Wizard 393

Chapter 393 Day One, Miko and Spirits, Part One

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 After Goddess Arian, in the form of a glowing sphere, left, Shinji and the others did not immediately engage in physical contact. Although they touched each other in a different way.

 ”Arian, you did good this time”

 ”Danna-sama… ♡”

 After a quick look around the room, Shinji finally calmed down. He listened to Miko Arian’s request, who was placed her head on his lap, and gently stroking her beautiful white hair and head. She had always tried to pamper Shinji with her motherly nature, but today, the situation is reversed.

 Miko Arian is an oracle, and after she became a Miko, she rarely went out of Medio town. The reason is that after giving the oracle, it was the priests who acted, and there was no need for her to go outside the temple. Yet, here she was, in the middle of a war zone, treating the wounded in the middle of a raging battlefield.

 After exerting her energy for the sake of the goddess and her future husband, Miko Arian has lost her spirits. Her appearance, without the usual holiness of a Miko, was powerful enough to give Shinji the feeling of cuteness.

 ”I thought we’ll get started right away-noja…”

 ”Well, there’s plenty of time. Also, Shinji-san’s proposal has been approved, and Miko needs to be rewarded for her courage. Or rather…Flair”

 ”Flair-chan’s the one who’s in the mo…♡ It’s so naughty~ ♡”

 ”I-It can’t be helped-noja. I’ve been holding back since I used my lewd crest-nojaa!”

 Somewhat apart from Shinji and Miko Arian, who are in a relaxed mood, three spirits – Flair, Marie, and Sylphy – are sitting on round chairs around a round table, chatting lively. Flair’s cheeks are red, not just from embarrassment, as she says.

 Flair is horny because of the pseudo-affinity magic she used in the battle against the succubus. And it’s true that she suppressed the power to supress the pleasure, but the lewd crest kept activating during the entire time she was connected to the magic, and she couldn’t help but feel naughty after the excitement of the battle subsided.

 ”If that’s the case~, until Shinji-san is ready, you can do it with me~. I can take girls too~”

 ”Hmm? I just waiting for Shinji-noja. Don’t try to get close to me!”

 ”…Really, it’s so crowded over there”

 Miko Arian wrapped her arms around Shinji’s torso and pushed him down on the bed with all her strength. It was a weak effort from Shinji’s point of view, but as he fell back without resistance, she moved so that their eyes met, keeping their bodies together. Shinji felt comfortable with the movement as she pressed her large, soft breasts against him, and then he saw Miko Arian’s face, looking a little sulky.

 ”Danna-sama, I want you to look only at Arian right now…”

 ”Oh, I’m sorry. Let’s forget about Flair and the others”

 The sound of the chair falling and Flair’s charming voice is very distracting, but Shinji, whose vision is filled with Miko Arian, apologizes and wraps his arm around her back. When Shinji touches her fluffy wings, Miko Arian squirms as if tickled, and her breasts change shape as they crush against his chest. The magnificent cleavage that lay just beyond his lowered gaze is truly a feast for the eyes.

 ”Danna-sama, you have such lewd eyes…”

 ”I can’t help but be attracted by you…”

 ”Hyaa…♡ G-Geez, Danna-sama…”

 Shinji’s hand on her back grabs her plump, fleshy ass. He touches it directly through the slit, and the fresh skin absorbs his hands as he rubs it as if he were playing with it. It’s a truly captivating ass that he can keep touching forever.

 But Miko Arian, her cheeks dyed, only lowers her eyebrows. Normally, she would have actively tried to make love to him.

 ”I’m sorry… I’m a little sleepy… hmm…”

 ”Ah…I’m sorry. I wasn’t being very considerate”

 After experiencing the atmosphere of the battlefield for the first time, Miko Arian was deeply fatigued. Perhaps she was relieved to be close to Shinji, but she seemed to be very sleepy. When Shinji put Miko Arian down next to him, she hugged his right arm with both of her arms. And with her arm between his soft cleavage, Shinji felt an indescribable killing sensation, but when he saw Miko Arian’s pensive face, he couldn’t force her.

