt down almost as soon as the Goddess Arian had descended. They had never seen her without a medium before, and feared her too much.

 And hearing Miko Arian’s voice, Shinji realized his disrespect and is about to kneel down, but Goddess Arian stopped him. Following her words, Miko Arian and the others raised their heads and sat back down.

 ”This appearance is necessary for me to speak with you. Don’t worry about it”

 ””I understand””

 But the fact is, when a mortal sees her light sphere, a manifestation of God’s power, they lose their mind. Because human flesh can’t withstand the power of God. Still, after hearing Shinji and the others’ replies, Goddess Arian proceeded.

 ”First, look at this”

 In front of Shinji and the others, Goddess Arian shows them a map of the continent where Shinji’s homeland is located, viewed from above. Then a part of the northern part of the continent, around Hateyama, glowed red. Shinji and the others look at the map without saying a word, as the Goddess Arian says.

 ”The northern part of the continent, where the damage caused by this disturbance was done, is shown in red. Now that the Hateyama branch has defeated the succubus, the Knights will destroy the monsters in the northern part in order”

 As the Goddess Arian spoke, the red area gradually faded and returned to its original state. Shinji is relieved to see that the situation was under control.

 ”And this is what it would have looked like without Apostle Shinji’s work…”

 The map turned red again. The northern part of the continent had turned bright red, and only the area around the capital barely remained. Not only that, it had spread to the west and east. The destruction left everyone in a state of shock.

 ”If you don’t defeat the succubus, the monster from Hateyama will continue to be sent, and the battle line will collapse. It is predicted that many people would have died. Apostle Shinji, thank you for your work”

 ”Y-Yes. I’m glad I could be of service”

 Shinji was stunned by the unexpected results, but felt glad that he had pushed through. It was a good thing that he was in Hateyama, and he would have been horrified if he had not been there and involved in this situation.

 ”With this achievement, the sin of acting as if there is an oracle of Goddess is cancelled. The same goes for the Miko and the spirits”

 ””Thank you (na-noja)””

 With Goddess Arian’s words of forgiveness, Shinji and the others are finally able to rest easy. The tense atmosphere eased, and they are able to look at each other and laugh.

 ”Apostle Shinji will be given the right to use this room on a temporary basis, and will be rewarded for it. This is a useful room for you, as you will be compensating various people with your body, here”

 ”…What does it mean?”

 Goddess Arian’s words made Shinji think of all the people he would be paying for.

 Miko Arian, Flair, Sylphy, Marie, Lila, Lili, Lilu, Iris of the Green Traveler, Freri, Emily, Hayate, and the other women who he had personally asked for help.

 Exclude Renka, Milis, and Alvin of the <Running Wolves> because Shinji is thinking of giving back in a healthy way.

 ”Time moves fast in this room. A day here is ten minutes in the world of Apostle Shinji. You may spend six days in this room as you wish”

 ”Time flows differently…?”

 ”In addition to magic pores, there are many other kinds of knowledge and magic that have not yet reached Apostle Shinji’s world. Magic to control time is one of them… Fufu, this knowledge is one of the rewards”

 ”Thank you very much…”

 Goddess Arian’s cheerful voice broke the seriousness of the situation. However, Shinji’s head is filled with thoughts about <Time Flow Magic>, and he cannot thank her sincerely.

 However, such disrespect did not bother the current Goddess Arian. Shinji is the one who prevented a situation that could have destroyed half the world she was in control of.

 (Well, now the Apostle Shinji can fulfill his promise successfully, right? Fulfilling the promises in turn, and at the end of it all… fufu, I’m looking forward to it)

 It was impossible for Shinji to realize what Goddess Arian was up to. As recommended, Shinji’s first day is spent with Miko Arian and the three spirits.

 The story from the Goddess.

 If it had not been for <Running Wolves>, he would have been in a lot of trouble.

 And Shinji-kun will do his best from now on.

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