 ”You can sleep like this. I’m going to take a nap too”

 ”Yes… Danna-sama…”

 Miko Arian fell asleep despite Flair and the others’ boisterous voices. Although they had had a lot of s*x, this is the first time they had slept together, and her face showed the happiness of sleeping next to her beloved husband.

 Shinji too is tired from the battle. Thus, he lost consciousness with Miko Arian’s sleep.

 ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

 Unbeknownst to Shinji, Miko Arian had agreed with the spirits that she would have Shinji all to herself for six hours. But Miko Arian, who was unexpectedly tired, fell asleep, Shinji too stayed asleep, and the promised six hours passed.

 ”Well, it’s the time ♡”

 ”Flair-chan’s naughty~…”

 Flair, who had managed to escape from the clutches of the sulking Marie, moved together with Maria toward the lower half of Shinji’s body while Miko Arian was holding one of his arms as a pillow, and removed his pants and underwear while leaving Miko Arian by his side. Marie was in a bad mood, but when she saw Shinji’s p*nis, which was already erect, she immediately changed her mood.

 ”I knew it, it’s so big… ♡”

 ”Both of you… Shinji-san is still sleeping”

 ”Shinji likes to be woken up with a blowjob. So no problem-noja. Sylphy should be in the mix-noja”

 ”…♡ Well, if Flair says so, then you’re right… ♡”

 ”Nfu…♡ Together with Sylphy-chan~ ♡”

 Flair in front of the p*nis, Marie on the right, and Sylphy on the left. They all had the faces of women who had been seduced by Shinji’s p*nis and taught to take pleasure in it. Their tongues, drenched in saliva, reach out and begin to lick his p*nis.

 *Lick♡ *slurp♡ *slurp♡ *slurp♡

 The sight of the three of them hugging each other and licking one p*nis is very lewd. The girls continue to lick while breathing hot air. Eventually, Flair, who’s been working on the glans, can’t take it anymore and takes it into her mouth.

 And because of Flair’s lustful sucking, Marie and Sylphy can’t lick anymore.

 ”Flair-chan, change after five times~ ♡”

 ”Okhay ♡”

 *slurp♡ *slurp♡ *slurp♡ *slurp♡ *slurp♡

 ”I’m next ♡”

 *slurp♡ *slurp♡ *slurp♡ *slurp♡ *slurp♡

 ”It’s my turn again-noja ♡”

 The three women took turns sucking Shinji’s cock. Their hands overlap each other at the base of the p*nis, and they guide the glans in front of the person who’s sucking it, and then they take turns giving him blowjobs. Because of the three different ways of sucking, Shinji’s p*nis is completely erect and jerking. He looks like he could ejaculate at any moment.

 The three of them are excited to see who will ejaculate in their mouths. But the results did not meet anyone’s expectations.

 ”””Fuaaa… ♡”””

 Immediately after coming out of Flair’s mouth, the ejaculation begins in the middle of the three of them’s huddled faces. From the tip of his erect p*nis, a large amount of the thick semen that had been produced in the heat of battle and killing before he fell asleep spurted out, staining the faces of Flair and the others.

 Everyone sinks their cheeks in fascination and catches the smell of Shinji. The vagina that has been repeatedly filled with this semen is tingling with anticipation, and as they run their tongues over their p*nis to clean it after they’ve expelled the semen――

 ”Really… you guys seem to like it…”

 Shinji, who had woken up before they knew it, called out to Flair and the others.

 Miko Arian, Flair, Marie, Sylphy.

 Miko Arian was down, tired from the daytime battle. Her first fight was in Hateyama, which is a dangerous thing to think about.

 And then there was the triple blowjob.

 Because of their similarities in appearance, one might think that they are triplets.

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